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Hey guys, I'm Southern Mountie. I grew up here in North Carolina with a family history of service in the military and law enforcement. I have served both masters in my 33 years. Currently work for the Sheriffs Office in the county I grew up in. I also have a passion for PC's and PC gaming been tooling around the LCPDFR community in the shadows since 2013. Started off playing GTA IV and LCPDFR and moved onto LSPDFR as soon as it was released. In the beginning of LSPDFR I started getting interested in designing my own textures and complete car packs for myself. Then about a year ago I decided I wanted to make my own models and invested in Z-Modeler and with a steep learning curve learned the basics and taught myself how to layout ELS lighting on my models. Due to the nature of my work I need a release for the stress. So I have recently decided to make models and car packs to release to the community. So here in the near future I hope that you enjoy the fruit of my frustration lol. Here's to growing the content of this awesome community.

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