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  1. It depends on the sirensetting the vehicles use. By default, you can switch the following vehicles: -FPIS and CVPI -13 FPIU and 16 FPIU -Charger and Impala
  2. 1. What update version are you using? 2. Do you have your update.rpf inside your mods folder?
  3. I am using IronicRainbow's model. For now it is built into the paint so just put it where it would normally be. I'm going to update this soon.
  4. Start I am not sure. I just always keep it at zero. Delta value is the rotation of the light.
  5. Think of it like configuring siren1 or siren6 on vanilla sirensetting 1. The mesh on those must be rotated 90 degrees, in this case it's either going to be 45 or -45 degrees.
  6. Captain14

    Why is my glass glowing????

    It's set to a "vehicle_lightsemissive" material which is why it is glowing in game. You need to convert the material to "vehicle_glass" by selecting the material, clicking the little globe icon at the top right of the materials window, and selecting it through there. Then you will have to configure the textures.
  7. Captain14

    Why is my glass glowing????

    Screenshot the material and it's properties for the glass.
  8. Captain14

    Why is my glass glowing????

    Your glass may be set to an emissive material. Double check in Zmodeler and make sure the window mesh is assigned to a glass material.
  9. Captain14

    2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat

    The console is 0taku's, not sure about the ALPRs or the Antennas.
  10. If you want additional addons you'll need a custom gameconfig.xml to support the additional cars.
  11. Fixed, my apologies. That log looks like the uninstaller rather than the installer, try running just the normal installer and see if it works. Edit the vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta to swap out police4 and police, then rename the vehicle files.
  12. It doesn't have police2 in there because it just uses the game's default police2 meta.
  13. I'm pleased to say that every single vehicle in this pack will support multiple liveries! No, I am not. It took me long enough to get the ones on there now looking like they do :) Fixed title.
  14. The strobes in the corners are sirens and will not be affected by the use of Emergency Strobes, nor will they affect them. For spawning the vehicles, you just need to type in the RAGE console "Spawn <vehicleName>". It may not pop up but it should work. I personally use SimpleTrainer to spawn my vehicles, police4 can be spawned as "Unmarked Cruiser" and police5 & 6 can be spawned by entering the vehicle name.