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  1. KalitoWolf

    Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack

    I've experienced some troubles with the Rumpo in-game. The rear passengers have some trouble to get in. Looks like the seats are switched. The left passenger wants to get in on the right, the right one wants to get in on the left. They're opening/closing the opposite door too. (Looks funny tho)
  2. Version 2.0.1


    Hey there! This is my first modification I've ever did for V. I did it for myself actually, but I wanted to share it with you guys! =) This mod changes the badge only. Nothing too big. Since I've wanted to stick on vanilla textures and models I took textures from in-game files. I did 3D mapping too, so the badge will reflect light and such. Any feedback is welcome! <3 //// INSTALLATION //// 1. Take the "s_m_m_ciasec_01.ytd" file 2. Put it into "x64e.rpf -> models -> cdimages -> componentpeds_s_m_m.rpf" 3. Profit If you have changed other textures on that model and don't wanna lose those use the files from the "textures" folder HAVE FUN!
  3. KalitoWolf

    LSPD First Response 0.2 Beta

    Can't read. Please use a bigger font next time
  4. KalitoWolf

    LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July

    Yea. Your Adblock I guess. :)
    Works great for me! So much better than the original.
  5. btw, I will never go onto fort zancudo again. I'll die on helicopter overdose :'D
  6. ​hm okay. So, the motorcycles are gone in the new version? They worked for me. (ignore the car lol)
  7. ​Works fine. No empty police cars by now. Could you make a version where the fib is replaced with these iaa guys? (ingame named ciasec) I think this would be more realistic
  8. ​saw about 4 empty Unmarked Stainers at 5 stars in an half hour of gameplay
  9. ​Unmarked Stainer at 5 stars too