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    CrossFire got a reaction from vynlthrash in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    While it may be better than not releasing vehicles, it's still not a 100% chance that modder's stuff will be kept secure. I don't think any modders will accept less than 100%.
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    CrossFire reacted to enginesix in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Hey Guys,
    Before I begin, I'd like to state that I have been either watching from a distance, or involved in the GTA police community since about 2012. I have experience in skinning and modeling in GTA SA, and GTA IV. I've spent countless hours in ZModeler working on private mods, and while I've never done a major project like porting a car, I do completely understand the frustrations that modders face during their time working on mods. I just mention this so that you are aware that I can look at the whole situation of locked vs. unlocked models from both the perspective of someone who enjoys the wonderful mods created, and from that of someone who has spend many hours creating mods myself.
    Now that being said, the thing I find incredibly sad about this is the us versus them approach that suddenly everyone seems to have regarding mods. One thing I'd like to bring up and ask everyone to keep in mind in the coming weeks, is that there is no divide between people who mod and those who don't! We are all part of the wider GTA police community, and whether or not you have the skills to create vehicles, as awesome as that may be, should not determine how you are treated. I think we all recognize and admit how much we appreciate modders and their commitment to the community, but we shouldn't let a few assholes who rip people off destroy our trust in each other. We are all here because we share a common interest, and enjoy sharing that and improving that interest for everyone. 
    Now that the LCPDFR staff have taken a stance and asked that all content should be unlocked, I think it is time that we work forward to the next steps in building our community, together.
    To modders, I completely understand your frustration why you want to be given credit. It is credit you have most definitely earned. I put forward that instead of denying the community access to your talent, that we work together to ensure that when people are building upon your work, and improving it for everyone, we are all giving you the credit and appreciation that you deserve, as well as calling out and punishing those who are not. This benefits everyone. Credit is given to you, and the community benefits from having an even richer selection of content livable
    To the wider community, I ask that we please keep in mind the amazing work that modders do for the whole community, and that we work with them to ensure that nothing is ever plagiarized and passed off as original when we all know better. Let's work together to create a place where modders can be confident that by releasing their work, it will only be improved or remixed, and never stolen and claimed as original. Let's make sure credit is given where it is due, instead of being frustrated when it is not.
    These are my thoughts on the current situation. If you would like to leave your thoughts, I'd love to hear them, but please keep it kind and respectful, and try to avoid any pointing fingers or attacking anyone. This is a discussion I think we all need to have in a calm and civilized way in order to move forward.
    Thank you, and happy policing!
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    CrossFire got a reaction from OfficerSquare in I think files should be verified first before they are available for download.   
    Multiple users have tried to tell you this.
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    CrossFire got a reaction from Fabiacc in HELLO   
    Welcome to the Forums! Hope you enjoy your stay! 
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    CrossFire reacted to Ben in Donations Page & G17 Media Shirt Store   
    Awww.... what about the head of the Alien Costumed guy on a shirt with "Ayyyy.... lmao" on it with the LSPDFR Logo.
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    CrossFire reacted to marine9077 in Gay marriage now legal in all 50 states of the US.   
    It's about time, is all that I have to say.  Always more work to be done, though!  I'm happy at least this issue, is no longer an issue in the US.
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    CrossFire reacted to Hystery in Gay marriage now legal in all 50 states of the US.   
    As said above, it was about time. Anyone should be allowed to marry whoever they want, and it is now possible. I'm actually secretly laughing mockingly at the super conservative states where gay marriage was still banned. Like "Bam, in ya face yo". Humanity should move forward, not stay anchored in the past with outdated customs and ways of life.
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    CrossFire reacted to Sam in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    Guys, come on, we all know that isn't a real countdown.  You just used a trainer for it!
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    CrossFire reacted to Sniper296 in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    First they photoshop the screenshots, now you lot are photoshoping and F12ing the site.
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    CrossFire reacted to DominusArbitrationis in Add Ability To Toggle Header Gallery   
    I would like to apologize if there was already a topic on this, I didn't see one.
    I think that the gallery in the header needs a way to be disabled. Since it is JavaScript, and images that may not be optimized, it causes every page to load slower. The easiest way, I think, would be to set PHP to do a check if the visitor is logged in, and if they have disabled the gallery, at which point it would fetch the JavaScript from a separate file and load it provided the user didn't opt out of seeing it.
    Also, as a side-note, the footer and header seem to be be set to a specific size, which looks really weird when making a post (They extend past the div "ipsLayout_mainArea" . Also, there is a comma missing in the registration notice after the second instance of the word "gender" in the second paragraph of "Account Policy".
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    CrossFire reacted to Sniper296 in Old website   
    Been there a long time. Archive.org, 25 March 2012
    Though, they weren't always included in topics as well. I think it is a bit unnecessary to include it in topics.
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    CrossFire reacted to DeputySpines in LSPDFR Feature Preview   
    ​I think that's been established at this point in the thread
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    CrossFire reacted to willpv23 in Ill-Gotten Gains Update and Modding   
    I love how everyone is so mad that Rockstar is releasing free content. If it was any other company, you would need a season pass or premium or whatever to get this content. I know those of you that don't play online don't give a shit, but these content updates are actually good. Sure, they temporarily break modding, but even games that support modding do that. Everytime Minecraft is updated, the mods need to be updated. Every time Euro Truck Simulator 2 is updated, the mods need to be updated (well not all mods, but the more complicated ones do). The GTA modding community needs to stop being entitled little pricks. 
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    CrossFire got a reaction from Lundy in Should Profanity be Prohibited on the Forum?   
    I only think some words should be, but not all. Examples would be the N word, the C word, and all of the other words that could be considered Racist and/or sexist.
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    CrossFire got a reaction from Lundy in Should Profanity be Prohibited on the Forum?   
    I only think some words should be, but not all. Examples would be the N word, the C word, and all of the other words that could be considered Racist and/or sexist.
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    CrossFire reacted to Slimory in Happy   
    I think i'll be the FIRST to openly say, bro, you have issues, you need to get those issues worked out before you end up in jail..
    If you want to help the Community then go Volunteer at a homeless shelter..
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    CrossFire reacted to DukSezQuak in Happy   
    Last time I checked, the act of Personating a Peace Officer meant to purposefully wit anyone into believing that you as an individual are a Law Enforcement Officer, either by appearance or by word of mouth.

