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  1. LtSnoDawg69

    Officer201 CalloutPack

    more like bleeeeeeeeeeeeechhh, it's like when trevor has a code brown in a pool.
  2. LtSnoDawg69

    Los Santos County Sheriff slicktop crown vic (fictional)

    So thanks for not replying back to me about doing a request for me.
  3. LtSnoDawg69

    Old Model Ford Police Interceptor V1.1 Alpha

    3 years later and still no update to this vehicle it seems, i guess the author did all he could and decided it wasn't good enough.
  4. LtSnoDawg69

    [ELS] 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

    Apparently where I am from, only version of a police vehicle we see here is a civilian type police vehicle of a jeep cherokee or grand cherokee, so basically on the outside you have a normal looking civilian vehicle right? but on the inside is fully decked with police equipment driven by a uniformed RCMP officer.
  5. LtSnoDawg69

    North Yankton State Police CVPI

    2 years late i know, and i tried telling everyone about that, aliens do exist, that is an alien orb. sorry for bumping this, and if you are still using this model and still having problems, then what the author meant is you don't have to play in north yankton to use a north yankton police vehicle.
  6. LtSnoDawg69

    SAHP/CHP CVPI (F5544) by Prophet

    i bet lundy here can do a better job on the wheels and i bet he won't blame the pictures, cause it ain't the pics fault.
  7. LtSnoDawg69

    Submarine Zero [Non-ELS]

    oh wow looks like the exact same fucking model as the submersible in gta v but a little modified, you know if you wanted to create a submarine, look up submarines on youtube and google to see what submarines actually look like.
  8. well it is official, even without lspdfr+ and traffic policer, police smart radio will not work for me as i followed all instructions over and over. so what i'm going to do is wait to see if another modder will continually update both mods to keep up to date with police smart radio, plus i can't wait for lspdfr 0.4.
  9. LtSnoDawg69

    Vision V ENB

    /\---- i was wrong when i said that, i actually had my gamer pc since 2010, and i still have the 8gb memory ram, 4gb video ram, 2tb local hard drive, my 52 inch flatscreen hd 1920x1080 at 60Hz, now i upgraded to windows 10 a few months ago as i heard that windows 7 is shutting down within a year from now and windows 8.1 sucks balls. Same computer, different windows operating system, i don't even need 4K Ultra textures which is completely a waste of graphics, i mean anything more than 1920x1080 is stupid, dumb, ridiculous.
  10. I am definitely going to download this and try this out for my 51' flatscreen 1920x1080i hd tv. I'll come back, edit this comment and state a review on to what i think about how good it looks and if there needs to be anything that has to be changed or not.
  11. apparently arrest manager, traffic policer and assorted callouts do not i repeat do not work the the newest update of gta v. i just tried starting lspdfr, and it crashed, so i went in to my gta v folder, looked at my ragepluginhook readme file. I saw that three plugins were outdated and only worked between what albo put in his description, only if i could downgrade to the right gta v version, i could use this. but the fact that i can't arrest suspects anymore, means shooting time. could always use a tazer, cuff em, or pretend they pulled a gun and plant that gun on them, after shooting them.
  12. LtSnoDawg69

    LIEBHERR LTM1500 Truck Crane

    you do realize i just joined this year, right?
  13. LtSnoDawg69

    LIEBHERR LTM1500 Truck Crane

    you do know that all vehicles are welcomed on here, not just police vehicles, take a look around. and you should also know that fr doesn't mean police only, it means first response, maybe a crane truck could be useful during an emergency. i doubt the admins don't mind about non emergency vehicles being uploaded on this site as i have seen alot of non emergency vehicles on here.
  14. LtSnoDawg69

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    there is so much to choose from in packs of lspd. i just dont know how i am going to choose. whatever shall i do?
  15. LtSnoDawg69


    oh look it's the douchebag who trashes everyones' mods on here.