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  1. Sebo


    You have to press the corresponding key for the weapon as well. RShift is just the modifier. Get in a police car, press they keys and see what happens Confirmed. Will release an update in a few minutes. Thanks for reporting!
  2. Sebo

    Modern Siren Pack

    Yes, this has been bugging me forever. It's way too loud.
  3. Yes, it would be great. Also would make plugin compatibility much easier
  4. Sebo


    I'll think about it.
  5. Sebo


    SMG will be added in the next update
  6. Sebo


    Yes, sorry. Uni is keeping me more busy than I anticipated. I just sent a new HoldMyGun update to my beta-testers, and BodyCamSounds will be the next one on my list.
  7. Sebo


    Yea, sorry about that. Things got a little hectic with uni starting tomorrow It's still on my todo list, but I can't give an exact time yet.
  8. Sebo


    Yes, both. That's the whole point of a modifier key.
  9. Sebo


    I suggest you check the ini again and look at the modifier key. Both need to be pressed.
  10. Sebo


    D0 is just 0. And the since the weapons are extras, it's randomized by the game whether or not the extra is turned on or off when spawning the vehicle. Just hit they keybinds once and they will show up
  11. Yes, yes he does @panoszaf Amazing vehicles, like always. Really love the lighting setup.
  12. Sebo


    As soon as I have time for it. Probably some time this month.