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  1. hmmm wonder why that is happening works fine for me on first and second person
  2. thats strange it is using the same sound as the original havent changed audio at all anyone else having this issue?
  3. Version 0.5.0


    This IS NOT a new sound all I have done is took the old sound and doubled it up with a small silent interval in between to make it sound more like you are putting both cuffs on.
  4. OMFG waiting for the manual review
  5. this is whatever you want it to be at this point
  6. not gonna put vehicles in first gonna just instal .4 make sure it is working and stable my side then slowly add stuff
  7. never gonna give you up never gonna let you down
  8. 1) cool gif 2) what does it mean?????
  9. it seems we have been out smarted how'd we not notice this sooner - oh well still think the release is today
  10. Please let this be the day it all adds up, the sync added, the fact that Sam liked a comment stating I have a feeling the release is today and the fact that certain parts of the website have been restricted lets go boi
  11. Or they are preparing to upload it later tonight
  12. waiiittted lets throw this car in reverse for a second thats new
  13. activity is down for me to ladies and gentlemen we either broke the website or something is happening
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