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  1. Officer Andi


    Good plugin but having same key as policesmartradio-
  2. Officer Andi

    Custom Backup

    I found porblem out that was in ALPRlite, i watched my RPH after crash and i found ALPR name there near CustomBackup then i removed ALPRlite from plugins folder and it worked...
  3. Officer Andi

    Custom Backup

  4. Officer Andi

    Custom Backup

    I don't have any update planned right now. Depending on how LSPDFR 0.4 shapes up, I will either update or discontinue Custom Backup. Given the emphasis on customization in LSPDFR 0.4 it may not be needed anymore. I will upda Cool, I asked that because it crashes my lspdfr if i try to go on-duty..
  5. Officer Andi

    Custom Backup

    Does it and Better ems get update soon?
  6. Officer Andi

    Vehicle Control Extreme

    How to install it?
  7. Officer Andi

    Custom Backup

  8. Officer Andi

    Custom Backup

    @PNWParksFan I have the problem with custom backup and better ems they don t work by keys and policesmartradio.Can you help me? if I try to call ems with policesmartradio then it says: No action has (yet) been assigned to parkstools/ems_request.No plugin has assigned itself to the button, or you may have gone on duty twice - make sure to go on duty once..... I cant go once on duty because lspdfr crash if try go on duty once and usually it goes on duty at the second time.
  9. Officer Andi

    highway checkpoint

    more checkpoints are making
  10. Officer Andi

    2016 Ford EXPLORER LAPD texture for FPIU

    thx advan5230
  11. Officer Andi

    highway checkpoint

    install map editor place file your gta folder and go to game and open map editor and take (load game/XML/WRITE FILE NAME)
  12. Officer Andi

    highway checkpoint

    Version 0.0.1


    use lspd/lssd and more patrol higway checkpoint s load name is (checkpoint1) work map editor download map editor:https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor how to download map editor:
  13. Officer Andi

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Where is uninstaller????????????????????????????