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  1. princed

    Won't work?

    Did you copy your updated update and X64 folders to your mods folder when you updated?
  2. princed

    LSPDFR won't load

    Had everything running fine before updating. Have removed mods folder twice and still the same result. I have installed RPH, Scripthook and Scripthookdotnet current versions. Not sure what I'm missing. Any help is appreciated
  3. princed

    upported game versions: 1365

    Did you copy your Update and X64 folders to your "mod" folder?
  4. princed

    Forceduty Crash

    Don't know if this will help your issue but I was having the same problem and after reading through several forums I figured out that "Traffic Policer" was the cause of my problems when trying to forceduty. Don't know if it will help but I would try removing them from your GTA folder retry loading LSPDFR
  5. LSPDFR was crashing whenever I tried to forceduty so I dumped everything and started over. Now LSPDFR loads but I don't think the RageHook plugin is. Not sure what to try next. Any help is much appreciated RagePluginHook.log
  6. princed

    Forceduty Crash

    same problem here
  7. princed

    LSPDFR Problem

    Looks like your game version is showing that it is pirated
  8. princed

    LSPDFR not working after recent updates

    If you are using a mods folder then you are going to have to copy your update folder and x64 folder into the mods folder. When rockstart updated GTA it does not update your mods folder. Hope this helps.
  9. Did you update to the new Script hook? http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
  10. princed

    [Fixed: Use As Help If You Want] Contant Loading Screen

    Same problem here.
  11. princed

    LSPDFR and RDE

    Hystery, Just to make sure that I don't gump this up. Any add on cars that I install should be installed in the RDE folder for that department and not the folder that the car has in the installation instructions.....and the ELS name has to match the slot that the car is installed? Thanks
  12. princed

    Emergency Lighting System

    Excellent work Lt.Caine and Crew :)