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Hi, welcome to my profile. My name is Martin but I am known as ineseri on the internet. They call me The Driver, because I am always the get-away driver and winner of all the races. I'm also quite the car collector in GTA Online. You heard that right, I still play GTA Online. "Why? It's a shit game" Yes, I know a lot of people think that and I am one of them a lot of the time - But it also bring a lot of entertainment at times. 


I used to be active in the Community Moderation and Management side of things, but I've since then decided to step down and handed over the reigns to willpv23, who's, what I've heard, is doing a splendid job. I am instead a member of the Community Team in an advisory role. 


I also used to host Fort Carson Radio, where I have currently been replaced by a robot. 


If you just want to chat, or ask something, go ahead and shoot me a PM. 


Remember to stop by and pay your respects to Ben's cat; https://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/315527-pwutty/

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