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  2. Darkmyre

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019

    Perhaps instead of bundling a certain version, the auto-installer could fetch the current version and install that?
  3. radcrazykid2

    LSPD Pack (Redmond) [ELS]

    when i spawn in police5 the lights wont work at all. if i go into stage 3. i can turn them on 1 by 1 through the mod menu tho. any idea on a fix?
  4. Do you have discord, and if so what is your # number?
  5. chatterbox2016

    Unmarked NSW Police Kia Sorento

    I would also like to know how to install this car?
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  7. jasonm82299

    LSPD 4K (Troy, NY)

    Hey I just wanted to say thank you for this pack. Back when I played GTA IV I tried to make a Troy PD texture for the CVPI because Troy is my hometown. I searched this up on a whim and I was absolutely amazed that someone had made a pack, and how accurate it was. I also love how instead of writing Troy on the car you kept it GTA by writing Los Santos instead. Astonishing work. It's a really strange but awesome feeling to be driving the cars in-game that you see driving around all the time.
  8. Jcrazy Gaming

    Ultimate Backup (All In One Backup)

    @BejoIjo Hey, is there any way for me to setup the AI peds with EUP Uniforms? If you can figure that out, that would be amazing!!!
  9. Anyone here remember me? It's been a long time since i've posted on here or even logged in here. How is everyone doing? If you remember me i'm sorry for how immature i was years ago. I'm 19 now and most certainly not a dumbass like i used to be. lol
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    If you are going to use this in an RP server please contact me via discord, Matt Dillan#1013 Where to install, Mods> x64.e> Models> Cdi Images > componentpeds_s_m_y.rpf Join My Community here! https://discord.gg/5SuCGvJ
    I have been wanting to try this GMC ambulance all week since I saw you upload it. I finally got the chance to and overall, it was nice. Thanks for bringing this into GTA 5. The medical equipment inside looked good. I also like the Q siren you put on the front. That was fun running it around town with my fire truck sirens. Hopefully the community will make some more skins for it.
  11. Maxmov

    Flashlight Overhaul

    I'm guessing you'd need to use archive fix for this, because it replaces game files from the main directory (which FiveM can have troubles with)
  12. Version 1.0.0


    LSFD BATTALION CHIEF - F-150 VEHICLE TEXTURE This will be my First LSFD Vehicle Texture I Hope You All Enjoy F-150 WAS CREATED BY : VANNY
  13. Dwardo225

    emissive lights

    I was using the s2 as well. maybe its the light bar?
  14. Ekalb

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019

    By 'personal vehicle', will you also be able to modify police vehicles at LS Customs (e.g. change extras, liveries, particularly paint for unmarked cars etc.)?
    I want to know how to issue a subpoena to a pedestrian because I have seen a drunk or a misbehaving person on the street
  15. Mattbravo

    San Andreas State Police Mega Pack (Virginia)

    What color code is that blue on the hood/ roof/ trunk? Still looks pretty bright compared to the real life cars. Also, could you include Matt's 2018 Charger Base and maybe the new / MCU livery for the 2016 Explorer and maybe 2015 Tahoe? Examples: Much darker blue: Motor Carrier Unit (FPIU): Motor Carrier Unit (2015 Tahoe): If you need more examples: http://www.policecarwebsite.net/fc/agl0873/vasp.htm
  16. @panoszaf I think you might've made an error in Zmodeker with the Silverado. It seems like you didn't enable multiple liveries, so the truck spawns with only the Patrol skin, not the CVE one. FLAG_HAS_LIVERY is present in the vehicles.meta you provided, however my research seems to point to a zmod issue involves what is detailed here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/807/tutorial-accepted-multiple-liveries-methode-for-any-car
  17. YellowYT


    Is there something I am doing wrong? I have done all the steps but the lights are not brighter at all. Red lights look like they are orange and the lights only get bright when I go into the pause menu. Is there a solution to this problem?
  18. YellowYT

    Bright Lights

    Same here. I am not sure if it is outdated for the game version. Also with some of these mods backup cannot seem to move from their spawn location. Still waiting for a fix.
  19. PNWParksFan

