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  1. I may have the same issue, click ESC -> LSPDFR and check the callout list and tell us if there are any callouts listed there?
  2. No because there were no errors, already analysed the logs myself. Plugin said it loaded in console then I checked the callout list and it wasn’t there. Being a developer myself I’ve tried everything I can think of, so I’m leaving it up to Sam to see if he has a solution
  3. The ones I have installed are? Albo recently updated 1 of his callouts which I am using and the other 2 were updated to support 0.4 and they do not work via lspdfr loading, that is what I am trying to say lol?
  4. I removed callout manager, that isn’t my main issue it’s the loading all together of callouts. They don’t even appear in the LSPDFR callout list
  5. Callout Manager worked fine yesterday on 0.4 so that’s not entirely true, in addition it was a 0.4 supporter callout so it should work but it doesn’t load it.
  6. Seems like the cause might be “CheepCalloutsRW” since it was the last thing to load before the crash. Try removing it and see if it works?
  7. Hi there. Yesterday I made a few callouts and they loaded fine and work well. I downloaded a few callouts for 0.4 off the forums and the console identifies the plugin as loading but the callouts don’t register successfully to the list and I am unsure to why as no errors appear. My callouts load in and work fine just not my downloaded ones. In addition, callout manager worked yesterday and now it won’t open the menu so I presume maybe a plugin loading issue? Cheers, Jake
  8. Yus, thank you for your time and effort @Sam and @LMS
  9. Sync was on all accounts yesterday, I could view that page hours ago.
  10. The only thing suggesting a release today at some point is the fact Sam liked someones post earlier today asking if it would be released today.
  11. Doubt he used Photoshop for something so simple lol, he used inspect element on an old forum post. Now this I’m looking forward to
  12. @Sam so I presume that means the old API will still function as it currently does so all our current plugins won’t completely die and be unsupported in the new version?
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