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    JohnMcClane reacted to RankkaRusakko in LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released   
    Thank you for the great 0.3 release! It's awesome.
    I love the active police officers when answering to a call. The impression is superb.
    Downtown PD looks great! Great improvements to the mod.
    For some reason I can't get any other callouts (0.3 compatible) working, than regular pursuits. LSPFR crashes more often than previous version, but works mainly very well.
    Here's my new video: 
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    JohnMcClane reacted to LogicGaming in [WIP] A mundane callout pack, because not every callout involves arrests and pursuits.   
    I have been learning to develop specifically so that I could make mundane callouts. I listened to the police scanner for my local town while playing and it gave me a lot of ideas for what are "routine" calls.
    (By the way, HUGE thanks to TitanSloth, AlexGuirre, Albo, Stealth, and all the other developers that have been patiently answering my questions as I learn to program. I can't wait to release this callout pack. TitanSloth and Stealth specifically gave me samples of their callouts to use so that I could learn how they work. Titansloth actually took the time to write my first callout for me based on my criteria, which also gave me a huge boost into seeing how everything works.)
    For all of these callouts, the dispatcher will typically call out a description and/or identity of the subjects and vehicles if they are known.
    There are only  a handful of actual callouts in the pack, however there will appear to be dozens as the dispatch message changes based on the context of the call. This is very similar to what other modders have done (such as the arrest warrant callout) but with more mundane crimes.
    The format goes something like this:
    Callout 1 (Single stationary victim, single suspect)
    Callout 2 (One or multiple stationary victims, one or multiple suspects)
    Callout 3 (One or multiple suspects called in by an anonymous caller. The caller may want contact, but usually they don't)
    Callout 4 (Single car crash VS Ped/Animal/Object)
    Callout 5 (Two or more cars involved in an accident)
    Callout 6 (A suspicious vehicle called in by a caller)
    Based on those 5 callouts, I can attach probably 50 different scenarios to each one, and change the dispatch message accordingly depending on which one is assigned, giving the game the illusion of having hundreds of callouts. 
    Callout 1 (Single stationary victim, single suspect)
    Assault (physical)
    Assault with a deadly weapon
    Restraining order violation
    Theft from a person
    Making threats
    Attempted car jacking
    Attempted robbery
    Tried to sell illegal drugs
    Callout 2 (One or multiple stationary victims, one or multiple suspects)
    Basically a group version of any of the above
    Callout 3 (One or multiple suspects called in by an anonymous caller. The caller may want contact, but usually they don't)
    Alarm company reports motion in (random room/sensor)
    Caller reports a stranger in their neighbors house/business
    Casing buildings
    Casing vehicles
    Acting emotionally distraught
    Making loud noise
    Screaming at passerbys
    Asking passerbys for change
    Following passerbys
    Callout 4 (Single car crash VS Ped/Animal/Object)
    Car vs Pedestrian
    Car vs Deer (if in country)
    Car slid off road
    Car hit pole
    Car hit median
    Car overturned
    Callout 5 (Two or more cars involved in an accident)
    2 car
    3 car
    4+ car pileup
    Callout 6 (A suspicious vehicle called in by a caller)
    Vehicle idling by side of road
    Vehicle idling in parking lot
    Vehicle circling the block
    Vehicle parked with someone standing/talking to the driver
    Other cool features:
    EXTREMELY LOW CHANCE OF VIOLENCE. You shouldn't be arresting and shooting 8 people per shift. There is about a 1 in 30 chance the suspect will have a weapon and an even lower chance that they'll use it on you. The caller may or may not warn you the suspect is armed.
    NO BLIPS OR SEARCH RADIUS OTHER THAN THE PERSON WHO CALLED THE POLICE except to tell you the location of the call. You are given a description (sometimes just gender, other times to include clothing, and sometimes full name and DOB) and you have to diligently search the area. The game will confirm you found the right person when you are within conversation range. Same for vehicles, you are given the description of the vehicle and have to find it. You don't even get a search radius.
    For every situation there is a chance the suspect will stay at the location he was reported in, a chance he will casually walk away, or run away, on foot or in a vehicle. If you or another cop spots him, he may either walk casually hoping you don't notice, or just put his hands up and stop. He may also run away or start attacking you. His demeanor could change at any point.
    Other cops will have a chance to intercept the suspects before you do if you take too long to find him (due to not having a blip). Every (random number) of seconds, another unit has a chance to intercept the (invisible to you) suspect on foot or in his vehicle. If found, the cop will attempt to stop him. If he is on foot the cop will just talk to him, and if he is in a vehicle the cop will perform a traffic stop and wait for your arrival. Once another cop intercepts your suspect, you are then given a blip to go and complete the callout. There is a chance the suspect could flee from the officer that stopped him as well before you get there, and you wind up joining the pursuit.
    Additionally I want to make a separate plugin (so that it can be used with all callouts, not just this one) that compiles a madlib statement/story/accusation. It will literally just be a giant madlib that pulls in nouns, verbs and adjectives from different lists and compiles a computer generated story. 
    You can use the content of this story to make your decision, or you can choose to take action against the caller if their story keeps changing (there's a chance it will). There's also a chance that different witnesses and suspects could have slightly different stories. This plugin will take some time to develop, but I want to do it as a separate plugin so that it can be used with any callout, not just mine.
    I will post videos demonstrating some of the mechanics as soon as the callouts are stable enough to do so.
    Would love to hear feedback now and once you see them as far as what you want to see, and ways to accomplish things I may not have thought of.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to LogicGaming in [WIP] My first callout, a large scale "Hands up/Don't shoot" style protest   
    My first callout, still a WIP due to some bugs.
    You are first on scene and your job is to disperse the protesters peacefully. There's a catch though: While post protesters and peaceful and cooperate, every time you call for them to disperse there's a chance some may disobey and fight back. Any provocation of them will also increase the chance for otherwise peaceful protesters to become violent. It's best to call for backup first, but due to poor LSPD policies regarding code 3 travel......well....you'll see how it turned out:
    Tell me what you guys think, and if you have suggestions or would like to see more. I hope to release it once I work out the bugs.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Mitchell in [WIP] My first callout, a large scale "Hands up/Don't shoot" style protest   
    Haha that was hilarious. Neat idea, one suggestion I'd make is to make vehicle traffic despawn in a radius around the protesters, so no cars will run them over. I know Albo's Pacific Bank heist has that feature. Also, would be cool if backup are pre-dispatched to the location (and hopefully that way they don't run the protesters over), so you don't have to call them in.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to alexguirre in [REL | WIP] Wilderness Callouts   
    Sometimes the prison bus, other times the police transport van.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to alexguirre in [REL | WIP] Wilderness Callouts   
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    JohnMcClane reacted to nicolasestla in LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released   
    Thanks a lot for everything, I have been using your mod since LCPD: FR... And It's the greatest mod I ever had. I'd love to be a policeman later, so you can guess how much I enjoy this funny/realistic game in the game you created!

