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    It looks fucking amazing definitely deserves 5 stars
  1. adwanner

    Street Work

    it might be a part of the new lspdfr update but it looks badass
    You did an amazing job and that's why I gave you 5 stars but I'm not much a fan of the cars the skins are made for so I'm just throwing this out there, these cars are great and it would be cool if someone were to make del perro skins for these cars but anyway, keep up the great work bro but keep up the great work bro
  2. It sounds like you didn't install the els .xmls i don't use five but from what I've heard you cant use els cars
  3. its gotta be the website its not letting me download anything
    I downloaded this a while ago and I completely forgot about it and I kinda feel bad that it has no reviews because it's an amazing pack and I know it took a lot of effort to make so it defiantly deserves 5 stars, keep up the great work bro
  4. @SimonGrikdo you use avast antivirus software?
  5. no problem i haven't been able to play in so long so I'm glad to try to help others get their game back to good
  6. cool i was trying to figure out how to explain how to do that so that's good
  7. perfect, I'm pretty sure that's the problem, I have advast too and I've never had a problem with it until now
  8. I had the same problem, what kind of antivirus software do you have
  9. is your game crashing when its loading up or is rage plugin hook just not starting
    Its simple and does what its supposed to do, nothing to complain about, keep up the great work bro
    its great dude I've been waiting for something like this for a while, it would be cool if there was a whole pack like this, no spotlights, no ramblers, no crazy antennas, and minimal lights
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