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    HulaRula got a reaction from DeLegendary in [GTA IV]LSPD:FR dont start   
    Try launching GTA through the regular launcher then, when the Rockstar logo comes up at the beginning and you hear the police sirens, launch 'RAGEPluginHook' with              administrative rights. You should then see RPH do its regular loading, enjoy text.
    Hope this helps.
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    HulaRula got a reaction from Ragnrok in 3 Problems HELP PLZ! - LSPDFR Crashing, Trainer not working, Some mod cars not showing   
    Make sure you've installed your vehicles in the EXACT place the Readme tells you too. Although I haven't installed any mods for quite a while, I do remember there being duplicate vehicle files in different areas (I may be wrong, just have a vague recollection). I'd also suggest that, rather than dragging and dropping your files into OpenIV, you instead right-click, 'Replace' each file individually. I too had your problem however, when I did this method it fixed the issue. 
    As for the trainer, make sure you have installed ALL files necessary and make sure that the hotkey (believe it's f3) isn't being used by another mod/whatever.
    Sadly I can't help with the first problem, but hope the other solutions work for you 
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    HulaRula reacted to Danielle in [WIP][REL] Realistic ALPR System   
    [WIP] Realistic ALPR System
    An ALPR system that is created to simulate the realism found in its real life counterparts.  With this realism you must operate the ALPR system in a realistic manner, from sitting on the side of the highway to doing sweeps through a parking garage.  Run around with the system turned on while doing your regular patrols or stake out on the side of the road looking for stolen vehicles.  This mod with not blip or mark the vehicle that creates the alert, you must locate based on the License Plate, Model, and the Camera that generated the alert.
    The ALPR system is available on all police vehicles. 4 Camera System (Driver Front, Driver Side, Passenger Front, Passenger Side). Ability to Enable and Disable the ALPR system. Realistic Scanning of Vehicle Plates. Alerts when a stolen vehicle or a vehicle with a wanted owner is scanned Integrated with LSPDFR's crime database Todo List
    Simulate camera range accuracy falloff Simulate reduced camera range in rain Limit police motorcycle to Driver and Passenger Front cameras only Create and Implement alert GUI Create INI file for tweak-able values and buttons Add controller support Update mods Vehicle Database to include vehicles with both a front and rear plates Ensure Vehicle Vehicle Database "blacklist" has all non-plated vehicles Allow ALPR use on tow truck with a special "Tow Hotlist" for repossessions and crimes like "Unpaid parking/speeding tickets" Reported Bugs
    None Downloads

