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About Me


Hi, welcome to my profile. My name is Luke and I'm a Computer Science student at University in the UK.

I have an interest in all things computer or technology related, including development and coding. I have several projects that I work on, the most noticeable are Callouts+ (api plugin for LCPDFR), MoreControlV (a RagePluginHook mod for GTA V) and CalloutsV.


Important Information

As of the end of 2017 I resigned my position as a community moderator, due to a huge change in my personal life and increasing work hours I am rarely active enough. I am still around every now and then, and I will receive notifications through my phone. Likewise, my modifications are on hold and have been for a while. I don't know if I will return to them, or if I will find the free time to do so.


I use twitter, @OfficialLukeD. I will try to utilise this more and more for my information announcements regarding mods and or forum activity such as useful threads. I will also try to engage with other users here, but please don't use it to ask for support. 140 characters is limiting.

Do not PM me support requests or suggestions for mods. My PM's are reserved for guidance mostly. If you need help regarding coding or want to just be friendly I will accept and attempt to reply to these as best I can.

I will not add random people on Steam, if I don't know who you are you won't be making it onto my friends list so try introducing yourself first.

I have a YouTube channel where I upload random videos, or more importantly release videos for things I make (like Callouts+ for example) I'm not an aspiring YouTuber, but you can subscribe if you like.

Useful Information & Posts

I have 2 main guides which can be of significant use to you:
LCPDFR Common Errors and Quick Fixes
How To: Avoid Rockstar Updates


My Modifications

I'll publish my list of primary modifications here including their state of progress, download and thread links and additional information such as what mod it's for.

Discontinued Callouts+ || LCPDFR || Download Page || WIP/Support Thread
Released MoreControlV || RPH || Download Page || WIP/Support Thread
Released CalloutsV || RPH / LSPDFR || Download Page || WIP/Support Thread
WIP LSPDFR Chroma || RPH/LSPDFR || Download Page || WIP/Support Thread