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    lovkal got a reaction from FKDZ in Where did this awesome plugin go?   
    Huh, you're right. And UltimateBackup is gone too. In fact, Bejoljo's whole profile seems to be gone. 
    Looks like he might have deactivated his account? That's terrible news if true.
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    lovkal reacted to Reyve17 in There´s a new Sheriff in Town~   
    So, one of my friends made this for me because he knows I love foxes and love LE... And he also knows I love playing LSPDFR, especially up in the county as a Blain County Sheriffs Office Deputy! 😄 
    His name is Wexon on Steam and AmadejHP🐺#6255 on Discord in case you wanna add him or whatever... He´s really nice, but shy.

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    lovkal got a reaction from danksg in Just another day in LSPDFR   
    Thanks, 2nd amendment!
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    lovkal reacted to Kaller330 in I know you shouldn't judge based on a name, buuut...   
    I'll have you know my esteemed client Mr.Shooter volunteers at homeless shelters on weekends and always donates his proceeds of crime to charity.
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    lovkal reacted to danksg in Just another day in LSPDFR   
    So, GTA5 was just being GTA5, and some madness took place along Great Ocean Highway. Thought I'd imagine what it'd look like if there was a security camera mounted on a nearby utility pole.
    The entire situation began with a minor car accident which resulted in a fist fight between both drivers. A Highway Patrol officer (me) pulls up at the scene to deal with them both when one of them pulls out a pistol and fires at the officer. The officer is wounded, returns fire, and takes cover behind his cruiser. Other motorists get out of their vehicles with their own weapons drawn and join in the fray. Some fire on the suspect, some fire on the officer. Backup is called in, including a SWAT unit and this video is just part of the madness that ensued. 
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    lovkal got a reaction from MythicReaper in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    This might be the first time the LSPDFR/LCPDFR team has ever announced a release date!
    Superb work as always, guys!
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    lovkal reacted to Kaller330 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
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    lovkal reacted to Southern Mountie in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    The nerve-racking uncertainty of the February release without any updates, status reports or even hey guys everything is going good closing in on a hopeful release in the near future has given many of us an anxiety complex to the point we go hunting for Easter eggs on the site like kids chowing into Wonka bars looking for that golden ticket and refreshing the site several times per waking hour hoping for Mr Wonka to show up to take us to the factory. Most of us are pretty patient and playing little games and sparking conversation just to keep ourselves entertained for the duration before half of us struggle for hours upon release to get our hooks into this new masterpiece. Likewise Most of us know the developers @Sam and @LMS, the rest of the staff, community team and testers owe us nothing more than what is given since nobody here does any of this for monetary gain. Just wanted to let you know that yes we may seem impatient and needy, but can you guys blame us? We're the moths to the flame of new LSPDFR features and we're tweaking to taste fantastic indulgence that is .4 . Not whining and moaning but rather rationalizing our recent behavior as a whole. Just wanted you guys to know that we appreciate everything you do and growing a community that so many have fallen in love with. Just picture yourselves as Nsync and we're all a bunch of preteen girls trying to just get close enough for a simple touch. We're not trying to be obnoxious or rude we're just stoked for your creation.
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    lovkal reacted to danksg in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
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    lovkal reacted to ineseri in National flags are gone   
    We're all united under the same flag now, the LSPDFR flag. 
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    lovkal reacted to Kaller330 in National flags are gone   
    I noticed this, instead they're replaced with a 'c' char.
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    lovkal reacted to Cyan in National flags are gone   
    Thanks for noticing. We'll let you know when we have an update.
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    lovkal reacted to McGillicuddyAP in Ask A Cop   
    Weirdest call was my second day on field training when I was right out of the academy.  I walked into a living room on a welfare check and there was 20 year old Indian guy, butt naked on the floor, covered in KY jelly, with his left fist completely inserted in his rectum screaming "come get me".
    Weirdest item found would be a bed pan concealed down someones pants.
