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  1. Pazzi

    reverting update wont work with RPH.

    if you didn't back up the old GTA V exe files, then nothing you can do.
  2. Pazzi

    Change default spawn character models in car

    check you "backup.xml" in "GTAV\LSPDFR" directory. the default NooseSWAT backup is using "fbi2". perhaps that's causing your issue.
  3. Pazzi

    reverting update wont work with RPH.

    If you have backups, make sure to replace these files with your old backup: - GTA5.exe - GTAVLauncher.exe - update\update.rpf Test it first by running the GTA V only. If you have steam version, make sure to add "-scOfflineOnly" in the "commandline.txt" file.
  4. it should work as long as you have the right RPH version. i'm currently using that version because recent GTA + RPH versions are degrading performance (FPS) a lot...
  5. Pazzi

    Gtv runs but when get in game no LSPDFR

    have you set the "force borderless window mode = on" in RPH setting? RPH will fail to hook to GTA V if you run GTA V in fullscreen mode.
  6. are you sure it's fixed? that's the big issue that prevents me to use this plugin.
  7. Pazzi

    CyberPowerPC/Acer Nitro 5

    you can buy a WIFI PCI-e card,
  8. Pazzi

    Random angry peds

    why don't you use "Make Peds Calm Again"?
  9. i think the online version checking on CheepCallout is timed out (the site is down). not related to stop the ped edit: i cannot find cheepcallouts anymore in LSPDFR.com the original URL (from google) gave me: "This file has been removed by the author." ... too bad it's been removed...
  10. that would be cool... but, I never saw police perform breathalyzer test while the suspect is inside the car. Idk if there's a police procedure to not do that or something else.
  11. Pazzi

    in game vehicle problem

    press "V" key several time while you're in vehicle to switch the camera zoom level
  12. Pazzi

    The Best Combination of LSPDFR Plugins?

    sometimes the driver is not the owner of the vehicle. I guess that makes sense. nothing wrong with it.
  13. Pazzi

    Checking if Ped is dead

    of course, if you shot the ped in the head a few times, the Ped.isDead will return true, which mean the ped is totally dead. Nothing wrong with it. what do you mean with "dying"? do you mean the ped is still alive but badly injured? from my experience, when the ped is already lying down in ragdoll state, that would always mean that the ped's isDead=true; FYI. when isDead=true, you cannot ask the ped to play certain animation task. you have to do some workaround to make the dead ped playing animation.
  14. please upload RagePluginHook.log file, instead of that .rcr file.
  15. Pazzi

    Rage Hook acting WEIRD!!!!!

    try to go to RPH setting and set to start with force borderless windowed mode.