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  1. Agreed. I actually broke my computer last month but once I heard the update was coming out I fixed it... thank you 0.4..thank you.
  2. It’s funny.. I literally check every couple of hours knowing that we’re coming close to the end of February. This is the most hype I’ve been since like 2010
  3. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say 0.4 will release either A: Valentine’s Day or B: End of the month. Honestly this is so exciting. I know I’m not the only one checking LCPDFR.com once I wake up...right?
  4. Can’t wait.. February cannot come faster.
  5. I’m calling this update to be released around late December, early January.. My boy Sam.
  6. Love every single preview you put out... now just the wait for the release should be here around January if I had to guess. Hopefully you integrated radio chatter whereas while you’re on patrol you hear the radio flickering and people talking back and forth. Sorta like a real police radio or a online police scanner, but in the game.
  7. Really hoping to see a lot of new features integrated; thus another preview will come this month as the others come around every three months or so (haha yea I checked :’) )
  8. Who else keeps checking for a surprise update?
  9. What ENB and reshade, textures etc.. was used in this? Looks amazing.
  10. Sam I gotta say, This is definitely a work of art.. I can only imagine how much time you guys spent on this update I’ve been in your community for a while now and I’ve played LCPDFR when THAT first came out. I really do look forward to seeing all these new features. You have everyone really excited. Can you at least give us an estimate on when 0.4 will be released.. Not a specific month so you don’t blow spots up but like soon really soon or like eventually.
  11. Looks amazing.. now what you should do is add a tracking bar so we could see where you guys are and what you have left until the update *hint hint*
  12. Totally agree, a developer update would be nice... would like to see some nice previews in a video. A short clip wouldn’t be bad either
  13. Yeah let’s hope so! End of June beginning of July would be perfect.
  14. Really cannot wait for the release of this.. hopefully it’s near final stages and gets released soon. Can you tell us an estimated date this will be coming out? Looking forward to this update.
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