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    Firearm2112 reacted to EFox in What ped model is this?   
    It appears to be this model, brought to you by the search bar...
    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    Firearm2112 reacted to ineseri in What ped model is this?   
    Your thread has been moved to GTA IV Discussion & Media, as it is not an LCPDFR Discussion thread.
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    Firearm2112 got a reaction from LtFlash in The Wasteland - callouts for Bohan   
    Seems cool. Downloaded.
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    Firearm2112 got a reaction from Guerilluh in Best ELS 8 cars? [Opinion]   
    Just wondering whats your favorite packs or individual ELS 8 cars? 
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    Firearm2112 reacted to EvilJackCarver in Any way to have GTA show the Ps3 button mapping?   
    Replace the textures in .../pc/textures/buttons_360.wtd with their counterparts in ./buttons_ps3.wtd.

    A = X
    B = O
    Y = Δ
    X = □

    LB = L1
    LT = L2
    RB = R1
    RT = R2

    Back = Select
    Start = Start
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    Firearm2112 reacted to ineseri in Problem with LCPDFR 0.95 and Police Helper   
    Please use LCPDFR 1.0, as 0.95RC2 isn't suppported anymore. 
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    Firearm2112 reacted to davelaric in Anyone have a fix for this texture glitch?   
    I use this one: 
    -availablevidmem "1.1"
    -percentvidmem "100"
    GTA is a terrible port and modding makes it even more unstable to these texture glitches are common. Try lowering your graphics a bit and turn off V-sync.
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    Firearm2112 reacted to apollyon666 in GTA IV Launching Issue   
    I think it's just a compatibility issue. You SHOULD be launching from the folder. (Right click launch gta icon and run as administrator.) I'm not 100% sure as to why that improves stability, but it does and you'll see people talking about that when people are having issues launching the game. Secondly, if you're wanting to take screenshots/video you can always download another program, such as fraps. There's plenty of free and paid programs that work well. 
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    Firearm2112 got a reaction from desertlion2002 in Steam Copy of GTA IV falsely detected as pirated   
    Is that windows XP or just a Win7 Theme? LCPDFR will NOT work on WinXP