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  1. After checking they all work for me! ensure that you have placed true in the ini for each section and that you have update 0.2
  2. I am currently looking into adding one to the ini and it should have an update by the end of the weekend with some bug fixes and code updates too !
  3. Hey Man look at the helpful note Section Just place it in the LSPDFR file inside plugins folder
  4. Version 2.0


    Known Issue: In this version, A 'ForceDuty' Error occurs. It DOES NOT mean anything as far as I can tell and you can still force the player's duty! and play Description This plugin was first only produced ages ago because I wanted some realism in opening the trunk of my vehicles. I also wanted a way to turn my engine and indicators on and off! This plugin for LSPDFR allows you to open separate doors (Including Hood and trunk), Activate your Indicators to alert traffic and Turn your engine on and off when needed both inside and outside your vehicle! Allow more realism by going to the trunk of your car an opening It right there (No More Trainers) or by turning your engine off once you have left the vehicle. Or use it as a control based modification with working indication inside and outside of the vehicle. YOU MUST use the reset key 'U' by default to change the vehicle you are in. Once in a new vehicle, you can press the key and it should attach to the new one! PLEASE NOTE: This is pretty much finished. I may add more functionality to this plugin to LSPDFR if the community is looking for it though =} Please leave any features or issues that arise in the comments below NOT the reviews thanks! Features -Fully Customizable INI file -Working Indication -Open and Close any vehicle door -Turn Engine on and Off - In vehicle and outside of vehicle support Installation! -Drag and drop into the LSPDFR folder inside Plugins! GTAV/Plugins/LSPDFR Planned Updates -Auto check function to see if you have entered another vehicle or want to set another vehicle to control -Ideas from the Community Helpful Information -Nothing really, Please read the INI if you are going to change any of the keys! -if you put true in the Modifierkey the whole section will be controlled by LEFT CONTROL (NOT CURRENTLY CHANGEABLE)
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