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  1. I have problems with it taking screenshots (through steam even though I have no keybind set for it in the steam settings) any ideas?
  2. SAM!!!!!! How dare you kill all of us like that. Having to wait till the 1st of February is already way to long. We do not appreciate these kind of jokes and the committee will inform you about your punishment some time soon
    Amazing, I have only used it with MVGA yet but I'm certainly going to try it out with NVR
  3. Can anyone send me the link or tell me how to get this mod?
  4. @Logans Could you link me the vehicle that you use in the screenshot in your review please?
  5. Is there a chance we could get direct links to the vehicles?
  6. Yeah well, your textures look awesome on them
  7. Cool, btw it's a great pack, thank you
  8. @Milo655 The issues of your police 5-9 slots are not caused by the pack but exist because you didn't install them correctly
  9. Ighty thanks, would be the most amazing Christmas gift ever btw.
  10. @Sam Do you have any idea, like only the smallest idea, of about when this is gonna be finished? (Not an exact date just something that would realistic like let's say a certain number of weeks or months or whatever)
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