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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    yes, when i will have a desire for that.
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to AdoReno in Scuds' CA stuff   
    Yikes, a year late. Anyways, uh, sorry for budging in: the LAPD tested a handful of Impalas in 2008 or so to see if they were going to be a good choice for a large, urban West Coast city that primarily focuses on roads. Seeing the LAPD kept buying CVPIs until discontinuation, you can tell it didn't leave the public testing stage. I think they're still in the fleet, and as steinberg said, they're likely rare. I don't live in Los Angeles (or the United States), but when I look up "LAPD Impala", I either get (often) the same images of their testing phase Impalas on the street or GTA mods.
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention   
    This is the fourth part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the rest of this series here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    It's probably the most critical component of the mod, so it follows that with any new version of LSPDFR, you can be pretty confident that the underlying systems which enable police pursuit gameplay will be updated.  LSPDFR 0.4 is, of course, no different in this regard, and following on with the general theme of 0.4's development (which is more less pulling everything out and ripping it to pieces), we've taken the opportunity to revamp much of the pursuit gameplay in the mod.
    As an aside, we had hoped to publish this preview at an earlier date but unfortunately due to both @LMS and myself being away from home, on various different continents in the past month or so this was a little difficult.  Nonetheless, we hope that you enjoy this preview and that it nicely illustrates just a couple of the changes that we've made to pursuits, as alluded to in our last post about AI improvements.
    Pursuit Interaction Menu
    Since LSPDFR 0.3, we've had an Interaction Menu, à la GTA Online, which has, as you would expect, facilitated interaction between you as a player and your character and their job as a cop.  While this is cool and all, there's definitely a number of areas where the interaction in LSPDFR falls a little short, with pursuits being perhaps the most obvious.
    In LCPDFR for GTA IV, there were a couple of toggles available during pursuits - notably the option to force or disable the usage of lethal force.  With 0.4, however, we think we've far surpassed that by introducing a handful of new options which definitely provide more control than ever.  

    The Pursuit Interaction Menu in LSPDFR 0.4 offers advanced controls for the current pursuit, as well as the ability to disengage.
    The cool thing about the new Interaction options for Pursuits is that it ties in nicely with the new customization options introduced in 0.4, and covered earlier in our previews.  So, not only can you define and configure law enforcement agencies to your liking, but you can also carry this through to pursuits too by designating a specific agency to handle the chase.  If, for example, a pursuit that starts in Los Santos crosses multiple jurisdictions then it's entirely probable that you'll end up with a number of agencies joining, which depending on the circumstances and/or your own preferences, might not be so desirable.  With the new Interaction options, you could simply specify that the initiating agency (i.e. the LSPD in this case) handles the pursuit, leaving the other agencies to mind their own business.
    Similarly, there's a lot of other practical usefulness be found in these options: we've brought back the ability to force on/off the usage of lethal force against pursuit suspects, and there's also the ability to enable or disable pursuit intervention tactics (more on these below).
    And of course, for those in search of the ultimate exercise in boredom (I mean, err, realism), then you might find that setting a pursuit into Tracking Mode - where ground units will hang back and follow from a distance, leaving your small air force of helicopters following above to do all the work in true Angeleno fashion - makes you feel so much more at home.
    Pursuit Intervention Techniques
    As alluded to above, LSPDFR 0.4 also introduces a number of changes to the artificial intelligence in pursuits.  Currently, the main tactic employed by NPCs in GTA V during pursuits is to rather aimlessly ram into the back of the suspect vehicle in the unrealistic belief that this is actually going to help end the pursuit.  Of course, this usually just results in the cop crashing into oblivion, and it looks really, really dumb too. 
    So, naturally, one of the coolest new additions to LSPDFR 0.4 is the implementation of a working PIT maneuver:
    Demonstration of NPC officers bringing a pursuit to a safe conclusion through successful usage of the new PIT maneuver in LSPDFR 0.4
    YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiFFFho3hd0
    As cool as this is, we know that NPCs performing PITs may not be to everyone's taste, and that it may not be suitable in every circumstance, so these can easily be enabled or disabled on-the-fly, during a pursuit, through the Interaction menu by changing the Tactics option.  If pursuit Tactics are disabled, pursuing NPCs will not attempt PIT maneuvers, and they will also shy away from most other advanced tactics, like blocking.

