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LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019


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My stats will consist of shots fired, persons frisked and showers taken only. 


Thank you to the entire LCPDFR team for being so awesome and working to satisfy our gun slinging, crook-beating, car-chase speeding needs.


You guys are incredible.

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1 hour ago, Sam said:

in addition to all of her work on the website, has also been developing an all new framework called LSPDFR Sync.  LSPDFR Sync lets you connect up to your LSPDFR.com account in-game, and you can then synchronize your LSPDFR characters with your LSPDFR.com profile.  To top it off, we've brought back statistics too.  Ever wanted to know how many shots your character has fired?  It's as simple as taking a look at your character's profile on the site - which, we should add, you can actually edit.



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