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  1. Steele1925

    Leaving for a While

    @T. Jennings Sorry to see you go bud. I wish you well, and thank you for all you've done here. God bless.
  2. Steele1925

    Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

    I'll just simply say that Gun Laws don't work. Marijuana is illegal, yet millions of people couldn't care less. That drug war worked real well didn't it? It's also not hard to get your hands on, because there's absolutely no regulation, unlike firearms which you cannot purchase as a Felon, or if you have a known mental illness or have ever made threats which involved law enforcement. If we were ever to ban firearms, they'd become available everywhere to everyone just like the drugs are. But why don't other Nations have this issue you might ask? Because we have several hardened Cartels just south of our border, who move into and out of our Country frequently, as in, thousands of times per day. That's every single day they run in and out, smuggling in drugs/sex slaves etc. They do move firearms as well, but it's a very low number by comparison because most people that want one will go to a gun shop for one. Make them illegal, and you'll see more firearms moved in than you could've possibly imagined because they're always looking for the next hot item on the black market. All you'd do is make good people with no criminal background at all into criminals, just like the drug war did. I'm on the side that says make firearms MORE accesible for people. Here in my State of Texas, check the crime stats of any County. The Counties with more firearms, have less crime, every time. Those with less, have exploding crime and murder rates. It's clear as day, just give people the ability to defend themselves from bad people who will get a firearm anyway. No law can stop those crazies, but hot lead will do it.
  3. Steele1925

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Wait... Are these new callouts to LSPDFR 0.4?
  4. Steele1925

    [2k] & [4k] LSPD Mega Pack (Cityscape) - 7 skins

    I love these!!! Would you make one for Hurk's Forza CVPI?
  5. Steele1925

    Los Santos Police Department CVPI

    Oh, derp lol.
  6. Steele1925

    Los Santos Police Department CVPI

    @OneWay I'm pretty sure the "LosSantosPolice.com" was meant to imitate what many real departments put on their vehicles. Houston (where I grew up) for example, has on the back of most of their vehicles "HPDCareer.com". You can see it near the top of the rear windshield in the photo provided.
  7. Steele1925

    Crown Victoria Taxi. UPDATED LODS

    I did so, and it worked like a charm. Thanks bud!
  8. Steele1925

    Crown Victoria Taxi. UPDATED LODS

    @Officer Wade Is it possible for us to tone down the brightness for the signs? With the graphical mods I have (VisualV and BetterVisuals) the Taxi lights (located on the roof) become empowered with the radiance of the Sun itself lol.
  9. Steele1925

    Crown Victoria Taxi. UPDATED LODS

    FANTASTIC!!! I love seeing stuff like this!
  10. Steele1925

    Raleigh, NC Police Pack

    I second what T. Jennings said. If you get Albo's ModdingDLCPack then all of your vehicle mods will always go to the same place. Easy to drop them in, or take them out, at any time.
  11. Steele1925

    "The Grappler"

    **EDIT: Skip to 1:48 to see it in action** Well I figured I'd just leave this video here. It's a pretty cool invention, and I think it would be interesting as a plugin for LSPDFR. I have no idea how to mod something like this however, so I'll just leave it here in case anyone was interested. Have a great day!
  12. Steele1925

    Simple Conversion

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone would be willing to convert these skins over to the Forza CVPI (The Hurk). Thank you in any case and have a wonderful day! (A little tough to tell but "Conroe PD" is indeed Navy Blue)
  13. While attempting to create a topic in the "Requests" section, I noticed that I cannot attach any files. I thought it was the file I was attaching, so I tried another... Same issue. It gives some sort of unknown error, without any words. Just a box with an exclamation point. Is this a known issue, and if so, is there any known solution? EDIT: Like a genius I failed to properly read, and was attempting to upload a .dds file. Those are not accepted, so reuploading as a .png worked like a charm. Sorry for the confusion folks!
  14. So how do I disable this if I wanted to try another mod?
  15. Steele1925

    Georgia Styled - San Andreas State Police Pack

    I cannot for the life of me get the Crown Victoria's Lights to work, regardless of which slot I put it in. Is there a .meta that I can use? EDIT: I tried Albo's Sample .meta.... I'm beginning to think it may be something to do with the .xml itself. The lights just aren't working on this model. The others are fine though.