    A closer look at the termination of the pursuit, with the suspects surrendering, after a successful usage of the PIT maneuver.
    Air Support
    Throughout the history of our two mods, air support has always been a touchy subject.  For those of you who played LCPDFR, you will likely still carry with you many terrifying memories of those white and blue flying death machines.  In previous versions of LSPDFR, things generally weren't that much better either - especially when your pilot decides, in a moment of wisdom, that flying through the bridge, rather than over it, is the best course of action.
    With 0.4, we've taken the time to address some of the most frustrating issues with air support, with a particular focus on dramatically increasing both the usefulness, and lifespan, of our helicopters.  Specifically, you'll notice that helicopters in LSPDFR now fly at a much more realistic height and will properly increase or decrease their altitude as the situation requires, such as when a pursuit is passing through a heavily built up area.  They're also far more competent at actually keeping up with the suspects they are pursuing and will do so with a degree of intelligence, rather than just trying to fly directly above them.

    A watchful LSPD air support unit circles overhead, tracking as a suspect attempts to flee on foot.
    Furthermore, we've built in special modes for our air units, giving them the ability not only to follow suspects, but also to conduct searches over wide areas - something which is especially useful when ground units have lost visual, or are attempting to locate a target.
    In addition, our helicopters are also responsive to changes in the conditions of pursuits they follow - such as if a suspect is in a vehicle or not - and will adapt accordingly.  When tracking a suspect on foot, air units won't simply hover above them but will engage in a more realistic flying pattern where the aircraft seeks to maintain continuous movement, while operating varying angles to compensate for possible obstructions like buildings.

    Not a helicopter, but just in case you were wondering what happened to the guy pictured above...

    This, though, definitely is a helicopter.  It's also not flying at street level!
    As always, stay tuned for more news about LSPDFR 0.4 as we progress towards its completion.
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in Scuds' CA stuff   
    For real, this game needs proper LAPD vehicles. Thankfully the Police Interceptor Utility is covered by Desmond98, but we still need the CVPI and the Charger.
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to 0taku in 2017 Pierce Arrow XT (W.I.P)   
    I'm not basing it off any department.  I do play to try and make a FDLS skin for it and I have a light setup planed for it. 
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to 0taku in 2017 Pierce Arrow XT (W.I.P)   
    I'll think about it.
    Made some grab handles 

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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    No progress because of  the study, unfortunately
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Scuderio in Scuds' CA stuff   
    Just want to really quick say that I will probably return by the begin of june, then I will post updates of the "progress".
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    SeaHawk14 got a reaction from SilentEagle in Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things   
    Not quite the best way of getting people to sympathise with your views. 
    And trust me, there are hundreds of people on here which have been wanting LAPD since the 17th of September 2013. It was being worked on, but no one knows whats going on anymore 
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Chappie in [WIP] Law Enforcement Service Weapons   
    M&P 40, and a M&P 9 would be sick. My favorite service pistols.
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    SeaHawk14 got a reaction from steinberg4145 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to RickG in [WIP] Los Santos County Fire Rescue - Kenworth Pack   
    The cages are meant for heavy duty use in forestry and wildland fires. So are the raised chassis, off-road tires, heavy duty offroad bumper, winch, etc. Its a method of keeping trees, brush, etc away from the truck as crews need to operate the truck through these types of vegetation in areas that are densely wooded and it might damage the body, lighting, glass etc of the truck. Ive included some pictures for examples for you. Please also note I stated above the "brush cage" will be an "extra" so you can play with it or without it. This pack of trucks is meant more for the county area of the map ergo the off-road packages on them so at times youll need the brush cage. Especially servers running the Redwood Forest mod for realism and protection against driving through those environments.

