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  1. Lewispryor1

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    Yeah, that was me too And had no idea he had one. I'll go check it out!
  2. Lewispryor1

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    Where can I find the helmet? Loving the pack
  3. Lewispryor1

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    Amazing! Would love to see you do an LSPD one too! This pack is amazing. Easy to install etc. 100% recommend!
  4. Lewispryor1

    Los Santos Police Pack (TPD)

    These are amazing! Oh my god! Are you planning on adding to it?! Love your stuff man
  5. Lewispryor1

    EUP Vest Skins

    Amazing! Thank you so much!
  6. Lewispryor1

    EUP Vest Skins

    Hey! Love these so much! Would you be able to share the wardrobe.ini thing you have for your gang unit ped? Would really appreciate it!
  7. Lewispryor1

    San Andreas State Police Mega - Pack [ELS]

    Very nice. Enjoying using the pack. Vehicles are well thought out Nice variety of vehicles Loving the all blues A great job overall.
  8. Lewispryor1

    Unmarked/Undercover Gallivanter Baller

    Love this! One small issue though, the antenna is broken on the car. It wobbles around wierdly. Like it comes off of the stand. @Jacobmaate
  9. Lewispryor1

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    Looking good so far
  10. Lewispryor1

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    Sometime this year. I am sure that you want the best product possible, so beta testers like myself are working very hard to ensure that even the smallest things work. We have a lot of exciting updates coming up, which parks will probably tell you more about.
  11. Lewispryor1

    AS332L2 Super Puma Los Angeles/Los Santos Sheriff Dept.

    Love it. Thanks for making this materialise after nagging at you :p
  12. Lewispryor1

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    This is already in the coastal DLC :D Parks, Skyline and I have been testing it for a week or so to make sure it is perfect for release. And rescue calls are on their way I believe.
  13. That's because you are installing them wrong then. Don't blame it on him. Actually, read the readme file. Don't go criticising peoples work if you cant install it correctly. Read the bit about the car variations file. I had absolutely no problem installing, or getting this pack to work. It is an amazing pack. FLAG_HAS_LIVERY
  14. Lewispryor1

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    PM him on here. @PNWParksFan