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    HulaRula reacted to Kyben in [WIP] Police Beats - Everyday Policework   
    Police Beats - Everyday Policework
    very work in progress
    Little bit of a change in direction after learning the basics of making these plugins and such and so we are now 'Police Beats - Everyday Policework' and will focus on handcrafting callouts for the districts of Los Santos, starting with Vespucci.
    I've spent a few days doing the rounds and getting spawn points around Vespucci, Rockford Hills, Morningwood and all the suburbs in between. So far, I have the front door of almost every business or commercial property and their respective car parks or dining areas mapped out so that callouts will be quite specific - it could be a dispute about food quality at a restaurant or cafe that's gotten a bit out of hand, a hold up alarm, a car parking issue that's become violent or perhaps not even violent - someone could just be pissed off that someone else parked across two disabled bays and you've been called to give the dropkick a ticket. It could be anything!
    Some areas such as the pier and the beach have a whole lot more and more specific callouts - lifeguards and security have apprehended someone and need you to come and lay down the law or perhaps one of the street vendors have been mugged, or had some items stolen. Every one of those little street vendor stalls now has a spawn point mapped to it and you could get called there - of course, when you do, there'll actually be a vendor there to speak to and there's probably a guy running away or hiding out nearby that stole something or punched him or took a leak on his cart. 
    Back in the districts, almost every house is going to have a spawn point mapped for a house alarm, domestic, fight, burglary, noise complaint - whatever you can think of, I'll manage to squeeze it in there. The motels scattered throughout Vespucci all have locations mapped there for issues in the car park or perhaps unauthorised people using the pool - the owner might want them all charged with trespassing or maybe just moved on - those everyday calls are all gonna be there.
    As you roll through the streets and see the bus stops and the train stations, think that they're also potential hotspots - public transport isn't necessarily the safest mode of transport and with all those hubs having spawn points, you could find yourself at any of them dealing with a fight on a bus or someone trying to ride the train for free.
    Vespucci isn't your thing? Give it time, eventually I'll roll this model out over the entire city and county.
    Calls will include:.
    Welfare Check - 911 call was disconnected early or hung up immediately and the dispatcher can't get back on the line to the caller. These could be at an exact location such as a house or business or could be from a mobile phone and give you an area to check out.  You could find anything there - medical issues, fights, fires or absolutely nothing.  Traffic Complaint - This could be ongoing or historic. Maybe the complainant witnessed someone that lives in the street do a burnout so you just need to attend and speak to the complainant then head on down to get the other guys version of events to decide whether you'll cite him, warn him or leave it at that. Perhaps the complainant is following a vehicle doing something stupid... better catch up before the complainant loses sight.  Routine Assistance - Another agency needs help with something. It could be a bus driver with someone refusing to pay a fare or get off the bus or a security guard with trespassers in custody... maybe Ambulance officers need help with a cranky pateint. The dispatcher will tell you what it is and how urgently you're needed.  Stealing/Mugging - Someone has been mugged or had something stolen from them. Depending on circumstances, you or you and another car may be dispatched. If you arrive first, speak to the victim/complainant and get a description out to the other car or take the victim back to the station for a statement. If you're a bit slow no doubt the other unit will  give you a description and direction of travel for the offender so you can go have a look for him.  Hold Up Alarm/Robbery - Much the same as the above, two or more cars will be dispatched. Arrive first and you'll be getting the details from the victim/complainant. Arrive after and you'll be looking for the bad guys. Off course, if it's just an alarm it could be a false alarm or maybe the clerk panicked she a customer got angry and hit it.  Noise Complaint - The name speaks for itself. Attend and ask for the noise to be lowered or if you're particulary narks, issue a citation or take the offender in. Be mindful that every action has a reaction and if it's a party, there may well be more of them than you... Loitering/Trespassing - One or more people are hanging around somewhere and staff or residents aren't willing to move them on or haven't been successful - attend and move them on.  Alarm - Maybe a house a alarm or a car alarm - attend and check the area. May be something happening or someone suspiciously hanging around. Check bona fides and move them on. Suspicious Person - Maybe they were seen looking into cars or houses or they're just being a bit weird... attend and scope it out.  Disturbance/Domestic - Violent or verbal only. Attend, speak with all parties and move them on, arrest them, cite them - deal with the incident as you see fit. Indecent Act/Indecent Exposure - Someone's showing a bit too much skin off and may need a bit of a hand finding their pants - or perhaps they've found someone else's pants and that other person didn't really appreciate it... guess you'll find out when the call comes in! That's both a conservative and an ambitious list of calls that I'm hoping to get into the mod at some point and it's going to take a lot of time and work to get to a polished and compete state but I do intend to release the works in progress as there's something to release... for now though, I'm working with a tutor, learning to write scripts and working towards having at least one call to show off in the near future!

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    HulaRula reacted to Dmodder in [WIP] Bus Simulator V   
    Just updated the post with some of the ideas I thought would be great for this mod.
    Thanks for all the great feedback guys, and keep the good ideas coming! :)
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    HulaRula reacted to Dmodder in [WIP] Bus Simulator V   
    Development is halting atm. cause of a bug inside rage plugin hook.
    Bus Simulator V
    - For Grand Theft Auto V -

    Did you ever wish that you were a bus driver... Yeah... Yeah you did, and that is now (or soon, depending on when you're reading this) possible within the big world of Grand Theft Auto V.
    So... You might ask. What can you even do in such a mod? Well, you guessed it... Drive buses! How cool is that? The first thing you do when you spawn in, as the excited player you are, is getting into a vehicle and rush to the bus terminal marked with a bus icon on the map, if didn't already know where it's at. When you have arrived and parked at the terminal's parking lot (becuse if you don't park your car it might get removed. Sorry about that), it's time to get on duty, much like the way that you go on duty in the LSPDFR mod. You just go to the entrance of the terminal, and press the End key, to go on or off-duty. As simple as that! You will now spawn in as a bus driver! Yes, we are almost there. The bus of yours, will be parked just outside, and is marked with a orange/yellow icon on the map. When you enter the bus, you will be meet by a menu, where you can choose your route! Right now there are only one route, but more will problably be added. And now... To the fun part... Driving the bus around on the route. Unfortunatly I'm not able to change the display at the top of the bus to say anything else than "DOWNTOWN", but that isn't really nessesary anyways. You will figure out the rest of the mod yourself, when you play it.
    Ohh.. And did i fail to mention that you can create your very own routes if you want to. Just copy the "plugins/bus simulator v/routes/downtown.xml" file, and change, add or delete more point elements in the xml file. You will figure it out. In the future there will be added a way to generate your own routes ingame. 
    Drive buses on routes           -  Picking up people.
              -  Get paid for your routes.
              - Time schedule. Do not come too late!
    Private people can hire the bus company. Drive the airport buses More to come...  
    Featues that might be comming:
    Drive Express Dashhound buses from bus terminal to Paleto Bay and such. Drive buses from the airport to the terminal. Take a ride on an AI controlled bus on local routes, express routes, etc. Thanks for all the great feedback and good ideas! :D
    Your ideas:
    If you have a function you would like me to implement in the final release of the mod, or just an idea you think would be cool, just write a comment down below. :)
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    HulaRula reacted to Officerphillips69 in F4 Console problems <SOLVED> For Ragehook   
    Ok this thread will more than likely get Closed and that is fine.  I have found a solution for those that are having the Pressing F4 and no console.
    In your GTA V folder you will find your RagePluginHook.exe  look below that and you will see the RagePluginHook.ini file
    It probably looks like this
    It needs to look like this