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    SeaHawk14 got a reaction from RickG in [WIP] Los Santos County Fire Rescue - Kenworth Pack   
    What's with all the caging around the cab? Isn't it quite excessive? 
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    SeaHawk14 got a reaction from Chillinbill in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Maybe delay release until 0.4 has been released, there could be some new features that you can make use of and then it’ll be compatible for at least a year with LSPDFR scripts.
    Also, might it be worth integrating some Police Rescue into the script? Seeing as USCG works at seas, but Police rescue tend to do mountain rescue etc. (at least that's the idea I get seeing as that's how it works in the UK) 
    Now that SkylineGTRFreak is soon to release this beautiful Super Puma 
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    I have no idea how long it might take LSPDFR 0.4 to be released. If it happens to be released before Coastal Callouts, then I'll have to postpone my release to update it. But I think that's very unlikely given the slow pace of LSPDFR development, and I'm not going to sit around waiting for no reason. I've kept you all hanging long enough! 
    As Lewis mentioned, the Super Puma has been integrated to the Coastal Callouts DLC, although it will also be released publicly by Skyline as a separate download sometime soon. I am working on some mountain rescue callouts as we speak! There are already a few callouts that aren't only coast guard related, and I have a few others like that planned. It'll be "Mostly Coastal But Also Other Stuff I Thought Was Fun Callouts". 


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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Lewispryor1 in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    This is already in the coastal DLC :D Parks, Skyline and I have been testing it for a week or so to make sure it is perfect for release. And rescue calls are on their way I believe.
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to kcoynejr in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    Did you ever release that tahoe from page 1? Or maybe an old burb
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to AllenKennedy in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Blame yard, I don't know how or why, but that's usually the correct course of action.
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to iAmEMT in t0y's WIP (New York State Police, White Plains PD)   
    CHP did it better
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to t0y in t0y's WIP (New York State Police, White Plains PD)   
    Hi folks. I'm Aidan a.k.a t0y. Here is my Work in Progress thread, everything here is subject to updates, or even cancellations depending on my motivation at the time. My current project is the New York State Police and White Plains PD. I am from New York City, and I see at least NYSP all the time, and White Plains is just a beautiful department so I decided to do these. More updates, and information about each pack will be found below. In this thread I will occasionally post in game screenshots, but a majority of pictures will be from Zmod depending on the vehicle and pack I am making, and honestly things tend to look better in ZMod lol. If you have any questions about anything related to this thread, or these vehicles feel free to reply below, thanks :) All vehicles are as accurate as possible, so for these two NY departments, they do feature forward red lighting, and different inspection stickers depending on their vehicle years, etc. Also the NYSP cars all have different radar antenna positions, inspection stickers, and computer screens just to make it a bit unique. Although, about 10 cars in I realized there arent that many variations of 4 tabs on a computer screen I could make so I did need to reuse a few lol.
    Project: New York State Police
    Current Vehicles: I have 19 vehicles finished, yes it's a lot of variation but it only took about a month because it is only about 6-7 unique vehicles, I just made common variations of each vehicle, from different troops etc. accurate to their IRL counterparts. I have finished: 3G80, 3K35, 3M10, T203, 1K21, 3F80, 1B40, L106, 1A86, 1T20, 2T15, 2G66, 1T18, 1T19, 1T21, 1T51, 1T87, 2F42, 3B37. Each vehicle file has its own "About" note which will tell you the zone and troop it runs out of, its areas of patrol, equipment, and if it is still in service or not.
    Planned Vehicles: Not to give too much about it away, but I plan on adding about 10 more vehicles over the next month or two, these mostly depend on me having Robert or someone as talented scratch model me the NYSP Highrisers, and finish his current project which I wont say just in case he doesn't want me to spoil it, but I will make NYSP vehicles on that base.
    Zmodeler Pictures: (Some of these have been edited, scrapped, or redone since these pictures were taken, may vary in game as well)




    T203 (CITE)



    Ok, what the fuck. 4mb limit here too? Well then. I'll just spam more images later I guess? That's a bit annoying. Well then this will cut my thread down a lot that's fun. MORE PICTURES TO COME!
    Special thanks to: @CG Blaze @FRGamer @Slendis @RobertTM for various helping etc. And all being New Yorkers except Emil.