    Therefore, the act of wearing any sort of uniform that resembles that of a Law Enforcement Officer, a badge, a gun on your hip, and a radio with a lapel mic, would immediately constitute as Personating a Peace Officer.

    The only time that one should be exempt from that law is if they're a government official, or security guard that is licenced and is carrying out their duties while on shift.

    When I stand a good distance away from you or anyone else that is wearing any sort of uniform, and I see a badge, gun, and radio, I am not going to know as the average joe that you're not a Law Enforcement Officer. I'm immediately going to assume you're a police officer.

    But, not like you're going to listen, so I'll let you do what you're going to do. Best of luck in your future endeavors, sir.
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    CrossFire reacted to TheSandwichStealer in Happy   
    Tell me this is a joke, I can't see any good coming out of this, forming your own militia, is the under attack or something? You might just want to stick to getting a job.
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    CrossFire reacted to c13 in Terrorist takes selfie in front of ISIS HQ, gets bombed later   
    Well that's one hell of a photobomb
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    CrossFire reacted to c13 in LSPDFR Announcement + Preview   
    It's a behind the scenes video of how we staged everything with the trainer. Happy late April Fools!
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    CrossFire got a reaction from TheSandwichStealer in N/A   
    Controller friendly? YES.
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    CrossFire reacted to Senatov in N/A   
    All the teleport locations are still GTA IV locations. I was kind of shocked when I opened up the teleporting menu and saw that you could travel to Alderney. Now THAT would be an awesome mod, being able to travel between GTA worlds. 
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    CrossFire reacted to Sam in 20 May - 9 New Screenshots!   
    ​Uh oh.  It begins again.
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    CrossFire reacted to LSPDhotstuff in 20 May - 9 New Screenshots!   
    Can Ragehook improve AI? 

    On all of the screenshots, information and trailers you have posted, what percentage does it show the whole LSPDFR?
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    CrossFire reacted to RyanDent in Happy GTA 5 release for PC :-D   
    I'm not a religious man. But I'm still praying that we can mod it.