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LSPDFR 0.4 - Now Available!


About a year ago, we announced the development of LSPDFR 0.4.  We said it was big, and we said it was different, but I honestly don't think any of us quite imagined just how big and different it would turn out to be, nor how much of a challenge it would be to take the concepts and ideas that we had and turn them into reality.


Still, here we are.  Thousands of changes later, we're here.  Everyone on the team is delighted to announce the first public release of LSPDFR 0.4, available now.


LSPDFR 0.4 brings sweeping changes which have been implemented over a number of years, so much so that we're not able to provide full release notes.  Instead, we've put together a number of resources, new to LSPDFR 0.4, including a 'wiki' and a collection of more in-depth guides.

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Speechless as I would have to try it out first talk to you then people.


:wallbash:🐮FACE THE WALL SIR                    :thumbsup: Another Job Well Done          👩‍✈️ Air Support Division, Superintendent Of District: Little Seoul

                 🐡help       🐢 Hey come back here   🕴️Protect me snail     ,  sir    🤺  Wait wut?   Mostly Located at: Ginger Street - Little Seoul - Los Santos

 🤬 Facing dire consequences 👁️     🕵️‍♀️ examining physical evidence    👨‍⚕️ Don't worry he will be fine          👩‍⚖️ guilty as charged




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OMG Sam I love you I never fought you would release it today I love you ❤️ I mean I love the entire dev team you are really amazing guys even more than rockstar thank you to be part of all the amazing moders that are here today ! ❤️

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