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    fireboy6117 reacted to Stealth22 in [REL] Traffic Control - Close off the road while you investigate and clear a scene!   
    I wouldn't say completely dead...perhaps quite close to it though, lol.
    Perhaps I should actually update my plugins... 
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    fireboy6117 reacted to SuperStumpje in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    At the moment, almost everyone on the team is busy with school and/or work, and there's no telling when development will continue.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] Real California Architecture   
    Updates on City National Bank in West Hollywood
    Thanks to BKDeath2012 for donation and help
    Also, here's some screens BKDeath2012 took:
    The buidling is done and will be included in update.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] Real California Architecture   
    Update is finally here! 
    0.4.3 - Update was focused on Hollywood Boulevard. Also mod is now Addon only. 
    Why? Because if you will try to install this mods as replacer, you will need to copy 25 GB of archives. Also, some people expirienced some problems with replacer, with Addon version it's will be a lot easier. Thanks to Reyser for Addon.
    Hollywood Wax Museum 
    In-N-Out in Hollywood 
    Freeway signs around Hollywood Hills 
    New Freeway signs
    Interstate shields - fixed placement at the end of 101 US Route. 
    Some various fixes.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Zentronex in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    I have a suggestion for you guys: 
    - LSFD Bravado Bison ambulance (like its counterpart, the LAFD Dodge Ram ambulance), because the LAFD doesn't use any Ford ambulances anymore. ;)
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Phaxol in [WIP] [Immersion] Officer Status Menu   
    I have added a radio tone that plays every time you radio dispatch. I believe that the plugin is almost ready for its first release. The only thing I really plan to add at this time is an option to say you have the suspect in sight.
    Thank you to all who have helped me test this plugin!
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Laqueesha in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Since the mod is aiming for realism, the ugly default flags in the game should probably be replaced with more realistic-looking ones. I went ahead and made some new flags more based off their real life counterparts, while still retaining lore-friendly design. The flags are: The San Andreas state flag, the LSFD flag, the L.S. County flag, the L.S. City flag, the U.S. yacht flag, the LSSD flag, and the LSPD flag.

    Also made new license plates for San Andreas and North Yankton:



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    fireboy6117 reacted to OJdoesIt in [WIP|REL] OJ's Callouts and Stuff   
    New Release.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    I finally did a first very alpha version of 2016 LAPD FPIU for public testing, it's ELS only, and you guys can grab it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx3fCR7BaF_dUENMamdoc0ljd2s/view?usp=sharing
    Atm, there's no lods (and that's why the glass will not break, i will release an update for it asap)
    Also, there's no headlight corner strobes, it's also will be added in near future updates.
    Rear indicators and brakelights also don't working atm.
    When the vehicle will support all normal game functions i will upload it to site archive.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to OJdoesIt in [WIP|REL] OJ's Callouts and Stuff   
    Update on Heli Orbit Plugin
    Courtesy of @lttrbmb
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    fireboy6117 reacted to HolyOrangeJuice in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    I went through hell testing stuff for the RDE team today. Posted on discord. This is my results.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to mikaelgranli in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    If you're having compatibility issues while using RDE and LSPDFR, do the following:
    Create a clean game folder. One without any plugins or modifications. That also means no Rage Plugin Hook. If you don't have a backup, you'll have to download and install the game again, or manually remove all your modifications. Just make sure you actually have removed everything.
    Now make sure the game is up to date and launches without any issues. If you're using steam, launch it through steam.
    Install the ASI loader and OpenIV.asi through the OpenIV ASI Manager. Then install ScripthookV, ScripthookVDotNet, and the RDE oiv file. When building the oiv file, I've found that selecting the custom files for LSPDFR-related modifications does not work, and because of that I'll tell you how to add them manually further down.
    Please note that selecting files for CopHolster or Simple Native Trainer does work, but that you'll have to install these mods later without overwriting these files. Keep that in mind.
    Now make sure the game launches without any issues, and that RDE works. Again, if you're using steam, launch it through steam.
    From there, go ahead and add LSPDFR and Rage Plugin Hook (in that order!). Also, go into the scripts folder, and remove everything. These scripts has to do with Six Star Response, Arrest Warrant etc. and does not matter if you're playing LSPDFR. Neither are they compatible.
    LSPDFR should launch without any issues. This time, of course, launch the game using Rage Plugin Hook. If you've made LSPDFR auto-load on launch, and it crashes on launch, please try to load it manually through the console. Hit F4 (which is the default) and type in LoadPlugin. LSPDFR should pop up as the one and only choice. My game has no problems running RDE and LSPDFR together this way, and neither should yours.
    Now onto the LSPDFR-related files that couldn't be added automatically..
    Install the modifications you want. Do it one by one, though, and launch the game after each time to make sure it all works. It takes time, but that's modding.
    Find your RDE oiv file, the one you installed earlier.
    Right click, click "Open" on the very top, and select WinRAR. If you're using 7zip instead of WinRAR, I would assume it is also compatible, however I've never used 7zip, and I truly have no idea. If it doesn't work, get WinRAR.
    Inside the oiv, open the "content" folder.
    Here there's 6 folders starting with "LSPDFR", followed by the specific mod the folder contains files for. You'll have to figure out where these files go yourself, however it's gonna be inside your Plugins folder somewhere. Look through the folder for the modification you're installing files for, and you'll eventually find them.
    Please note that there are folders named "FBI" inside some of the 6 "LSPDFR" folders in your oiv. These are supposed to be used instead of the ones outside of the FBI folder if you've installed the Federal Law addon.
    I hope you get it working, and that you can enjoy RDE agencies, departments, vehicles and peds with LSPDFR! If you're having issues, I recommend joining the RDE discord server and message us in the suggestions-support channel! Link is further up and on the RDE download page.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to NefariousBonne in NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread   
    I suppose I should do a quick update before the 30 day inactivity rule sets in. With 3.1 out of the way progress can hopefully resume soon for the vanilla pack, and other packs.
    Traffic/Slicktop Pack:
    Vanilla Valor:
    New Vehicles:
    Another pack that I'm yet to discuss with DukSezQuak is a state trooper pack, which would make use of the vanilla Freedom (as seen on the Riot and Insurgent).
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Fiskey111 in [REL]/[WIP] Secondary Callouts V   

    I'm currently in the process of rewriting the mod, so stay tuned!
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    fireboy6117 reacted to NefariousBonne in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Yes, sorry if it got your hopes up. Retro and ELS were announced a while back, and now with 3.1 out of the way, should resume progress. If you haven't already, feel free to join the RDE Discord to see the latest, as @11john11 is back to work with Retro, and I'll be getting back to ELS stuff as soon as things calm down again.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to NefariousBonne in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    The wait is finally over; RDE 3.1 will be released on August 10th. We hope that you will enjoy what we have in store for you. 3.1 brings not only bug fixes, but also a huge number of new content, features, improvements and performance enhancements. We have worked hard to make sure RDE is even better than before! We've heard from multiple sources that they wish for more transparency and communication from us going forward. Your concerns have been heard. The private RDE Discord server will be going public on release day. This will be your opportunity to stay connected with the team and get special sneak peaks on what we have in store for the future.
    You can view the RDE 3.1 trailer here: 
    More information will be available about the Discord server on Thursday. If you'd like to help ensure that future releases are speedier; consider applying to be a beta tester here.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Yard1 in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    We are not going to make a German Reich edition of RDE.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Mikofiticus in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    EDIT: I was incorrect, fat cops will be a thing, just not in 3.1, as they still need some work.