    It appears the people that coded the new RagePluginHook forgot to add a line in the ini.  
    So why am I posting this here instead of the RageHook forums?  Well its simple.  Their site is having extreme difficulty with lag.  You can barely get from one topic to another and also people ask a question and it goes days without answer.  In short, their support is not supportive.  Thought users might find this helpful.  
    Feel free to close, but please don't delete otherwise you will find yourself having to close a lot of these type of threads, when the problem was just <SOLVED>  
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    HulaRula got a reaction from Nightwater in Vehicles to Mod when GTA V comes to PC   
    I agree. Until someone makes a pack of true LAPD and CHP vehicles I'm sticking with the default. Sitting on the highway in the desert is going to be the first thing I do! 
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    HulaRula reacted to TheSandwichStealer in Was 9/11 an inside Job   
    My member title says it all. 
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    HulaRula reacted to KarlieTheKloss in Was 9/11 an inside Job   
    No. End of story. /thread.
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    HulaRula reacted to Gerhart67 in Do you remember the first time you've drove a car?   
    Yup sure do.  I was almost 5 years old and it was one of the old huge ford station wagons my dad always bought because we would always go on road trips.  We lived in Ashland Ohio at the time and my mom was doing her usual thing, which was traveling the countryside looking at the Amish homes and talking with the families.  As we were going down this one road I kept bugging my mom to let me drive and my one sister, seven years older than me, was bitching not to let me because she never got to drive.  My mom finally stopped the car and let my sister drive a small ways then it was my turn.
         I remember sitting on my mom's lap as she controlled the gas and break but I was in full control of the steering.  She didn't go too fast maybe around 5-10 mph but I remember feeling the woosieness  in my stomach as we traveled along those roads.  She taught me how to keep the car straight by keeping the front middle of the hood lined up with the side of the road.  As a matter of fact I still use that to this day in heavy rain, fog and snow to stay on the road properly and it has always helped me keep confident in very bad conditions.  It gives you plenty of clearance on both sides ( tip for those that can use it ).
         As the years went on and way before I turned 16 my mom showed me many things about driving.  She taught me how to control a skid, how to scan the road for possible issues, how to always be prepared, how to powerslide ( people call this drifting today for some reason ), how to always be aware of how other people are driving, how to do a "rockford" which is driving in reverse and swinging the car around and go forward in one continuous motion, more commonly called a J-turn and so much more.
         It was because of her that I impressed my driving instructor so much that he fibbed the books and only had me drive one time.  He was especially impressed with my reverse driving, how much control I had of the vehicle and confidence I had in my driving.
    I've got so many stories that I could tell you about my times with my mom that it could almost be a book.  So many great memories and all of it kept from my dad lol.  She would always say, "now don't tell your father" and I never did.  God I love that woman and I miss her dearly.
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    HulaRula reacted to DisharmoniousUnmutual in Do you remember the first time you've drove a car?   
    Cars are overrated and they kinda suck tbh. But not as much as the first time I rode a bike.
    The first time I finally got a grasp on riding my bike, I took off down the road. It was incredible. Then I slammed into a parked car and my body went forward while the bike stood still, my scrotum slammed right into the bar that holds the bike up. Damn thing.

