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  1. HulaRula

    No mods are working

    Same problem! All mods up-to-date, correctly installed. Hope someone can shed some knowledge on our issue.
  2. HulaRula


    Mods aren't that stable and even the most stable ones still crash pretty often. An hour isn't a bad length of time to play without a crash. When you get the message, "LSPDFR Plugin has crashed...", simply press 'f4' then type the usual word phrases you would to load RPH mods. Also, try typing 'help' in the RPH and you should see a list of commands such as something similar to, "ReloadAllPlugins".
  3. HulaRula

    [GTA IV]LSPD:FR dont start

    Try launching GTA through the regular launcher then, when the Rockstar logo comes up at the beginning and you hear the police sirens, launch 'RAGEPluginHook' with administrative rights. You should then see RPH do its regular loading, enjoy text. Hope this helps.
  4. Once you 'CTRL+left mouse button' on the submit to open it in a new tab. Opening links that aren't working in another tab often seems to fix my problem.
  5. HulaRula

    mods and rockstar updates

    Create a folder in your directory called 'mods'. http://gtaforums.com/topic/798272-how-to-use-openiv-mods-folder-and-keep-your-original-gta-v-files-safe/
  6. HulaRula

    How to keep helmet on?

    If you open the quick-menu you should find an option for hat/helmets (haven't played in a while). If you choose a helmet for this slot, it'll stay on.
  7. HulaRula

    No mods loading (even modded vehicles)

    Yes, I've tried several other methods of starting the game up too. I haven't tried increasing my settings however the game ran flawlessly beforehand and I can't really increase the settings further.
  8. HulaRula

    No mods loading (even modded vehicles)

    I've already done this, this is on a fresh installation. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hi, I've downloaded both LSPDFR and RHP 0.28 as well as the scripthook/asi loader and trainer. To my knowledge, I've installed all these mods correctly (I previously have managed to make the game work with mods) however, once in-game, no mods work, RHP doesn't load (despite me starting RHP correctly) and even my modded vehicles don't load in game. I'm also missing patchday4ng in my update file. I've tried unistalling my anti-virus, reinstalling LSPDFR and RHP. I've made sure everything I'm using is the latests and compatible. I'm running v505, the lowrider update. Any help is much appreciated. EDIT: Sorry, no Idea how I managed to double post.
  10. Hi, So because I mucked up, I've got to go through the time consuming task of installing the updates again, all 64gb of them. However, unsurprisingly I've encounter a problem with Rockstars ever so promising social club. My update is stuck at 14gb (has been for weeks) because at a certain point I get this pleasant error, I've searched error code 203 but haven't stumbled upon a fix yet. Any ideas are hugely appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Make sure you've installed your vehicles in the EXACT place the Readme tells you too. Although I haven't installed any mods for quite a while, I do remember there being duplicate vehicle files in different areas (I may be wrong, just have a vague recollection). I'd also suggest that, rather than dragging and dropping your files into OpenIV, you instead right-click, 'Replace' each file individually. I too had your problem however, when I did this method it fixed the issue. As for the trainer, make sure you have installed ALL files necessary and make sure that the hotkey (believe it's f3) isn't being used by another mod/whatever. Sadly I can't help with the first problem, but hope the other solutions work for you