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UnitedCallouts (Robbery, Drugs, Burglary & More) 1.5.1

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UnitedCallouts V.1.5.1



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for the newest information about the Plugin.


About the Callouts: Robbery, Drugs, Gangs, Burglary, Murder

Note: Keep the version up to date! (Current Version: 1.5.1)

Including an documentation with more infos.



  1. Copy the files of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR"
  2. Have fun!



  1. LSPDFR 0.3 (or higher)
  2. RagePluginHook 0.64 (or higher)
  3. A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail or Steam)



  • Special thanks to @Not AJ for testing my Plugin 
  • He also made the amazing screenshots!


Current Callouts: 

You are welcome to write suggestions in the comments. Maybe that comes in an update.

1. Mugging 

    A person is attacked and needs immediate help!

2. Person with Knife
    A psychiatric person has a knife and tries to kill himself or others.

  •     Dialogue (+)
  •     Different endings and possibilities.

3. GangAttack
     Two gangs trying to kill each other.

4. Stolen Emergency Vehicle
   A person has stolen a police car or an ambulance!
   (Ambulance, Police1, Police3 or Police2)

5. Stolen Truck 
   A truck was stolen. Try to stop him.

6. Stolen Bus
   A stolen bus! Are there hostages in there?

7. MoneyTruck is robbed
   A MoneyTruck was robbed and stolen.

8. KillerClown was seen
   A killer clown was seen. Try to arrest him before he comes up with stupid thoughts.

9. Plane Hijacking

   An airplane was stolen at the airport. Are there hostages?

10. DrugDealer
       We found a well-known drug dealer. Stop him and try to contact him.

  •       Dialogue (+)
  •       Different endings and possibilities.

11. Burglary into an apartment
      Someone broke into an apartment! Help the person in the apartment.

  •      Different handlings.


Known bugs: 

  • If you have found bugs, then report them in the comments or me privately.

What's New in Version 1.5.1


V.1.5.1 - 30.12.2018

- Update Rage(SDK) to 0.64
- I fixed some bugs.
- I revised GangAttack. (for a better handling)
- I added a new Story for the DrugDealer.
- Interaction+  has been integrated for the DrugDealer Callout.

- Now the version works for everyone!

Developer: sEbi3
Beta-Tester: Not AJ (Version 1.5)

User Feedback

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Epic Gaming

For current version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Really enjoying this callout pack! Can't wait to see where this goes in the future!

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Not AJ

For current version ·

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For current version ·

   5 of 8 members found this review helpful 5 / 8 members

No complaints so far. I'm excited for the future of this callout pack.

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For current version ·

   4 of 7 members found this review helpful 4 / 7 members

Great callout mod. Great job.

Future callouts suggestions:

Welfare check              

Gun fire reported 

Hit and Run 

Assist FD

Loud party



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For current version ·

   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

5 of these callouts are original. The rest is very unoriginal. A lot of the callouts I already get with Assorted Callouts, by Albo (released 2015).
The original stuff is great though. 

Response from the author:



thank you for your review. However, "Assorted Callouts" has only 1 Callout, wich is also in my Callout-pack available (Stolen Emergency Vehicle).


Sincerely, sEbi3

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Yo Adrian

For old version 1.5 ·

   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

Really enjoying the callout pack! 

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· Edited by Pavy

For current version ·

   8 of 20 members found this review helpful 8 / 20 members

This pack is so basic and has no variety. 

  • Stolen money truck, stolen bus, stolen truck, stolen emergency vehicle. Really?
  • The stolen vehicle callouts are spawned near the player and can get stuck spawned in an alley way or building forcing you to kill the driver to end the callout, since the vehicle is stuck.
  • Gang war callout: crashes 100% of the time after arriving on scene and shooting. It's 10 peds simply spawned shooting at each other. Not even 2 gangs shooting at each other.
  • Collision callout: A car spawns upside down everytime. Wow Great. All you can do basically is call an ems and then it clips the body above the vehicle and they are dead from "Falling"
  • Mugging callout: Someone holding a gun at someone else. Great.
  • killerclown was seen, This is like the 4th callout pack that has this. Classic
  • kidnapping: I couldn't receive this callout for some odd reason.


There is no dialogue, no instructions. You are basically just spawning aggressive Peds.



Edit: Going through the new 1.5 version and working with the Author.

I'll bump it up to a 3 from a 1 star since there were improvements but there still needs to be work done. 

Response from the author:

(Version 1.5)


first of all many thanks for the review, even if this does not really have something to do with a "review".

The points they are addressing are just a further explanation of the callouts. This has nothing to do with criticism, except that are "simple" callouts.
I wrote that it is my first project. So I can not understand the one star ...


(Version 1.5.1)


thank you very much for your re-rating. I appreciate that. 

Sincerely, sEbi3

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