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  1. yukuTz

    ETA On Script Hook?

    1 - 3 weeks.
  2. yukuTz

    Stuck on infinite loading screen after update.

    As with every update, you have to delete your mods folder in OpenIV. Then the game should load properly.
  3. yukuTz

    script hook V update

    A week approximately.
  4. You do some amazing work -- would love to see your CHP Explorer some day.
  5. yukuTz

    Please Help, All i want is it to work...

    You said you screwed up somewhere. So start from the beginning again after deleting everything.
  6. yukuTz

    LSPDFR without scripthookV

    SHV is not required for LSPDFR - albeit you will lose some functions such as ELS. You will have to wait as with the rest of the community for an SHV update to come.
  7. yukuTz


    I would like to donate when you finish the CHP FPIU, do you accept Steam Wallet?
  8. yukuTz

    Beautiful CHP

  9. yukuTz

    California Highway Patrol Skin Pack

    Applying CHP textures do not mean these cars suddenly become CHP authentic.
  10. yukuTz

    California Highway Patrol Skin Pack

    Those cars are not CHP.