    Those are great questions.  I will answer your questions in the order you asked them.  The first thing to remember with the detective position at almost all police departments is that it is a lateral promotion.  In other words, you must start your career as a road patrol or beat cop, working the street taking calls.  This is where you learn your investigative skills.  At my department as with most, detective is a permanent position.  At my agency now all of our detectives are "general assignment" meaning they could get anything from a burglary to a homicide assigned to them.  My previous police department, which was about twice the size, gave detective specific assignments, such as sex crimes, violent crimes, persons crimes and fraud.  If you become a detective you will be sent to advanced training in investigations and interviews.  In my area, we can go take the same classes you would need to be a detective so that we can start building our resume before we have to apply for an opening.
    The jurisdiction question is great.  So yes, I work for an incorporated town within a county.  My police "powers" are in full effect within the town limits, but I technically have police authority in the entire state.  My agency has what are called MOU (memorandum's of understanding) with surrounding agencies.  This means that the jurisdictions we have an agreement with allow us to enforce state statute in their territory.  For instance, if I observe a traffic violation occur in my presence, but it is 100 yards away in the neighboring jurisdiction, the MOU allows me to drive over, pull the car over and lawfully write the citation without being legally challenged on my authority at that location.  I have written tickets and even made arrests in other jurisdictions, depending on the circumstances.  If I need to go arrest someone and it is more than a ten minute drive for me and my sergeant wont approve it, I have the local agency go pick the person up.  This is because as LEO's in Florida the law allows what is called "transference of probable cause".  This means I can call a cop anywhere in the state and tell them to go arrest a person in their jurisdiction, and they can do so based off my word alone that I have probable cause to arrest.
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    lovkal reacted to LucyWithAGun in THROWBACK 2 : Kehoe Shootout   
    This is my second instalment of Throwback, this one is more common than the last, this one comes with the dash cam footage of the incident. This is more less of a training topic in this instance than an informational one, but the third instalment will be back to a more focus on training.
    PREFACE: Some of these were extracted from articles and knowledge and training files, I shortened it for you so you can understand it much easier and added some information which was left out.

    What happened previously? 
    In February 1995, Kehoe and an accomplice, Daniel Lewis Lee, robbed the Tilly, Arkansas home of William Frederick Mueller, a gun dealer who had a large collection of weapons, ammunition and cash. Kehoe and Lee murdered Mueller, his wife Nancy Ann Mueller (nee' Branch), and his 8-year-old stepdaughter, Sarah Elizabeth Powell, and dumped their bodies in a swamp. Kehoe and his family took the stolen property to a motel in Spokane, Washington, by way of the Christian Identity community of Elohim City, Oklahoma. A 2 year manhunt ensued.
    Incident: It is a chilly afternoon in February, 1997, and Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Harold Harker is on patrol doing stationary laser on Interstate 71 West of Wilmington, Ohio. Trooper Harker, a 26-year patrol veteran, spots a 1977 Chevrolet Suburban headed Northbound, and although the driver is driving 59 in a 65 mile per hour zone, Harker is suspicious. The male driver has a very wooden, stiff posture and does not glance at the trooper. However, the male passenger turns full swivel around to stare at Harket as they pass by. In addition, the vehicle has a single Washington State license plate, and Harker checks a license plate rundown he keeps above his visor. It confirms Washington is, indeed, a two plate state. For those reasons Harker decides to pull over the vehicle which he hopes will continue Northbound towards Columbus; in that direction is Trooper Harker’ s partner and canine handler. However, the driver veers East on State Route 73 into Wilmington where Harker makes the stop. Harker radios his stop and license information to dispatch and then proceeds to make the approach after the Suburban pulls over just inside the Wilmington, Ohio city limits on heavily-traveled State Route 73. The dispatcher notifies Harker that the license plate registration has expired. Harker approaches between his vehicle and the cruiser on the passenger side, and at first sees nothing amiss on a cursory look inside the Suburban. Neither driver nor passenger had i.d.; the passenger (Cheyne Kehoe) indicated the Suburban belonged to a friend in Washington State. Harker grew concerned, however, because now the roles between the two occupants reversed; the driver became very animated; the passenger very rigid. Harker played verbal judo to allow him time to assess but had made up his mind to ask the driver out for further interrogation. The motorist (later identified as Chevie Kehoe) stepped back with Trooper Harker, keeping his hands in his tight jean’ s pockets, wearing a loose fitting down jacket. Harker attempted a patdown of Kehoe’ s left side at which time Kehoe began exclaiming that he did not want to be violated. For the next several minutes Trooper Harker and Chevie Kehoe verbally joust with Harker exclaiming that Kehoe was “ going to sit in my car while I run these checks, sir...” During the escalating confrontation, Clinton County, Ohio Sheriff’ s Deputy Bob Gates drives past headed to a minor domestic call, and he noticed Trooper Harker (who had turned on his cruiser camera when he stopped the subjects). He exits his vehicle after notifying his dispatcher and falls in behind Trooper Harker to observe. Both Harker and Gates notice during this period, too, that the passenger (Cheyne Kehoe) had been moving about the Suburban and had even disappeared from view a time or two. Earlier in the day the rivets on Trooper Harker’ s belt which held his radio had broken and he had left his radio on the front seat of his cruiser. Gates’ decision to stop, therefore, was proving very timely. Harker gave Kehoe the choice of sitting in his cruiser while the Trooper made further checks or immediate arrest to which Kehoe responded he did not want any trouble and, again, did not ‘ want to be violated’ . Then, during a 20-30 second pause in the ‘ conversation’ , Kehoe suddenly turned and ran toward the driver’ s side of the Suburban.
    Deputy Gates and Trooper Harker ran towards the fleeing Chevie Kehoe, and Gates reached him first. Both men attempted to wrest Chevie Kehoe’ s arms from the door handle, and it actually appeared as if Kehoe were pushing in to the officers rather than escaping them for a time. Gates noticed also that passenger Cheyne Kehoe had his right arm underneath a jacket, and (as tunnel vision enveloped Deputy Gates) Cheyne started to pull a gun out from under the coat. Almost simultaneously Gates and Cheyne Kehoe fired at each other; Gates twice through a side window; Cheyne Kehoe once. Later, both Gates and Trooper Harker determined that Kehoe’ s round went right between the two officers. Trooper Harker later pulled glass from out of his hair and ear. Cheyne Kehoe exited the Suburban on the right side, and as Deputy Gates went around the engage him, Gates yelled “ Gun! Gun! Gun!” to alert Trooper Harker who was still attempting to contain Chevie Kehoe. Deputy Gates and Cheyne Kehoe fired numerous rounds at each other; Gates was armed with a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson; it was believed Kehoe was firing an undetermined make .40 caliber. Gates backpedalled as Cheyne Kehoe moved diagonally away from him towards a condominium complex and distant woods. The deputy fell near the left front of Trooper Harker’ s cruiser and could hear shoots zinging up from the pavement near him. Neither deputy nor subject was hit, although to this day Deputy Gates feels Cheyne may have been wearing body armor (and, therefore, may have been struck but was able to continue running). Deputy Gates chose not to fire at the back of the retreating Cheyne Kehoe, although Trooper Harker did fire twice over the top of the Suburban at the feeling Kehoe. Harker believes his second shot struck Kehoe, but there was never definitive proof that occurred. Meanwhile, Chevie Kehoe is screaming at Trooper Harker and begging him not to shoot him (Chevie), and Chevie is able to get into the Suburban and drive away. Trooper Harker admittedly had trouble getting his weapon from his holster (he believes because the holster was not conducive to weapons removal and motion; once the Trooper stopped moving he was able to immediately remove his weapon from the holster). Part of Trooper Harker’ s jacket also got caught in the door impeding his ability to stop Chevie’ s escape. Deputy Gates gives immediate pursuit of the fleeing Cheyne Kehoe; Trooper Harker fires once at the fleeing Chevie Kehoe and runs back to this vehicle preparing to give pursuit only to find he has a flat tire.
    Full Dashcam:
    Both Kehoes were apprehended several months later in the West.
    For his part in the attack on the officers, Cheyne (who at various times also spelled his name Shane) received a mandatory 24-year prison term without parole.
    Chevie was found guilty of conspiracy and three murders (of an Arkansas gun dealer, his wife, and 8-year old daughter the year prior to the Ohio police shoot-out). For those crimes a Federal jury in Little Rock sentenced him to life in prison without parole. 