    Anyways, I got off easy. I only bruised my scrotum. It got me out of school actually, so I think it was well worth it. Sadly, my kids are probably going to have massive dents in their heads...
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    HulaRula got a reaction from Hystery in Kids in GTA?   
    In cut-scenes yes, on the path, no. I think in certain side missions too, or scenarios yes, but any form of violence or whatnot towards them is a recipe for disaster. 
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    HulaRula reacted to Lundy in Noticed a sketchy thing today.   
    Talk shit. Get hit.
    Report it to the police.
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    HulaRula reacted to Pavelow in Action against IS   
    Recently, a thread was started here asking how the world can sit back and watch what North Korea is doing, and it more or less got me thinking about this situation with IS. That question should be asked about them. Today, they've executed the captured Jordanian pilot by burning him in a cage. They beheaded the second Japanese prisoner, they've executed British and American journalists, and have went on a killing spree in France, and have inspired multiple, foiled attacks across the world. I've never understood how the world's governments can stand by with no balls. Yet we seem so fixated on Russia and Ukraine. It seems IS is the immediate problem. They're actively killing and executing citizens of different countries, and everyone seems to think they can be reasoned with. 
    Two things immediately pop into my head: One, was the Western world that corrupted and financially motivated to invade Iraq, a country that really didn't have clear ties to Al-Qaeda, after one attack? Two, is the Western world so incredibly ignorant to think we can deal with IS diplomatically? I applaud the the stance Jordan is taking in response to the execution of their pilot; they're supposed to execute the high ranking IS member they are holding, tonight. Japan is castrated because of the US, due to WWII.
    How many more citizens have to die, innocently, before maybe direct action is needed? It's clear Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. don't have their shit together. This is the one time I truly believe the Western world is justified to invade the ME, and cleanse it. If I understand correctly, the US is sending some from the 82nd airborne is headed to Iraq(?). In my opinion more is needed, but it's a start.
    Warning: Graphic

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    HulaRula reacted to willpv23 in Inside SCS Software (Preview of DLC and American Truck Simulator)   
    For those of you that enjoy Euro Truck Simulator 2, here's a few videos that show the behind the scenes aspects of its development, including previews of the upcoming Scandinavian DLC, American Truck Simulator, and a small look at Coach Simulator.

    Bonus ATS gameplay!

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    HulaRula reacted to Ragnrok in New Top Gear UK   
    TOP GEAR! im an addict to that show
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    HulaRula reacted to Element in New Top Gear UK   
    Only a hour and 23 min till season 22 starts of Top Gear UK starts.Which will finally air at the same time all over the world..And from the look of the new special that came out after Christmas this might be the best season yet.Are there and Top gear UK viewers on this site?? I watch the show religiously.Like 70% of the TV i watch is Top Gear.The other 30 is Always Sunny and Philly and Cops.And that's pretty much it.
    ​Image from season 21 Classic Hot Hatch Challenge.

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    HulaRula reacted to Sam in Grand Theft Auto V Release Dates (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)   
    We knew it was coming, right?
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    HulaRula reacted to Illusionyary in Grand Theft Auto V Release Dates (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)   
    Honestly I'd prefer if they released the game on the 27th and then just patched it a month or so later.
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    HulaRula reacted to Pavelow in how much would you pay for a song   
    I've had the chance to speak with Corey Taylor and M. Shadows (Slipknot and A7X) and they both think it's a joke to pay for a single song. I've openly told them I've downloaded their songs for nothing and they don't give 2 shits. 
    Although, it may be different among pop singers and country singers. 
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    HulaRula reacted to Gerhart67 in 41 as of Yesterday   
    Sorry gents but I got you both beat, 47 years here.  I've got 4 grown children with 9 grandchildren. . . so far.  
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    HulaRula reacted to Steele1925 in 41 as of Yesterday   
    Hello LCPDFR community,
    As of yesterday I am now 41 years old and I'm beginning to think I'm the oldest guy on this website. So what is your age? Thank you LCPDFR community for being one of the most friendly and helpful internet communities out there. Happy gaming :)
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    HulaRula reacted to iansonwheels in LCPDFR LOL Momments   
    Drunk guy in a forklift. Ran from me.
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    HulaRula got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Al-Qaeda Plotting Major Attack On Britain   
    I don't know why the fuck we (the UK) spend millions of tax payers money so called 'monitoring' these jihads or whatever you wish to call them. Not only is the monitoring not as effective as hoped, its expensive and absolutely ridiculous. Why the hell are they allowed back into the country?! Why the hell aren't they at least put into prison on their return. Why the hell would you travel to Syria at this time other then for training purposes or whatever.
    This is honesty something that baffles me and pisses me off. The British goverment needs to stop worrying about being so multilaterally acceptant and worry about upsetting someone and take charge of the whole thing and start being tough. 
    Just today the head of MI5 even said, quote "MI5 can not prevent every attack". Madness.