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    I'll admit, this has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. But, it's not like I haven't been doing anything this whole time. I could make all kinds of comparisons about timelines, release dates, etc., but you of all people should know what it feels like to want to get something right, to want it to be complete before releasing it, and how a hobby project can often take a lot longer than you think to get it where you want. The other big factor is that with a public release comes the pressure to support a nearly infinite number of users. With a semi-private beta, there is a more limited and manageable number of people to support, and the expectations are lower. One of the final things I'm currently working on before public release is an installer. This isn't just installing a couple DLLs, and the game archives that must be modified are too complex to install with a simple OIV. As anyone who has participated in the beta knows, the installation process isn't exactly easy right now, and I don't want to release something in that state. The scale of this mod is also immense. It's a huge plugin mod, with a lot of novel development and features that push the boundaries of what's possible in this game. A bunch of LSPDFR features don't work smoothly on boats (not your fault, LSPDFR wasn't intended to be a boat mod) so I've had to essentially re-implement them myself. It's also a massive DLC, with many vehicles that took time to customize, multiple highly detailed map mods, new buildings added to the game, custom peds, custom props, ambient world scenarios, and more. Essentially every single possible aspect of GTA modding is included in this mod in some way or another. It's not like I've just been sitting around for 2 years taking people's money for something that hasn't been worked on, this has been in active, near-daily development. I'm sorry if it came across like I was saying "waiting for LSPDFR 0.4 is why it took so long to make coastal callouts". That's not what I meant at all. I'm simply pointing out that a new version of LSPDFR will almost certainly break some things, and that it will take a bit of time to update for that. It's not anybody's fault, that's just how things go when there's a new major version of a dependency for a project. I called it "unfortunate" because this mod is already so close to the finish line, and I feel bad that it's going to take a bit longer now. I could release a public version compatible with LSPDFR 0.3.1 first, as that is nearly finished, but I'm not sure if that's really helpful. And slight correction, I don't charge people on a monthly basis. People have the option to donate on a monthly basis if they want to support what I'm doing voluntarily, which some people do out of generosity. I only ask for a donation of $20 for a year for beta access to all mods I'm working on (not just this one). I understand not everyone agrees with the premise of donor-only early access, but this isn't some massive cash grab. I've also always welcomed developers who want to use my APIs to participate in betas for free. I also set those perk levels before this mod had any wide recognition, and have never increased them despite a lot of interest in the mod. If you don't like having this here, let me know. I can find elsewhere to post updates, and eventually release the mod, if it's disruptive to the community for me to use this space.
  20. Not bad for a start. However, the hat needs to be blue with "Douglas County Sheriff" in gold and the strip is only on class A uniform. Patrol uniforms do not have the strip.
  21. Carnifex

    LSPDFR is not loading

    My game will not load with LDPDFR installed. I have uninstalled it and the game runs fine. Is it possible an out-of-date addon is causing it to not load? Context: This is as far as I get when trying to load GTA through the RAGE launcher. After this point it is a constant loading process as seen in this picture:
  22. Faq

    Just isn't working

    That you, it ended up working. Does it have to always boot up on window mode then?
  23. Giordano

    Adding another skin to a model

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  24. Giordano

    Adding another skin to a model

    You can either replace the current livery, which you will need to make sure the livery you want has the exact same name as the livery in the .ytd. If you're asking about multiple liveries, most vehicles can. There are some rare cases where the author makes it so the vehicle is stuck to one, but I haven't seen that happen in a while. As you mentioned, if you want multi liveries, you'd name the livery the same as sign_1, except add sign_2 For example, your screenshot. Say I want more Explorer liveries. I'd rename the one I want to add to exp_sign_2 and so forth depending on how many you want. Do note a few things: 1) In OpenIV, you need to be in edit mode to add liveries. 2) If it's not working for you, check the vehicles.meta entry for that slot you're trying to modify. In order to enable multi livery, a flag needs to be present. In the meta, look for the <flags> section. If you do not see FLAG_HAS_LIVERY, add it. This will allow your multi liveries to work.
  25. Giordano

    Update Folder

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