    Trooper Harker was armed with a .40 caliber Beretta; Deputy Gates had a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson. 
    Both officers were wearing body armor. 
    Among many items recovered from the Suburban: -Battle suspenders/belt with knife -Green plastic box containing 100 rounds of .308 ammunition -.45 caliber semi-automatic pistol loaded with six rounds of ammunition and one loaded .45 caliber magazine loaded with seven rounds of ammunition -Small bag of loose .45 caliber ammunition -F.B.I. logo baseball caps -Black raid jacket with Federal agent logo -Point Blank body armor plate -Face paint -Camouflage pants -43 loaded 30 round magazines of .223 caliber ammunition -45 boxes of .223 caliber ammunition -574 rounds of 9mm ammunition -15 10 round stripper clips of .223 caliber ammunition -2 green bullet resistant vests -1 loaded Glock 9mm pistol -2 loaded 9mm Glock magazines -1 U.S. Marshal’ s badge with belt holder -1 555 CS gas grenade -1 pepper blaster -3 cans of pepper spray -1 tan leather wallet containing a U.S. Marshal’ s badge ??It was later determined that Chevie Kehoe had a .45 caliber Glock in his jacket pocket and a .22 derringer under his belt buckle.
    Lesson Learned: 
    *Make certain you always have the necessary back-up accessible.
    * Watch deadly hands.
    * Your next stop could be the bad guy-or guys.
    * Always signal out.
    * Target practice..Weapon proficiency is critical.
    * Inter-departmental radio communication is crucial.
    * Practice shooting and moving.
    * Most incidents take place in seconds, not minutes.
    Remember any Questions or Critiques will be much appreciated.  
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    lovkal reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm very much looking forward to the 31st of February.
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    lovkal got a reaction from fedex in Question about command.   
    DarkMyre's Search Warrant:
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    lovkal got a reaction from Ezra in Question about command.   
    DarkMyre's Search Warrant:
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    lovkal got a reaction from Niedosik in What sirens are these?   
    They are definitely Whelen sirens. Probably a combination of some variant of the Whelen 295 and the Whelen Cencom. One of the yelp tones in the first video sounds like the Whelen X-ecutor.
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    lovkal reacted to LucyWithAGun in THROWBACK 1 : Contact and Cover   
    Thank you I hoped you can learn something. I'm doing this to bring back the non toxic side of this community. The LCPD-MODS days.
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    lovkal reacted to LucyWithAGun in THROWBACK 1 : Contact and Cover   
    This is going to be my first of many series hopefully to tell you about real law enforcement techniques learned from previous instances and mistakes which previous officers used, feel free to critique me on the topic or add extra information. This one is Contact and Cover and people whom have law enforcement experience would know about this, but in case you don't here it is.
    PREFACE: Some of these were extracted from articles and knowledge and training files, I shortened it for you so you can understand it much easier and added some information which was left out.
    What Is Contact And Cover:
    Usually the officer who initiates the activity will be the contact officer. He or she conducts all the business of the contact including interviews, searches, writing citations, recovering evidence, running warrant checks and so forth. The second officer in the car or the next to arrive becomes the cover officer and he or she is exactly that, cover. He’ s responsible for surveillance and control of the subjects and for the security of the contact officer. As the contact officer, you should brief your cover officer as soon as he/she arrives, telling them the reason for the stop and what you have, what you plan to do, any previous knowledge you may have of the suspects and their potential for violence and any other suspicious circumstances. Finally you should make it clear to the other cop that he or she is the cover officer. As the cover officer, you too have a briefing responsibility to tell the contact officer about any past experiences you’ ve had with the suspects, any radio traffic he may have missed since calling in for cover, as well as any observations you may have made while approaching the scene. And finally you should confirm your roles, making sure there are no questions as to who’ s the contact officer and who is the cover. The most dangerous moments of most contacts come during handcuffing or a pat down. This is when definition of roles is most critical. Adjusting positions accordingly, the contact officer conducts the search and cuffing, the cover officer acts as security. The cover officer has two principal duties. First, to discourage hostile acts, assault or escape by providing force presence. A promise to the suspect that immediate response to any interference or resistance they may be considering. The second duty is to intervene with force if necessary to protect the contact officer. Now force presence is important and we do want suspects to know that the cover officer is there for a purpose, but it needn’ t or shouldn’ t be overdone. Squaring off in a quick draw position while offering the suspect your meanest unblinking stare is not only unnecessarily melodramatic but also it may even provoke a hostile reaction. If the cover officer observes a suspect trying to conceal or destroy evidence, the cover officer alerts the contact officer but does not recover the evidence or allow himself to become distracted in any way from his mission of suspect control. The philosophy is the same as that of most enforcement contacts. We must immediately establish that we are in charge while not giving the impression that we’ re out to provoke or antagonise someone.

