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Thanks for visiting my profile. My name is Mikofiticus, or you can call me Mike. I make cinematic screenshots, gameplay videos and also the occasional skin. I play a ton of LCPDFR/LSPDFR (duh) and I love other games such as Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Red Orchestra and a few others. I post screenshots often, and also post videos on my YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday (unless something comes up). 

If you guys have noticed on the forums, I love all things classic car related. My mum and myself are restoring a 1962 Ford Falcon at the moment. Hope to keep it in the family for a long time. The next project will be a vintage patrol car hopefully. 

Anyway, you can reach me on these platforms



Twitter - https://twitter.com/Mikofiticus


Steam - Mikofiticus

Origin - Admira1Snackbarr

PSN - Mikofiticus

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