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I'm unr3al. I've come quite a long way from the newbie to this mod I was in March of 2011. Since first installing .91 I've skinned my own cars, uploaded a small gallery of YouTube videos, made my way onto the .95 Beta Testing team became a G17 Media Community Team Moderator and have stepped back down to a normal community member. I play a wide variety of games spanning across several different genres, but LCPD:FR will always be amongst my favorite games to boot up. It's a great use of the GTA IV engine and a shining example of the power of community & creative thought. That being said, I'm not quiet when it comes to saying what's on my mind here, so some posts of mine will be a bit rough around the edges, and I'm fairly intolerant of bull****, so to speak. I wish our community members (old timers and beginners) the best, and nothing but long lasting fun and respect from others on these forums. So to quote some of LCPD's finest walking the beat: "Keep those thoughts nice and legal and we won't have any problems."