    What Inspired Contact and Cover?
    On the night of September 14 1984  Officers Timothy Ruopp, 31, and Kimberly Tonahill, 24, from the San  Diego Police Department were both shot and killed by Joselito Cinco  Officer Ruopp was doing a simple check on two Hispanic males he had caught drinking with two underage girls. Ruopp call for "a backup, but without urgency." Tonahill, who was returning from checking out a minor traffic violation, was ordered by a dispatcher to Grape Street Park. She arrived and while the Ruopp focused on one of the males, the other officer focused on the other. 
    Though Tonahill acknowledged the dispatcher's order that sent her to the park, she never called in to alert the dispatcher that she had arrived, 
    According to previous testimony and police reports, the shooting began when Tonahill attempted to search Cinco. Cinco pushed Tonahill back and then pulled out the pistol, which he used to shoot the two officers. Tonahill was shot four times at point-blank range and died at the scene. Ruopp was shot in the leg and calf before Cinco fired a round into his head. He died two days later. Both officers never drew their revolvers.
    What Recommendations Was Made After This?
    One hundred and seventy four (174) recommendations from a Task Force have been implemented by the San Diego P.D. Included were blue uniforms, going back to black and white cars, semi-automatics and a number of other recommendations that help get the job done a better way.
    Collinsville P.D. decided that they needed to look at some serious training in “ Contact and Cover” after reviewing the manner in which the previous searches were made. Major Ed Delmore contacted the San Diego P.D. and asked them to send the reenactment tape. He also asked San Diego if he could visit them with Collinsville’ s F.T.O. to learn first-hand “Contact and Cover” tactics. A crucial aspect to the “Contact and Cover” procedure is the use of hand signals. Collinsville parroted San Diego’ s hand signals and then some. San Diego’ s primary hand signals are:
    CODE-FOUR (FOUR FINGERS RAISED) The most commonly used signal. No Cover or Assistance Needed
    A CLOSED FIST Use Extreme Caution
    INDEX FINGER POINTING UP Observe/Cover Me from Your Car or Present Position. Do Not Leave or Approach Immediately
    Collinsville additions include a scratch to the badge as a signal to tell the cover officer contraband has been found. A sign language of a “ W” with the fingers across the badge signals a weapon. All stops are recorded by cameras.
    Thank you for reading Feedback is very appreciated 🙂 
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    lovkal reacted to Fabien216 in Charges definitions   
    Thank you very much for your complete answer ! I understand now and I can create better arrest report 😉 
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    lovkal got a reaction from Ezra in Hotkey for available/busy status   
    Hi. This might have been suggested before but I would really prefer using a hotkey (like F7 in LCPDFR) for changing your status between Busy/Available instead of having to use the Police Radio menu.
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    lovkal reacted to Ezra in I'm a console player and want to play LSPDFR. Where do I start?   
    We often get questions from console players asking how they can play LSPDFR on console, or they want to switch to PC but have no idea how to get started.  In order to not deceive anyone, let me be clear that LSPDFR  is a PC only modification.  Cyan (one of the developers) has said a few times that there is a good chance it will always be PC only. 
    Side note:  LCPDFR is for GTA IV, and LSPDFR is for GTA V.  Making this clarification because people regularly confuse the two and cause confusion for others. 😛
    This leaves only one option, getting a PC. If you've only played on console, the PC world can be confusing at first.  What do I buy?  What runs games the best?  I assume all computers can run games equally. Do I have to use mouse/keyboard?  Desktop or laptop?
