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    Beta tester for RDE & EUP Massive fan of new, clean game folders

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    Somewhere along the coast
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    Law Enforcement, Aviation and Transportation
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Hi, thanks for dropping by!


I go by Mikael. I'm a man (but really only per definition) from Norway in Scandinavia with an interest in law enforcement, aviation and all other types of transportation. I've been a part of the Grand Theft Auto modding community for well over a year now, and I'm a common face on twitter and different discord servers. I help out as a beta tester for Realism Dispatch Enhanced and the Emergency Uniforms Pack. You should definitely check them out, they're awesome modifications created by awesome people!


Find my images by visiting my twitter profile: https://twitter.com/MikaelGranli

Oh, and if you're having problems with your game, create a clean game folder and start over. Really, it's the best solution to everything.