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  2. hi...I very like this file but I have a problem...in the lightsbar the lights are not correct....can you help me how to fix it pls?
  3. Straypuft

    Handlingid seems messed up after update

    Trying to change handlingid for one car in vehicles meta, I wanted police2 and police3 to have the same handling since they are both FPIU's, Police3 ran fine but police2 loves rolling over.
  4. RealKorra

    Korra Joins LSPDFR forum!

    thank you guys
  5. This is what happen when try to start and play! VIDEO: https://streamable.com/uh6ax
  6. thisridiculous

    2018 Unmarked/Slicktop Dodge Durango SRT [ELS]

    I've really been itching for a good looking Durango, thank you for nailing one and taking your time to detail everything about it. Interior and exterior are beautiful and the tail lights r perfection. 5 stars
  7. thisridiculous

    Bloomfield Police Department [ Pack ]

    looks beautiful, low key shocked theres no chargers
  8. Did you get in to OpenIV and let it copy the new update.rpf to your mods folder?
  9. Alpha Quaker 07

    Duplin County Sheriff's Office (2014 Charger Vinyl)

    absolutely love this pack!!!!
  10. Officer Bonds

    Korra Joins LSPDFR forum!

    Hey I would suggest watching Benzo Effect's great video series on youtube for a guide on how to easily install LSPDFR. Just follow it step by step and you'll get the hang of it in no time: This is part 1 out of 5 I think?
  11. lovkal

    Korra Joins LSPDFR forum!

    Welcome! I would remove all mods from the GTA 5 folder before attempting to go online, at the very least I would remove any Script hooks, that includes RagePluginHook, ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet etc. That way you can keep your script mods - such as LSPDFR - in the folder, but the game wouldn't be able to load any of them.
  12. Alpha Quaker 07

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack (Pender, NC) [Reflective]

    Making eastern north carolina proud!!!
  13. hey i wanted to make sure i did it right by going through this with visual steps. pictures are what i did step by step. this is step 1 above Step 2 Step 3 did i do it right?
  14. I have done that, and it still doesn't work.
  15. Today
  16. Steele1925

    Sigh... I'm leaving

    You.... You monsters.
  17. Cyan

    Cheep Callouts

    If you feel this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
  18. Cyan

    Cheep Callouts

    You could ask the author. Short of that there is nobody who could send you the file as it would be copyright of the author.
  19. This should be sorted. The option to make albums available to upload to anyone has also been removed.
  20. Hey @medic4523 , Once again you strike the fish I have a question to you, how to replace the default fire truck instead of using Seagrave Engine as an addon. I am gonna rename the *.yft and *.ytd from seagrave4 to firetruk but I don't know where to replace/put the carvariation and vehicle metas? I will be glad to get help when it is possible. Best regards, minddriverлоооооооооооооооооооооо5рттттттттттттттттттттттттттттттк ье4бЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЯ!
  21. LieutenantDan

    LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0

    Hell yeah, can't wait!
  22. Hey everyone, I have an Idea for the Website. I have many add-ons installed, but sometimes I deinstall LSPDFR and all add-ons to play GTA online. I think a feature where you can create a list on the Site, where you can put all your Addons in and download them with one click, would be useful. I've made a Screenshot of how I mean it. I know it will be a bit work but I think it will be very helpful. I hope you understand it. Greetings, Ramel
  23. hello there! i'm new here. i joined today in hopes to learn everything about LSPDFR as well having someone to walk me through the steps to install LSPDFR, other necessary steps etc up to point that it should be runable for me to try it out on SP GTAV. i'm longtime gta player, ive been watching quite lot of LSPDFR videos on youtube like.. since early days of GTAIV. i'm even not sure if my PC could run LSPDFR too. that's why i came here to get advice, suggestions, walkthrough, help for it. plus i have a question, is it possible to turn off LSPDFR if i need to go online? with that said, it's nice to meet you all. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays etc.
  24. Can you add in the future, the option to search the car too??It will be nice to have it all in one mod THNX! EDIT
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