    I've been in your position before.  I started off playing some of the original consoles all the way up until the PS3 before I switched to PC.  Lets address the whole desktop vs laptop question.  Desktops are better and generally offer a lot more power, however gaming laptops can be good if you're willing to fork over the cash.  One of the biggest differences from console and PC gaming is prices.  PCs can cost a shit ton, especially if you regularly replace parts for the newest and best.  Some people opt to build their own gaming PC, which is cheaper to do.  There are plenty of tutorials out there if it's something you wish to try.  Regardless of laptop or desktop, the more expensive a computer is the better it will be.  There might be rare exceptions where a cheap desktop runs a game like GTA V with mods at good fps, but for the most part, expensive is better! 
    If you're still asking laptop or desktop, it comes down to you and what is more comfortable and convenient for you.  If you're a console player who has never used a desktop or rarely ever uses one (lets face it, in this day and age most people just use their phones), it might be awkward at first to get use to things. I recommend you go out to whatever local place sells PCs and you play around with their display laptop and desktops, see which you like better.  I will note, if you go for a laptop, you 100% need to buy a mouse separately.  The laptop track pad is garbage.
    If you want recommendations, or want an opinion on a PC you're considering, feel free to post here - https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/813-computers-technology-gaming/
    Quick note: You cannot go into GTA online with mods.  If you want to play GTA Online as well, I recommend keeping two directories, a vanilla/clean one and one for mods.
    Once you have your PC and you're ready to get into LSPDFR, here are the first steps you need.  I will not be providing a tutorial on how to install any of this!  Both LSPDFR and RagePluginHook come with readmes that tell you how.  There are also plenty of tutorials on Youtube.
    1) Download LSPDFR from here:
    2) Go to the RagePluginHook website and download the latest version:  http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx
    Note: You need to do it in the order shown.  LSPDFR does come bundled with Rage, but it's an outdated version.  If you install Rage first, then LSPDFR, there's a good chance you'll overwrite the new version with the old.
    3) Launch RPH and verify LSPDFR is working as intended.
    If you see the police station icons on the map, you can open the Rage menu with F4, and you can go on duty to be a cop, congratulations, you have got things working and can begin your patrol!
    If you're having trouble installing LSPDFR, or something isn't working as it should, please create a new topic here and someone will help - https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/907-lspdfr-support/
    By default, LSPDFR comes with only two-three callouts.  If you want to add more for variety, check out the plugins section of our downloads - https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/
    Downloading other mods is optional, but most people go for more because they want to enhance their game and/or make it personalized.  You can either keep the game lore friendly (IE Los Santos Police, Blaine County Sheriff), or you can download mods that have real life liveries and names.  It is your game, you can mod it however you want.  There's no right or wrong way in terms of personalization.
    There's so much you can do with your game on PC, so don't worry if it's overwhelming.  We're here to help if you need it. 🙂
    Welcome to LSPDFR, hope you have a good shift!
    - Ez
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    lovkal reacted to Cyan in 2019... a year of speed   
    Hi all,
    It's a bit late to say it, but happy 2019 to everyone and we hope you all have a great year!
    Over the years, we've certainly gotten a little flack for the speed of our downloads, and for varying reasons, our optimizations over the years have not been enough for everyone.
    This hasn't went unnoticed, and this year one of our main priorities will be speeding up the site and downloads.
    We're starting 2019 strong, and we've introduced some measures already that will speed the site up for everyone:
    All core site resources are now served through our new global CDN system. All downloads are now served through our new global CDN system. Our edge servers have been updated to support the latest web standards, including but not limited to HTTP2 and Brotli. Core site resources are now optimized on the fly, and targetted for your browser. For example, if you're running Google Chrome, images and other site resources will be sent via the bandwidth-reducing WEBP format.  
    This is just the first step. There's still work ahead of us and room for improvement. Later this year, we're also expecting updates from our forum software provider that are focussed on speed.
    We hope these changes and the future changes to come will help improve the experience for everyone.
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