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    AlexanderK. reacted to Kaller330 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    You'll find this post to be a most enjoyable read. Not a direct RDE replacement, but the customisation is immense. 
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    AlexanderK. reacted to Kallus in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    Units patrolling without the need for extra mods?
    I can now have Los Santos County Sheriff and LSPD?
    and both patrolling at the same time?
    Character customization, including a custom character, without Skin Control and EUP?
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    AlexanderK. reacted to zachs33 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Big flashing neon sign in the header? Public service announcement? On the news and radio? A fireworks event, perhaps? You have me curious 😛
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    AlexanderK. reacted to Jeff Favignano in LSPDFR Flashing Lights Logo Splash   
    Hey all, I was recently asked where someone could get the flashing LSPDFR splash screen I use in my videos recently. I decided to upload it and make it unlisted. Feel free to download it with any means you need to and use it in your videos if you want!
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    AlexanderK. reacted to Destroyer11687 in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Wow, I took a big break and have just come back, and I just saw that you’re taking your leave. Thank you so much for all of your mods and hard work! I bought a PC just for lspdfr, and I cannot imagine my enjoyment being what it was without your mods. You truly brought life to lspdfr and made it so much more realistic and easy to use. I will miss seeing your creations, but I wish you only the best as you go forward. Take care!!
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    AlexanderK. reacted to 0taku in Change the "security challenge"   
    On the topic of knowing what they say
    1st: 3ypqv1n
    2nd: 9hdbr95
    3rd:  Irh1c
    I find the CAPTCHA  easy, Could just be because I have messy handwriting so I can read 'chicken  scratch' but that just me.  
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    AlexanderK. reacted to stickycabbage in Callout Ideas   
    this would definently allow for expansion within LSPDFR. i'm tired of doing the usual high priority calls that aren't even in the agency's jurisdiction lol
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    AlexanderK. got a reaction from Steele1925 in Callout Ideas   
    These ideas seem very interesting and I'm also interested in them!  Can I work for them?  I'm not 100% that i'll make them, but can I try?
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    AlexanderK. reacted to Pazzi in How to make a cop pull over a ped   
    on albo's traffic stop backup callout, he spawned a ped driver with a car and a police with a car on a predefined location (Vector3).
    You just need to collect those locations from various area and put it in a list. later on you must randomize it (or get the closest one).
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    AlexanderK. reacted to LukeD in Getting Ped details   
    Correct, I would recommend that you avoid using anything that is outside of the Mod.API namespace as it will all eventually be made internal and thus prevent you from accessing it. You'll then have to re-write code for things you're making. It's easier to just not bother for the time being and extend when it's available in the API.
    And don't forget to check out the github for common and useful code snippets that have been given to you by the keen developers.
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    AlexanderK. reacted to SRS Bladez in Blips don't delete and Ped starts shaking.   
    Next time remember to add what you did to fix it in case someone had the same problem
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    AlexanderK. reacted to Jeff Favignano in Discord Overlay and RagePluginHook   
    Hey guys if you have been having an issue like I have of RagePluginHook going to the main menu instead of launching the game with the plugins here is a fix I found if you have Discord. You need to disable the in game overlay feature in discord settings so Rage can hook into the game. I don't know why this is but it either crashes, goes to main menu or runs multiple instances. Disabling this made rage work like a charm 😉
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    AlexanderK. reacted to CowNation in Can we recognise the Division from code ?   
    You can distinguish with 3 ways: 
    1. Having the player select their division using a menu (EUP Compatible)
    2. Automatically detecting their model using lots of if statements (Not EUP Compatible)
    3. You can do both (If player is using EUP they'll have to select their division themselves)
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    AlexanderK. reacted to LtFlash in How to make conversation with witness   
    You can check here how to create a dialog class to reuse it in different calls:
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    AlexanderK. got a reaction from HazyTube in How to mention the player? (The one that playes the game)   
    Thank you very much!
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    AlexanderK. reacted to HazyTube in How to mention the player? (The one that playes the game)   
    if (Game.LocalPlayer.Character.Position) thats how you call in the player
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    AlexanderK. reacted to HazyTube in Can we recognise the Division from code ?   