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    SeaHawk14 reacted to yukuTz in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    I would like to donate when you finish the CHP FPIU, do you accept Steam Wallet?
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    SeaHawk14 got a reaction from Sentinel55 in Sentinel's Showroom   
    Looks great! The CHP hasn't exactly received a lot of love, which is a shame. Whilst some good mods exist for it, I'd hardly call them spectacular. But this looks like it'll change that and I love little details
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    SeaHawk14 reacted to Sentinel55 in Sentinel's Showroom   
    Hey there! I'm late to the party so I guess I don't have to explain what this here is.
    I have a ton of projects to show. And I finally have enough time to actually release stuff for Gta 5.
    Current projects: 
    - CHP CVPI Pack
    - Coon Rapids Traffic Enforcment Crown Vic
    - 2005/2006 Detective/unmarked Crown Vic 
    - Hawthorne Police CVPI
    - Something like EUP for Michael 
    And an uncountable amount of things not related to Law Enforcement
    The first one I want to show you is the CHP Crown Vic. 
    - Forza Vic
    - Accurate lighting
    - The front and rear of the lightbar can be controlled independently, resulting in 9 different modes.
    - Accurate Equipment
    - Animated parts (antenna, keys, exhaust)
    - Working wipers
    - Reflective decals
    - And a lot of useless little details no one will ever notice (blinking dashcam lights for example)
    That should be enough for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I don't bite. 
    ~ Sentinel
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    SeaHawk14 got a reaction from Khlowd in Scuds' CA stuff   
    I'm going to have to disagree with you there buddy, I didn't get to use TwistedScopes LAPD pack but I certainly don't think it was an extremely high quality version. I think it was a decent stop-gap until Scudo released his pack, but Scudo and Desmond are on another level of quality. What's more, in terms of starting date, that's not all that relevant. Desmonds Utility has taken 2 years, and so far no one has managed to hold  a candle to it. It's simply the best vehicle on this site, no questions asked. It's taken Des two years (admittedly he's been working on various other projects) but I certainly simpathise with the fact it takes a while to create various vehicles to the same level of quality. 
    Yes it's true Scudo you don't have to release anything, but at the same time a lot of people have been following this and looking forward to their release. And the quality is sublime, I've had a look through your Cali images again, Jesus Christ your cars look amazing. I'm not sure what to  say about motivation, other than the fact that at least if you finish it you'll have the sense of accomplishment of having completed the best vehicle pack on the site. What'd be a real shame would be for you to have put in all this time and effort so far, to produce no result whatsoever, because that would have been a waste of your own time and skill. You can always palm it off to someone you feel can finish it as well, that you trust and that has the level of ability that you've so clearly demonstrated. 
    You're human, and motivation comes and goes, we all understand that. It's difficult to have the same level of continuity and motivation over the period of a year, especially considering the difficulties that you've faced Scudo with the death of a family member. 
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    SeaHawk14 got a reaction from MarginalButter in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    This literally took me by surprise, only because First Thirty Minutes uploaded a video did I know about it!
    I hope we can see additional features which will reduce the number of scripts used, stuff like frisking, EUP, ped grabbing, gun drawn etc. Whilst each individual script is great, more scripts means more conflict and instability. So it's certainly a step in the right direction to implement some of these into LSPDFR. 
    I hope the Character focus allows a wider variety of uniforms as well, one of the biggest advantages of EUP has been a wide range of different appearances for officers. I look forward to whatever is produced, knowing it'll be great!