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  • LSPDFR 0.4 Installation Guide

    View our video and text instructions for installing LSPDFR.
  • You might appreciate our Official Tutorial on how to download and install LSPDFR for GTA 5 on Epic Games and Steam Versions. In this tutorial Shockie from the LCPDFR.com Content Team runs seamlessly though the steps needed to install the mod and how to go on duty for the first time.

Manual Installation Guide

Note that the following steps are for manually installing LSPDFR 0.4. They don't cover the automatic installer.


Download LSPDFR and the latest Rage Plugin Hook

Download LSPDFR. The latest version can be found in the downloads section, and is also linked at the bottom of this page.
Please then go to the RAGE Plugin Hook website and download the latest version.


Extract downloaded files

Once LSPDFR has been downloaded, the simplest way to install it is by extracting the files into your Grand Theft Auto V folder.
Extract LSPDFR first, then the RAGE Plugin Hook. You may be asked to overwrite files, say yes.

Note that your Grand Theft Auto V folder is the one containing the game (GTA5.exe) and its files.

Make sure to extract LSPDFR first, then extract the RAGEPluginHook. The reason for this is to overwrite the RAGEPluginHook that comes with LSPDFR, as it may be outdated.


Verify installation

The files from the LSPDFR download should now be extracted into the game's folder. You should verify that your Grand Theft Auto V folder now contains the following:

  • An LSPDFR folder with the following folders inside:
    • audio
    • chars
    • data
  • A Plugins folder with LSPD First Response.dll inside
  • RAGEPluginHook.exe

If your game folder includes all of these files, it is very likely that your installation of LSPDFR was successful.


Launching the game

To launch the game with LSPD First Response active, simply double click on RAGEPluginHook.exe.

Upon entering the game, you should notice the locations of Police Stations are marked on your map. If so, LSPDFR is now running.

Having problems?

If you're still having problems installing LSPDFR, take a look at the LSPDFR FAQ and support forum:

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