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  1. absolutely awesome!! lowered and lifted both look sick. Personally I would like to see the pushbar deleted and the light set up from the lifted version, but it's your file and you made it how you wanted it. I don't know if anyone mentioned this. The passenger side rear wheel is a little off.. Doesn't fill out to the fender like the rest, and is noticeable thinner. other than that it's dope!!
  2. You did it again!! Looks awesome. Wheels aren't my style but that's not your concern. You made the car in your image and it's sick! The vison light idea is on point. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
  3. Awesome job. I've already installed the "natural" siren and it sounds just as it should.... Does anyone know how I can install the Rumbler as my "auxiliary siren" or does that get set to whatever the primary siren is? Thanks! " **UPDATE** I figured it out, just needed to change some files around.
  4. This Tahoe is amazing. all the addons are perfect. I noticed the steering responds a little slow, anyone else having this problem? any fixes?
  5. awesome job! not sure if something is wrong on my end. so far every time I spawn the Tahoe, I only have lights in the headlights and taillights. there are no emergency lights in the windshield or rear windows. any ideas? ….. UPDATE. - never mind I was able to fix it!!
    unreal! the CVPI and charger are possibly the best I've seen. The FPIU is a tough mod, so many flip when turning, the wheels are off. May I suggest switching it out with the FPIU slicktop found in the "Chicago Police Pack" by ISPfan12 - that is the best FPIU I've seen yet, and handling isn't an issue, when I have that installed I use FBI handling. That would complete this INSANE pack.
  6. Never mind, was able to figure out where I went wrong.
  7. I followed the install guide, when I ran RPH, social club did some download thing and I assume reinstalled the original loading music. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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