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  1. Come now, they give us plenty of info. As Sam said he's working hard, with little to no sleep. We only have 5 days left of February.
  2. @Ezra Hey bud, just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the update
  3. Good God... Why did I watch that? The whole thing!!! Ha ha ha ha. Well that's 3 minutes less until 0.4 is released.
  4. Would you be willing to add support for the CVPI in this pack here? It's my favorite Vic on the site ha ha.
    This is great! Easy installation, and I can finally use my vehicles during the daylight!!! 5/5
  5. I think in some strange way.... This guy proves that it releases on the 28'th. His math holds.
  6. True. It's just fun to beg sometimes. These forums are always my favorite, right before they release a version of LCPDFR or LSPDFR. Such creative ways, we beg, and dream.
  7. When the Ped starts to flee on-foot, they'll continue to trip and fall over every 10 seconds or so, giving you the ability to catch up. I get why they did it.... But it is a little unrealistic at times. Side note : My only request...... Bring back the FAT COPS!!! It was such a fun challenge in LCPDFR lol. I loved it!
  8. Yeah for whatever reason, copying text from here will copy it as "Rich Text". Odd, but that's the way it is lol.
  9. I got you. Simply swap the following around, just as I showed earlier, but these are the names of the files you're looking for. "VEHICLES_HORNS_SIREN_1" - Police Primary "VEHICLES_HORNS_SIREN_2" - Police Secondary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_FIRETRUCK_WAIL_01" - Firetruck Primary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_FIRETRUCK_QUICK_01" - Firetruck Secondary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_03" - Police Bike Primary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_QUICK_03" - Police Bike Secondary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_02" - FIB Primary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_QUICK_02" - FIB Secondary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_01" - Ambulance Primary "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_QUICK_01" - Ambulance Secondary "SIRENS_AIRHORN" - Airhorn "VEHICLES_HORNS_FIRETRUCK_WARNING" - Firetruck Horn Want a regular police vehicle to use the FIB siren? Change the SrnTone1 Audio String to "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_02"
  10. Well... It depends on which slot your sirens are saved to. If you haven't changed out which siren does what (almost nobody does) then it's relatively simple. The tough part is explaining it, so I'll simplify as best I can, by simply naming what the siren slot does so that you know which ones you want each vehicle to use (if any, for Prisoner Transport Vans I always turn all of it off). ManTone1 = Wail (Manual) ManTone2 = Yelp (Manual) SrnTone1 = Wail (This is your main Police Siren) SrnTone2 = Yelp SrnTone3 = PhaserSrnToA SrnTone4 = Phaser2? (This is typically the one I swap out to be an Ambulance Siren) AuxSiren = DualTones, combines Wail with whichever tone is currently activated If you wanted to force your Ambulance to use only the siren in your AmbulanceWarning slot, you'd do the following... <ManTone1 AllowUse="true" AudioString="VEHICLES_HORNS_AMBULANCE_WARNING" /> (by doing this you've changed which siren is the main Wail siren for that vehicle) <ManTone2 AllowUse="false" The audio strings for the rest of these can remain as default, no need to change them if they're set to "false". <SrnTone1 AllowUse="false" <SrnTone2 AllowUse="false" <SrnTone3 AllowUse="false" <SrnTone4 AllowUse="false" If you do this, remember to change the following in your Police (sheriff etc.) xml files. <SrnTone4 AllowUse="false" (change this to false so that your police (or whatever) units aren't using your ambulance siren. I haven't slept in almost two days, so I just realized this may be more confusing that it has to be lol. My apologies.
  11. @Sam You should release it on Valentine's Day.... Because you love us
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