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  1. The plugin is working normally! You are clearly doing something wrong.
  2. I urge you to post a review if you enjoyed CommonCallouts!
  3. Sure thing! That shouldn't be too hard to implement! Edit: What kind of crashes would you specifically like to see?
  4. Interesting, haven't had this happen to me. Could there be a problem with your radio sound files?
  5. Why wouldn't they include that in the API though?!
  6. I have been searching for some function to frisk/search a ped, or a class that can store information regarding what is in a ped's inventory. Mainly I am searching for a function that will return what is in a ped's pockets, it would return the same info as when you frisk a ped. The only one that I think may relate to this is the WantedInformation class. The only place this appears in is it is returned in a function in the persona class. public WantedInformation WantedInformation { get; } Here is the WantedInformation class (I assume this class only relates to whenever you lose someone in a pursuit but I don't know) public class WantedInformation { public WantedInformation(); public bool CanBeSearchedInManhunt { get; set; } public bool CarriesEvidence { get; set; } // Maybe this pertains if the ped is carrying any contraband? I'm looking for something that returns all of their items. public bool EscapedInVehicle { get; set; } public VehicleInformation GetawayCar { get; set; } public bool IsWantedInManhunt { get; set; } public DateTime LastSeenUtc { get; set; } public Vector3 LastSeenPosition { get; set; } public void Update(Persona persona); }
  7. if (Game.LocalPlayer.Character.DistanceTo(suspect) < 25f) { Game.DisplayHelp("Press T to call firetruck"); if (Game.IsKeyDown(Keys.T)) { Game.DisplayHelp(""); } }
  8. Is that how ya figure albo does it??
  9. How do you force a cop that you spawned to pull over another ped that I spawned's car? I'm trying to make a callout and when you arrive on scene, a cop has pulled over a ped. Just like Albo's callout.
  10. *new Random(0, 2) Random(0, 1) will only return 0
  11. You can distinguish with 3 ways: 1. Having the player select their division using a menu (EUP Compatible) 2. Automatically detecting their model using lots of if statements (Not EUP Compatible) 3. You can do both (If player is using EUP they'll have to select their division themselves)
  12. No clue but you could try teleporting a ped inside the store and then delete all nearby peds
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