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  1. LtFlash

    [WIP] L.S. Noir

    It is possible and not complicated at all if you familiarize yourself with files hierarchy. Try to analyze StagesData.xml of any case and follow IDs of entites to their config files, eg. SuspectsData.xml, VictimsData.xml, DialogsData.xml and so on. Every piece of information that form a case is located in those files. 20-30 minutes of learning and I'm sure you'll be an expert in creating cases. We are checking the forum regularly so feel free to ask questions. You might also contact us via our Discord server. We'll probably push an update with some cosmetic changes to file formats, so have in mind you'll have to adapt your new case when this happens. Fiskey is working on dedicated tools for creating cases but the release date is unknown due to how busy we are in real life.
  2. LtFlash


    The current version has huge unused potential but the coding scene is pretty much dead. I'm still working on The Wasteland and it's refreshed version will be eventually released but that would be it in terms of active development for LCPD:FR. Despite of the available know-how we didn't have back in the days, no one seems to be interested in creating scripting mods nowadays. I just realized IV was released TEN years and nine days ago...
  3. It's sad to see you leaving. Thanks for your great input into the modding scene, Stealth!
  4. That's a huge loss for the community, you were delivering quality content for such a long time it's hard to imagine the FR scene without you. Thanks for your brilliant work, Albo!
  5. You got to use VS 2012, LCPD:FR obfuscation causes all the newer VS editions to crash. I contacted LMS about this long time ago but LCPD:FR is no longer in development and we can't expect any updates that would fix the problem.
  6. LtFlash

    How to make conversation with witness

    You can check here how to create a dialog class to reuse it in different calls: https://github.com/LtFlash/LtFlash.Common/blob/master/LtFlash.Common/EvidenceLibrary/Dialog.cs
  7. LtFlash

    Get Position Coordinates

    You can pick txt as an output format to easily paste your coords to your code.
  8. LtFlash

    Make a non-callout script/plugin

    You can start a new fiber with an infinite loop in the entry method like that: void Main() { var fiber = GameFiber.StartNew(Process); } void Process() { while(true) { //your code GameFiber.Yield(); } } That's only a general idea ofc. You can do whatever you want: a custom callout subsystem, world events, GUI. There are no limitations.
  9. LtFlash

    Los Santos Noir

    @verony28066 An update is being worked on. There will be some smaller things like requested name customization, controls customization etc. and one new case I'm currently working on. Please hold on with writing your own case, there was some changes in the way we save and load certain things in StagesData files. @ChickenMan1252 We need a log excerpt with the error description. Please DO NOT paste here your complete log though.
  10. For some reason entity.GetAttachedBlip() returns null ref. You should store your blip in a variable: Blip policeBlip = new Blip(police); and refer in your code to that variable.
  11. LtFlash

    The Wasteland

    Please provide me an excerpt from your log that says what kind of error has occurred.
  12. LtFlash

    Los Santos Noir

    @Qudufy Duck Look for "RagePluginHook.log" in your main GTA V folder (the same one where GTA5.exe is located), then paste here (or use pastebin) the part of your log that says about what kind of exception has occured.
  13. LtFlash

    Los Santos Noir

    @JBrawn Look for "RagePluginHook.log" in your main GTA V folder (the same one where GTA5.exe is located). @Gorenank We are working on fixes to all issues you guys reported + some other minor refinements. Simultaneously I work on some documentation on how to create a case.
  14. LtFlash

    Los Santos Noir

    @loopy100 You can remove a file in which the mod stores player's progress in certain case, you'll find it here: "Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR\LSNoir\Cases\[CASE_NAME]\Progress\CaseProgress.xml"