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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from President Shadow in [WIP] KeepMeOutOfTheF*ckingHospital - KMOOTFH   
    Yeha that would be awesome :)
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from Myrphac in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    The updates are amazing and this is one of the best mod´s I have ever seen for LSPDFR. Thanks parks!
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    RalFingerLP reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Well this has taken a lot more time and been a lot more difficult than anticipated, although I've learned a lot and am quite happy with the result thus far! Not quite complete, as I've yet to add some of the parts around the edges (currently there's a see-through cliff haha), and need to add some more details. But the core station building is nearly complete, with working lights, full collisions, working ladders, station signs, etc. Special thanks to @OriginalNewbie and @magiobiwan for working on a Station Paleto Bay logo!

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    RalFingerLP reacted to Iggy Fresh in GTA 5 & LSPDFR Videos by Iggy Fresh   
    Check out this awesome US Marshals patrol!
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from STEVETHEGAMER in Community Spotlight: SteveTheGamer55   
    Good guy this steve is :D
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from Throwaway1234 in Community Spotlight: SteveTheGamer55   
    Good guy this steve is :D
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    RalFingerLP reacted to STEVETHEGAMER in Community Spotlight: SteveTheGamer55   
    You're not and thank you for your honesty
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    RalFingerLP reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    It's damned if you do, damned if you don't. Release a mod early in its progress, and people complain that it doesn't have all the features they expected or that it has bugs. Release updates too often and people complain that you are just trying to get more downloads. Release a mod before it has a lot of variation in the callouts and people complain that it's boring. Wait until a mod is actually polished and release-ready and people complain that you're being greedy. Quite frankly, I'm tired of people who have never contributed a useful or complex mod in their life complaining and acting entitled like this. I will release my mod when I am happy with the level of polish. That's my decision to make. But since people seem to feel the need to attack the legitimacy of having an extended beta, let me share some additional information with you: 
    I have not yet finished making an automated installer for the DLC that comes with the mod. The installation process is very complex; most of my beta testers have had some sort of issues with the process, and I've had to give support to most of them. If I released the mod to the public now and had 1000s of users, there would be no end of complaints about how difficult it is to install. A limited beta controls the number of people who need to be helped. I don't feel comfortable releasing something with such a convoluted installation process to the public at large, both because it's unfair to users who expect a released mod to work properly, and because I don't have time to support the inevitable numbers of people who wouldn't be able to figure it out.  I have released 25 updates to the beta since it started in January. I often release multiple updates in one day, in fast response to issues that beta testers have encountered or as I add new features. That kind of update frequency isn't compatible with a public release. I have methods in place to ensure that beta testers are updating frequently, but with released mods people a) don't like to update once they get a stable setup, and b) often don't notice that a new update is available on the site.  Videos show the best parts of a new mod. People don't record the bugs, the hours of frustration trying to get something to install correctly, the features that aren't complete yet, the game crashes, etc.  But none of that really matters anyways. I don't owe you or anyone else anything. Those of us who develop mods do so for our own enjoyment and enhancement of the game. Usually we choose to share those mods with others so they too can have that enjoyment, but it's our right to choose what to share, when, and with whom. If a developer feels their mod isn't yet complete enough to release, that's their right. I've noticed that the only people who complain about this are people who have never actually developed anything themselves, and simply expect the community to give them everything now, for free, working perfectly, with free support, etc. Honestly, if we wanted to, we could make all our mods only available to people who buy them. Many modding communities are like that! I'm proud of the collaborative spirit among lspdfr plugin developers, and I'm glad that mods have always been freely available to anyone who wants to enjoy them, once the mod is ready. I've said before, and I'll reaffirm now, Coastal Callouts will be freely available when I feel the mod is ready, because I want you to all be able to enjoy it. Just be patient. 
    I'd like to get back to the topic of actually discussing the mod that's under development, so if anybody else has any issues with the concept of people getting rewarded by mod authors for choosing to donate to support their work, feel free to send me a PM or post a separate discussion topic elsewhere. But please stop whining about it in my WIP thread. This has gone way too far off-topic, and frankly I have no interest in continuing to belabor the point with people who have no idea how much time and effort it takes to make a good modification. 
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from Torbi in Anfängerfragen (BAQ) - die Antworten   
    Ich finde die Idee ganz gut, du solltes aber eine Liste aller Mod´s hinzufügen die du verwendest. Schon ab Punkt 4 ist es keine standart Funtktion von LSPDFR mehr. 
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from qwertyK in GTA V loads fine/RPH does not - game crashes on startup   
    Do you run AVAST? Try this topic :)
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from qwertyK in GTA V loads fine/RPH does not - game crashes on startup   
    Uhm, its not that hard. Just close AVAST and start RPH again, so you know its AVAST. After that, try figuring out your "valid path" problem :)
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from qwertyK in GTA V loads fine/RPH does not - game crashes on startup   
    glad i could help, like my comment if you want to support my reputation :D
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from LCPD OFFICER9843 in GTA V loads fine/RPH does not - game crashes on startup   
    glad i could help, like my comment if you want to support my reputation :D
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    RalFingerLP reacted to HappyJoker in Rage Plugin Hook Crashes GTA V   
    No problem man :) If you could like my posts and give me some community reputation, that'd be amazing!
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    RalFingerLP reacted to HappyJoker in Rage Plugin Hook Crashes GTA V   
    Go into your logs folder and copy and paste the one with the correct date and time into a spoiler and post it here, please. Also, I see that you have Avast. Add GTA 5 to the exceptions in settings. 
