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  1. @FloridaFirstResponders Sure, I'll check it out for you!
  2. @Augment There seems to be some kind of texture issue going on with the lightbar of that model, but I was able to do the slicktop version.
  3. @Augment Sure, I'll look at it for the next update. Thanks for the support!
  4. @Legion672I'm not sure if the author added it after you commented but there is a list of what the plugin does in a drop down menu. It's basically like 'Scenarios' with different animations.
    I love it. It's simple but not too simple. It would be cool to see something for Los Santos as well.
    Really great pack when you install the xmls Amazing work again Robert!
  5. @RobertTM After redownloading, it looks like I never actually replaced the xml sorry about that!
  6. I'm having an issue on the slicktop with the all blue xml where the lojacks are flashing with the lights. I'm guessing this is an error in the xml?
    The pack is outstandingly sexy as usual. This is truely a bittersweet day as I am going to miss you dearly. Hope to see you soon!
    I'm loving these so far! Maybe we could get a 2018 charger snuck in there sometime.
  7. What am I doing wrong? I put the files where the readme said to put them in openiv and I added the lines to the presetoutfits file for eup but I can't get the coats to come up in my game. I've never downloaded ped textures before so I don't really know the process.
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