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    Can't express how happy I am. It is very detailed, nice and good looking liveries. Boston police liveries have something that get me to love them. Thank you very much!
  1. AlexanderK.

    Blips don't delete and Ped starts shaking.

    How? Any code update?
  2. Still updating the Plugin? Can't wait to try it.
  3. Hello everyone. I have this code in my Process() class and I have added a code to make a dialogue. Everything works fine, until the dialogue is executed. Then, I cant cancel the call, end it or do anything else. Whats wrong? Is it something to do with the while ?? Here is the whole Callout Code if it helps. Thanks
  4. AlexanderK.

    Blaine Co. Sheriff K9 Mega Pack (Custom Design)

    Just LOVE IT !
  5. AlexanderK.

    Creating an INI file not working

  6. AlexanderK.

    Creating an INI file not working

    You have a code typo. In line 34...36 you don't have {} the code has to be: internal static bool wasJustPressed(Keys keyToCheck) { if (ModifierKey == Keys.None) { return Game.IsKeyDown(keyToCheck); return Game.IsKeyDownRightNow(ModifierKey) && Game.IsKeyDown(keyToCheck); } } May be another problem also, but for now, the typo is important.
  7. Thank you very much!
  8. AlexanderK.

    Callout variations

    It think it will be much easier and better! Nice to let me know I helped you!
  9. AlexanderK.

    Callout variations

    You can create 2 Callouts that are identically the same, but on the 2nd to change the plot. As you said: Other than that, you can do it on 1 file, (callout) but you may mess up with the code in C#. You can see:
  10. How can I mention the Player in code, like: (Pseudocode) private Ped Suspect if Player == Suspect >30f { ......... ; ......... ; } Thanks
  11. Is there any way for the game to understand what division the player is? Like, when the player is FIB, to load a callout that is only for FIB officers?
  12. AlexanderK.

    How to change color of blip

    @creator2013 And what are the available colour options? RGB Format? Thanks
  13. AlexanderK.

    How to make conversation with witness

    Did you find out how to do it? If yes, you can post here your answer, so if anyone has the same problem as you, to help him. Thanks