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  1. @Bejoljo once again you have out did yourself bro. I have something for you that maybe you can help me out with. I noticed that any incoming AI, rather it is an officer coming to pick up a suspect for transport, or the EMS, or the tow truck, they all seem to be having limited range of detecting what it is they are picking up. Like for instance, I will have to walk the suspect over to the door of the transport vehicle sometimes before the AI officer recognize him/her and exit their vehicle to get them. Also when the tow truck comes to pick a vehicle up, it can be right there beside it but will not recognize it until it reposition all over again a few times and almost need to run into it to "see it". Is there a setting I can change to increase the recognition radius for the AI's by any chance?
  2. BejoIjo Ok, I noticed when I'm using "Cheep Callouts" and I respond to the "Silent Alarm Store robbery" callout when I arrive, I call a buddy and sometimes as he is pulling up he vanishes while the car is still moving. Sometimes it's just when I call one or when I call three, it does it a lot with this call out though. Just a heads up
  3. Let's see, both times I was responding to PeterU callout that I can remeber, when the security officer called the police for assistance. Lastnight it happened when I pulled into this small hotel and the police buddy ad problems driving into the parkinglot so I think it spawned on the roof of the hotel because me and another police buddy was standing at the door of one of the rooms. I heard him scream like he fell but I never saw him or the police vehicle. The other time I was arresting the person the security person called about and when I pressed "8" to have her picked up, the buddy and his car vanished and the girl was still standing there. I could not call another transport so I just left her lol Each time it is only one buddy that vanish if I called two. Is it a way that if I take a pursuit call when the buddies are around, they will all run to their vehicles and join the chase? Most just stand in place with their gun from what I've seen. Or is it possible if I have a buddy with me or a few and I take another call that they will follow me to that location? (I know I'm asking a lot there, but you know I had to ask)
  4. BejoIjo bro I just want to give you a heads up, the mod is still allowing Police buddies to vanish or there car if you call more than one. I really like how the police buddy investigates the dead ped now! I still did see how to call for a female officer though, I will take a look at the ini and see if i'm missing something.
  5. BejoIjo I think I've found a bug, I noticed when using the "Question Ped" feature you hear the "ping" sound like they responded, but no words on the screen. I think they may be behind the drop menu perhaps? Edit: Ok nevermind, you fixed in your update. Great Job bro!
  6. @Tacco I found another bug bro. On the suspicious vehicle callout, when the callout happens the plugin spawns the vehicle in the location it will start at even if you have not accepted the callout. The vehicle will remain there sitting in the middle of the road and will not despawn. This is when you don't accept the callout mind you.
  7. @Tacco I think I found another bug . The callout with the mini van accident, at the end when you find the girl, she gets stuck and both her and the blue dot marking her location will not delete after the callout ends.
  8. @BejoIjo I think I found a bug, when I deploy the strips the police vehicle appear and vanish real fast. I tried it twice and the same thing happened.
  9. Hi @Tacco, I have two requests if possible. Could you make the police vehicles at the accident scenes when doing traffic breaks unmarked police4? Because they are hwy patrol officers driving city police vehicles. In my game I've made the sheriff and hwy patrol one agency (Maryland State Troopers) due to they are the agency that handles hwy issues here where I live. At any rate, the hwypatrol is driving the wrong vehicles so if the vehicles is police4 it would fit any agency or officer driving it. In addition, is it possible on the traffic stop backup callout that the suspect does not always start shooting? Maybe just get out with his hands up since it's a static type callout? It's just so predicable that make you not take the call every time
  10. The traffic break that happens near the tunnel close to vespucci beach did go away once I drove far away, but the one in Sandy Shores cause me to have to reload the entire game.
  11. @Tacco I'm having issues with the traffic break callout with the circles and pathway not deleting after the callout is finished. I think it's a bug or something I'm not doing correctly?
  12. Good deal bro, I've never seen that before! Thanks man! lol if I would have seen this in real life Iwould have thought the officer was high or something lmao
  13. How did you do it? I drove to the yellow circle and then drove only 10 miles a hour but the nothing changed. It kept giving me the path to the yellow circle. What are we suppose to do on this callout?
  14. @BejoIjo You're awesome bro. Thanks for all you are doing, it's much appreciated. You have "must have" mods to play the game in my opinion man, thanks.
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