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  1. This is was a really fun bad cop patrol
  2. Wooo hooo thank you for subbing @UnknownBastion!
  3. Thank you very much! Yeah that's my style, I try to keep it high energy and entertaining
  4. Good question, the only one that I know is free is Hitfilm Express I believe it's called, however I've never used it. When I first started the channel I used Filmora to edit my videos before moving into Adobe Premiere. Filmora is not free, but it's also not too expensive.
    This is one of the funniest cars ever for LSPDFR, had some great laughs while using it on my livestream! I believe there is another non-ELS model floating out there, but great job bringing this updated one to the game with ELS, the lights are awesome for such a small car. Keep up the great work!
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