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    RalFingerLP reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    I'd just like to give everybody a heads up: I'm going on vacation for the next 3 weeks. During this time I will not have reliable internet access, and will have 0 access to my computer. I'm heading down to South America for some trekking:

    Hopefully the youtubers will be able to keep you guys entertained in the meantime with some more videos! What this means though is aside from not posting any development updates, I also won't be able to process any new members of the beta program while I am gone. I will process any new beta participants who sign up by 8 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, Feb 21st. Anybody who signs up after that point I will process when I return from my trip. 
    Many thanks to everybody who has donated, helped with the beta, shared videos, and followed along to provide encouragement! I'm definitely excited to get a little break and get away from the computers for a bit, but will also be eager to get back into it as soon as I return. 
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    RalFingerLP reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    For those of you who understand Italian or German, we have a couple new exciting Coastal Callouts videos to enjoy: 
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    RalFingerLP reacted to t0y in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    My god
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    RalFingerLP reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Announcing the Coastal Callouts Beta!
    I am very pleased to finally announce that Coastal Callouts is now in semi-public beta. To kick off the occasion, we have two new LSPDFR episodes from some of my favorite youtubers and fellow LSPDFR developers, @Darkmyre and @Albo1125. Please check out these videos to get a small preview of some of the features of Coastal Callouts! Rest assured this is just the beginning, there are several other callouts already in progress that are available to testers but not quite ready for videos, and many other features and callouts which are in progress and didn't make it into these two episodes.
    Development of the mod is still ongoing, and it's not ready for release. In particular, I have yet to start working on an installer for the DLC, and I have numerous important features of the mod that are still incomplete or need significant improvement. However, it is at a point where it is stable enough and easy enough to use that I feel comfortable inviting more people to participate in the beta process. To keep the size of the testing team manageable, I have decided to make the beta available to people who have provided assistance in the development process, and to Parks Benefactors - people who have donated to support my mods. If you helped in the creation of this mod in some way, you should have already received an invitation via PM, and if you have already donated you should have received information about the Parks Benefactor program. 
    For those who have not yet joined, you can join the Parks Benefactor program at https://parksmods.com/donate/. Please take note that the lowest donation level, "parks supporter," does not include access to unreleased mods like Coastal Callouts, it only includes early access to updates to existing mods like Custom Backup and Better EMS. If you do chose to donate at the Parks Benefactor level or above, you will be granted beta access to all of my modifications, including Coastal Callouts and updates to all of my other plugins. Full details and terms & conditions are available on the web page above. Please make sure to accurately fill out your username on the donation form. After your donation is received, I will contact you via email or private message to invite you to the beta testing discord server, and get you set up to install and test the mod. 
    In addition to joining the Parks Benefactor program, you can also get access to the Coastal Callouts beta through any of the following:
    Purchasing a 3D model that can be used with the Coastal Callouts DLC. Please PM me for information about what models are needed and which ones would be appropriate. Anybody who buys a model we need will get beta access, but you must confirm with me first to make sure somebody else hasn't already bought the model, and that it's suitable for conversion to GTA V. Make a donation of $50 or more to the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or JDRF. Please put PNWParksFan as the person you are donating on behalf of if the form has a place to specify. Then, PM me a screenshot of your donation receipt email, ensuring that the donation date, your email address, and the donation being on behalf of me are shown. If you currently or previously served in the US Coast Guard, and have some experience previously playing LSPDFR (e.g. you know how to install mods and are comfortable with basic LSPDFR gameplay) please send me a PM to be considered for beta participation.  I will randomly choose one person who has liked this post by 11:59 PM US Pacific Time on Friday, February 10th to receive free beta access!  
    Thank you again to everybody who has helped this mod get to this point, and especially to everybody who has already joined the Parks Benefactor program. I am looking forward to getting feedback from this wider audience, and continuing to improve the mod until it's ready for general release!
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from Darkmyre in Your Adware detection sucks   
    I am not using any kind of adblocker just "vanilla" chrome. I still get that large banner from your website i should dissable my Adblock, this is ridiculous!
    Please fix it, thank you!
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    RalFingerLP reacted to PolicemanNick in Location ofCarvariations + Vehicle.meta files for all police cars (most upto date)   
    I know that, but what I'm saying is, it that since the mods were released, the locations have changed as patches are released. That's why I'm asking if anyone knows where the most up to date ones are :)
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    RalFingerLP reacted to PolicemanNick in Location ofCarvariations + Vehicle.meta files for all police cars (most upto date)   
    Hey guys.
    I've downloaded the 2016 CHP Megapack, which I have to say is gorgeous! I'm a complete nub to modding GTA V so am just getting to grips with it all. I have been looking for the carvariations.meta and vehicles.meta files for all the modded vehicles, to replace them with the lines supplied in the modpack, but have had no luck due to everything getting updated (why are they moving this stuff around?! It seems ridiculous!) - I have looked everywhere and cannot find the correct files for the correct vehicles etc. 
    I'm in the stages of making a list for myself of where they all are at this present time: 16/08/16, but it's getting ridiculous to keep looking for these files to edit the lines. I simply, for the life of me, cannot find them. 
    Does anyone know an easy way to install all the vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta all at once for their correct vehicles, or would I be dreaming? If not, where on earth are the individual files for them.. Clearly GTA V is a lot more fiddly and time consuming than GTA IV when it comes to installing vehicles and handling lines etc.. 
    A friend send me the file which includes all of the vehicle locations which helped me a lot. Does anyone have anything similar for the files I'm looking for and their respective vehicles? 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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    RalFingerLP reacted to RedBullGermany in LSPDFR stürtzt bei einsatz eingang ab..   
    Ich glaub das liegt an der SlimDX.dll bin mir da, aber nicht ganz sicher.
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    RalFingerLP got a reaction from Optimum in Gang Activity by Optimum & HazeMate [WIP]   
    Good luck with your project Optimum, if you need any help beta testing, let me know!
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