    I think you have to put this in the code itself, I don't think there is a method or something for it, I have never used this so I could have it wrong
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    AlexanderK. reacted to SRS Bladez in Callout variations   
    Thanks for that, I'll do the first one
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    AlexanderK. reacted to creator2013 in How to change color of blip   
    C# has pre made color values, for example Color.Yellow or Color.Red. Blip.Color takes a System.Drawing.Color value. This means that Color.FromArgb( 255, 255, 255) should work.
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    AlexanderK. reacted to NoNameSet in How to make conversation with witness   
    private readonly List<string> dialogWithPed = new List<string>() { "Officer: BLA BLA BLA", "Ped: BLA BLA BLA" }; private int dialogWithPedIndex; if (!Game.IsKeyDown(Keys.Y)) return; if (dialogWithPedIndex < dialogWithPed.Count) { Game.DisplaySubtitle(dialogWithPed[dialogWithPedIndex]); dialogWithPedIndex++; } if (dialogWithPedIndex == dialogWithPed.Count + 1) { // } 2 classes lmao
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    AlexanderK. reacted to NoNameSet in HOW TO DISPLAY TEXT WHEN NEAR A PED   
    private Ped player => Game.LocalPlayer.Character; private ECalloutState calloutState; private List<string> dialogWithCop = new List<string> { "~b~You~w~: Bla bla bla. (1/3)", "~b~Officer~w~: Bla bla bla. (2/3)", "~b~You~w~: Bla bla bla. (3/3)" }; private int dialogWithCopIndex; private void Main() { switch (calloutState) { case ECalloutState.EnRoute: if (Cop) { if (Cop.IsAlive) { if (player.DistanceTo2D(Cop) <= 15) { Game.DisplayHelp( player.IsInAnyVehicle(false) ? "Leave your vehicle and speak with the ~b~Officer" : "Speak with the ~b~Officer", 5000); Cop.TurnToFaceEntity(player); calloutState = ECalloutState.OnScene; } } } break; case ECalloutState.OnScene: if (Cop) { if (Cop.IsAlive) { if (player.IsOnFoot) { if (player.DistanceTo2D(Cop) <= 2) { Game.DisplayHelp("Press ~b~Y~w~ to speak with the ~b~Officer", 5000); Cop.PlayAmbientSpeech(Utils.Utils.Random.Next(1, 3) == 2 ? "GENERIC_HI" : "GENERIC_HOWS_IT_GOING"); calloutState = ECalloutState.NearCop; } } } } break; case ECalloutState.NearCop: if (Cop) { if (Cop.IsAlive) { if (player.IsOnFoot) { if (player.DistanceTo2D(Cop) <= 2) { if (Game.IsKeyDown(Keys.Y)) { Game.HideHelp(); if (dialogWithCopIndex < dialogWithCop.Count) { Game.DisplaySubtitle(dialogWithCop[dialogWithCopIndex]); dialogWithCopIndex++; } if (dialogWithCopIndex == dialogWithCop.Count) { //continue } } } } } } break; } } private enum ECalloutState { EnRoute, OnScene, NearCop }  
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    AlexanderK. reacted to SRS Bladez in How to change color of blip   
    Ahhh that's what it is, thank you, I was trying VictimBlip.Color.[whatever color I chose] I had a feeling it would be easy
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    AlexanderK. reacted to creator2013 in How to change color of blip   
    YourBlip.Color = Color.Yellow; Use System.Drawing.Color
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    AlexanderK. reacted to HazyTube in How to make conversation with witness   
    Hello everyone, I was wondering how i could make a conversation with a witness for a callout? I tried it alot of times but still not working. Here is my code that I use for the conversation:
                if (Game.LocalPlayer.Character.DistanceTo(StoreOwner.Position) < 2f)
                    Game.DisplayHelp("Press Y to begin speaking to the Store Owner");
                    if (Game.IsKeyDown(Keys.Y))
                        Game.DisplaySubtitle("Store Owner: Hey officer! I'm the store owner.");
                        Game.DisplaySubtitle("You: Hello, did you see what happend?");
                        Game.DisplaySubtitle("Store Owner: This guy here put some weird stuff in her food.");
                        Game.DisplaySubtitle("Store Owner: Now she is unconscious.");
                        Game.DisplaySubtitle("Store Owner: That's everything I can tell you officer.");
    I hope someone can help
      EDIT: I dont need help anymore! For a simple conversation, put a duration behind the text and pause the gamefiber after every line
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