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  1. do reinstall backup and re-copy scripthook v also community scripthook has been updated about 48hrs ago. I had to do that and reinstall certain mods in my mods folder but everything works now. https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net
  2. Yeah, well make your backups and the 0.4 update is for sure to delayed my mods just broke.
  3. Well, as much time an effort modders like yourself put into their work one can understand the circumstances you all face. We all have real lives outside of this community, but your work never goes unappreciated.
  4. I'll be pleased no matter what thank you for the update.
    Beautiful Texture, looks awesome in game. I recommend this to everyone.
  5. Keep up the great work!!! I was wondering do you have a mic re-skin in mind ? MOTOROLA PMMN4045 SPEAKER MIC pictured
  6. I know whatever you do it will be great work just sad to hear you'll be delayed in your work.
  7. @PNWParksFan Quick question and no it's not about a released date, with the new version set to release next month, will it change any part of your plugin or any aspect due to the changes coming in LSPDFR 0.4?
  8. @Bejoljo Thank you for the update about to test this with RDE.
  9. @PeterU I have installed and reinstalled your call out but each time I went on duty it says I modded your plugin "but I changed nothing" then it says incorrectly installed it which is impossible which is copy and paste. I have done a clean install of all plugins that I use. I will attach log files. RagePluginHook_10012019_042107.log RagePluginHook_10012019_020101.log RagePluginHook_10012019_015844.log RagePluginHook_10012019_003049.log RagePluginHook_10012019_093311.log RagePluginHook_10012019_072937.log
  10. @PieRGud I'm crashing while editing wardrobe and picking my uniforms. Sometimes it just crashes the game other times it crashes to desktop. Always I get out game memory error at times when browsing EUP Menu and during a crash.
  11. Thanks, I'll take another look and go over the XML files to figure what I need to do.
  12. I don't think it does I would be cool if @ReKraM made EUP models though. Oh, how awesome that would be.
  13. Yes, I am currently doing a fresh reinstall of all plugins, but found out EUP Menu was causing crashing while creating wardrobe items so I'll see what happens. I'm having conflictions of plugins.
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