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    really nice . but now my police radio (controller) wont work. and is interfering even with (rightDpad) arrest functions . please help uninstalling until fixe. but looking forward to add again.
  1. SpanglishKing

    LSPDFR Troubleshooter by Albo1125

    thank you for your dedication to the LSPDFR community and bringing to us your excellent files . i been having and issue in the troubleshooter with AGENCY CALLOUTS i have uninstalled the plugin/callout and reinstall. with no luck . i continue to get same error in troubleshooter. here my paste bin and screen capture,if anybody could help i am grateful thanks in advance https://pastebin.com/x97R3twu my apologies if i am at the wrong place to get help
  2. anybody experiencing crashes when using this plugging with police partner?