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    That's what i call a nicely done pack ! Including the NPCs aswell, it's just perfect. Big thumbs up !
    You've really done an awesome job with your plugins ! They're now essential, imo.
  1. Hey ! Seems like the plugin isn't working anymore !
  2. For those who have issues with CheepCallouts, i've a very easy fix : disable the auto-update check in the .ini file of the plugin.
  3. @Phaxol Hey, i've noticed a little bug with the .ini since your last update. It's impossible to change the menu key (T by default). I've tried to assigned the "I" key, but it doesn't work. Great job you've done anyway !
  4. It's just not working for me. I've a notification that tells me that the plugin's loaded, but nothing's working (can't stop anybody, SmartRadio don't even detect the new buttons).
  5. Version 1.0.2


    /!\ If you want to install this mod with the .oiv package, make sure to install EUP first ! /!\ Be ready to fought against the worst storms of San Andreas with those awesome raincoats ! They'll protect you from rain, snow and even more ! Reflective version included for our brave State Troopers ! Don't forget to leave a review down below if you like (or dislike ?) it !
  6. "How can you stay sane with so much chaos around you ?"
  7. Well .. I experience those issues for a while, even before the new update. I tried to only install vanilla cars, without visual mods, and it's a little bit better. But I'm still in need to downgrade my graphic options to play in good conditions. Again, very frustrating considering my configuration.
  8. Hello ! I post this topic because i've some performance issues with LSPDFR for a while, and i've tried everything to fix them. When i install LSPDFR and some essential plugins (Traffic Policer, LSPDFR+, Police Radio), i face alot of performance issues : basicaly, my FPS turn around 30 or even 20 when i'm in Los Santos. It's a little bit better when i'm on the countryside of the map, but it's kinda frustrating considering my configuration (you can have a look on it just down there). Note that the game turns perfectly without LSPDFR installed. By the way, my game is installed on my HDD and not my SSD : could it be a part of the problem ? Do you think that something should be improved in my configuration ? Thank you advance for your answers ! (By the way, my english is far from perfect, excuse me about it.)
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