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  2. Sinon ça peux venir que tu n'as pas installé ça, il faut qu'il soit activé.
  3. PM is anything past 12 in a 24 hour/military time
  4. What font did you use for the 14 on the rear side of the ladder truck?
    Another great pack from Davire! This pack has a great colour scheme and uses all of the decals in all the right places, deffo gonna be my pick for my EMS/FIRE in 0.4 -Great Colours -Great Decals -Simple But Sweet -High Res Thank you Davire for this wonderful pack!
  5. Ya leave the cats alone. Use the puppies.
  6. Yesterday
  7. @panoszaf can you give me a slight assistance? The undercover cruiser (on POLICE4 slot) is like this, the rear windshield is so blacked out, I can't see the lights out of it. I put both of them side by side, one with glass intact and one with it broken so that you can see. Can you help please?
  8. Hopefully, you're able to squeeze it in at last minute Or in a minor update or official plugin xD It sure would, I think at one point I had like 1/4 - 1/5 of my keybindings for only opening menus >.> it was painful
    I really like this pack. Currently have it in game now and I love the Liberty lightbar as well as all of the lighting in the front. I like the removables that your have on here too. I will say, as much as I like having the amber light bar, I would have liked to see more red and blues in the back, especially for the Tahoe and Explorer. All things considered though, this is probably one of my favorite packs, keep it up!
  9. I relate to this post dramatically Guys lets leave the poor cats out of this, so far there have been no reported cat casualties and lets keep it this way
  10. Honestly it is good it has taken this long. I would rather wait 1 extra month for a mod without bugs then getting it released now with tons of bugs. Either way thanks @Sam and the team for creating such amazing mods.. i truly appreciate it
  11. Time to step up the game. Find a moderator's house and bring a few cats. (Don't actually do this guys. It's just a joke)
  12. When ever i try to add this addon pack it gives me this error here's the addon pack : http://www.gta-mod-center.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/880-los-santos-mega-packaddon-dlc/ (Mega addon pack: i already have the lspd one but i cant get the BCSD) If i could get some help that would be great
  13. more and more cats die each day, it's only a matter of time
  14. They are indeed not my friend. Now you may ask why do I know this? I don't. But I can say for sure they are working hard to get this released. Sam has been working on it all day, the release is near my friend.
    Im enjoyin this pack quite a lot. Has a modern city design, great color scheme and a great selections of models. Good Job my man!
  15. It feels like they are taking time just because they can
  16. look at sams profile and click lspdfr characters tab
  17. What is the installation path for the head and hat?
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