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  1. ThatGermanDude

    [ELS] Florida Highway Patrol Dodge Charger Mini-Pack

    Will you be releasing a red/blue VCF any time soon?
  2. ThatGermanDude

    LSPDFR Troubleshooter by Albo1125

    Hi, Albo! I've installed a bunch of mods for my LSPDFR. The game starts up fine, all external mods load fine. Then I go and type in "ForceDuty" and LSPDFR crashes. RPH Log file - https://pastebin.com/Nemvz7UR I tried using your troubleshooter but it says that there are no errors. Please help If you want, I can also give you a list of mods I have installed. Thanks in advance, ThatGermanDude
  3. ThatGermanDude

    Los Santos Police [ELS] Highway Patrol Charger

    Dude, this model is just awesome. I absolutely love it, it's my favourite model on this site by far! I can't even download new models that use the police2 slot because I just don't want to get rid of this thing :D Well done, bro!