    Anyway, I forgot to mention on here that I've recently become part of the RDE Media team! Here are a few screenshots of 3.1

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    fireboy6117 reacted to LordRaven in Ravenguard Callouts - Support   
    New version coming soon with a complete rewrite of the Domestic callout, early alpha release so more will be coming soon!
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Yard1 in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    I suppose this will be a kind of a dev diary for 3.1. As NefariousBonne has said some time ago, 3.1 will mainly be a content update, introducing new car and ped models, as well as improving existing ones. Thanks to YMT edits, peds will not only be much more varied and detailed, but also better optimized and "neat" from technical perspective. Many ped models have gotten new components, such as improved bulletproof vests, belts, and so on. Many vehicles have received improved interiors and lighting, and some other tweaks.
     But you all know that already. I would like to tell you about one new script feature we have been working on for some time now. 

    We call it the IncidentManager. This is a new system that allows cops to call backup during shootouts with NPCs. The backup units that spawn are the same that would spawn if a player was wanted, and zone-dependent as well. Furthermore, the response type and amount will be based on the severity of the incident. Not only that, but a rudimentary chase system has been implemented, which will allow cops to dynamically chase fleeing NPCs. IncidentManager allows for very dynamic and lively shootouts, and is for all intents and purposes a Wanted Level system for NPCs. It can be turned on and off in the ini.

    A small new feature is that SSR (as a whole) can be turned on and off in game by pressing a specified (configurable) key combination. With SSR disabled, you can play LSPDFR and most story missions without any compatibility problems (note: this does not fix missions that crash).

    Furthermore, some advanced optimizations have been performed on the script. We hope that this will alleviate some of the performance complaints we have gotten for 3.0. 
    3.1 has been delayed a lot, but we want to present you with finished, polished product. We continue to add new features and content daily, while testing for bugs and performance. We hope that we will be able to present RDE 3.1 to you soon.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to OJdoesIt in [WIP|REL] OJ's Callouts and Stuff   
    Update for Improved Police Heli
    Courtesy of @lttrbmb
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    fireboy6117 reacted to President Shadow in [WIP] Shadow Callouts   
    Cranking out bugs in Rogue Soldiers and Search Warrant but have begun work on a new call - Officer Ambush. You will not be chasing after the shooter, instead, you must go to the officer as the first unit and call EMS. Units will arrive soon after and set up a perimeter, after that, call EMS and let the AI's search for the suspect.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to gmantonz in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Now that RBM is out, it was time for another Coastal Callouts episode! Great job @PNWParksFan! I've been part of the Parks Benefactor Program for a few months now and have seen Coastal evolve immensely, and he is still working on adding more things! Really excited to see the development of this mod DLC!
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    fireboy6117 reacted to Yard1 in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Those are an exception, and we are not planning to add any more, save for one or two models.
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    fireboy6117 reacted to NDev in [WIP|REL] EMS Mod   
    Hi everybody!
    This is my FIRST script, so I'm sorry if you meet some issues during the game! :)
    EMS Mod allows you to play as a Paramedic (more characters coming soon!). Press “Generate callout” from the in-mod list and press Y in order to respond to citizens is a need!
    Current Version: 0.8 Beta.
    -Cardiac Arrest: reach asap the patient and treat him if you want to save his life!
    -Unconscious person: a person has suddenly lost his consciousness. Medical treatment is needed as soon as possible!
    -Vehicle accident: unfortunately somebody had a serious vehicle accident and he's waiting for your arrival!
    -Trauma: treat an injured person and carry him/her to the hospital!
    -Person shot: somebody was shot, rush to the scene, but wait for the police before approaching the patient!
    -Person with fever: Central reported a vomiting person with fever. Is it a severe infectious disease? Be careful!
    -Transport: you only have to transport a person because him/her cannot go lonely to the hospital.
    -Person hit by a car: somebody was hit by a car and now needs your assistance!
    Future features:
    -Treat in ambulance & Release patient on scene
    -Automatic Callouts Generator
    -Medic and Helicopter Units
    -Several ordinary (and special ;)) callouts
    If you want to dowload it:
    Thanks for downloading!!!
    PS: If there's an issue report it to me (PM me), please. All the details can be found in the readme.txt file inside the mod folder!
    I decided to create this topic in order to introduce my script and, most importantly, give you the chance to discuss about further features you'd like to see in my script!