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Large Address Aware - a possible way to increase GTA IV stability

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I guess I do not understand if I am using the program correctly. 

I followed the instructions for basic and advanced but how do I know if it is operating correctly? Also I always launched GTA IV with LaunchGTAIV.exe but I also see a GTAIV.exe. On the LAA program the LaunchGTAIV.exe says false for both LAA and Original and that can't be changed or forced. The GTAIV.exe one will let me change laa and original to what I want. 

What settings should I have to know this is working? Also once I have the settings right do I just click on the .exe in my root folder as normal or does it create a new one elsewhere?

I'm not new to computers or modding but nothing says what LAA/Original settings should be.

Visit me on youtube. The most common reason for crashing is user error. Make sure you have the latest RAGE, ScripthookV, ScripthookVdotnet and turn off your antivirus. Make sure you have an up to date gameconfig.xml as well. Use Allbo's plugin troubleshooter to find any errors too. 



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