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Hello! I develop various mods for GTA V and LSPDFR. My most popular released mods to-date have been Custom Backup and Better EMS


I am currently developing the much-anticipated Coastal Callouts mod to bring the excitement of LSPDFR to the skies and waters of GTA V. Coastal Callouts is the single-player DLC that R* never gave us... it features a DLC pack with over 10 different boats, ships, helicopters, and planes; coast guard stations added to the map; and coast guard peds and uniforms. The plugin itself is much more than just a callout pack. It adds features such as helicopter rescue hoists, throwable life preservers, helicopter and boat co-pilot AI, and much more. The mod is currently under development. You can follow its progress from the work-in-progress page on the LSPDFR forums, or join the Parks Benefactor Program to get early beta access. 


If you enjoy my mods and would like to support my work, please consider joining the Parks Benefactor Program! You'll get early access to updates and new modifications I develop, and get the satisfaction of supporting the development of highly-polished and creative mods for LSPDFR. 

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