    I don't have a lot of money has the 18 Years Old boy I am but, I wanted to personally thank you (LSPD:FR modders, website moderators, and the community that keeps adding mods! ) a lot for your work!

    Congratulation! :p
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released   
    After what has to have been the most chaotic night in the history of LCPDFR/LSPDFR, I'm happy to announce that the third public release of LSPDFR, LSPD First Response 0.3, is now available for download.  LSPDFR 0.3 brings with it many exciting changes and features, including some amazing developments we've made with the Downtown Police Station, beautifully seamless arresting animation sequences, and a whole range of general improvements across the board.
    On a similar note, we hope that you enjoyed the livestream provided on our new Twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/g17media.  We appreciate that there were some teething issues with this over the night, but we also hope that you can appreciate the amount of work that goes into putting together not only something like that, but also preparing the modification for release at the same time!  (If you'd like some quantification of that, every member of the management team here has dedicated the entirety of their days today to LSPDFR - seriously, we've barely even eaten!)
    I'd also like to say a massive thank you to @JFavignano and @Stevetrackboyz for being a part of the action tonight.  Indeed, I hope that everyone else will join me in showing their appreciation - you guys were absolutely fantastic!
    We highly recommend that you take a look at the LSPDFR 0.3 Feature Guide, located here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/lspdfr/features.  This guide highlights some of the new features available in greater detail, and also provides more complete release notes (which are massive).
    LSPDFR 0.3, now complete with automatic and manual installation packages is available below: 

    On behalf of the team,
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Stealth22 in [REL] Code 3 Callouts   
    I have updated the original post with three callouts that are upcoming.
    Road rage incident in progress A driver has called 911 to report someone who is aggressively chasing their vehicle Backup Required (Domestic) Another unit responded to a report of a domestic, and the two officers are currently dealing with the situation. However, they have requested an additional unit roll Code 2...that's you. Get to the scene, and provide backup for the two officers. You may end up not having to do anything...or you may have to step in to protect a brother or sister in blue... Burglary in Progress I haven't planned this one out yet, but there has been a report (either a 911 call or alarm system) of a burglar entering a residence. You need to respond quickly (but quietly!!), enter the house, and clear the residence...room by room. Watch out...the home owner (is there anyone home? Who knows?) might be hiding from the burglar too. Oh, and that burglar might be armed, and he's not going to be happy to see the police... Ok, so, the road rage and domestic calls are both going to be in the next update. I am waiting for LSPDFR 0.3 to be released though, so I can incorporate any of the new features, if I can. The road rage call is almost done, but the domestic call needs some more work.
    The burglary call will NOT be in this update, in fact, I have just barely started on it. However, it will be the next thing that I work on, after this next update is released.
    Are you excited? I'm excited!! 
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Sam in Any way I could bring my GTA online character to LSPDFR?   
    It is certainly something we're planning on for future versions.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Flynn40 in [wip] GTA V Emergency pack Update 31/08/2015   
    I'm Workin on the creation of a emergency pack With a Swift Coast Guard, Bison coast guard, Police 4X4 and maybe more ..
    at this time,I'm working on a lifeguard helicopter in style blackhawk on the model of Valkyrie. I have deleted the turrets  and I added two winch (texture is in progress)
    the bison lifeguard is finished at 100% and the bison police are 100% finished
    see in game


    IF you are any idea for more vehicles,let me know
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    JohnMcClane reacted to alexguirre in [WIP] NOOSE Tactical Response Unit - Rappel, Ballistic shield, Zip line, Crouch, Flashbang grenades...   
    Working on adding partners, here is a small preview video:
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    JohnMcClane reacted to tanu1215 in [WIP] Support Callouts   
    Video test of Convoy Attack (Note this is not the final version, and may or may not be changed before release):
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    JohnMcClane reacted to 06abrahb in RagePluginHook Troubles, thankful for help :)   
    I have the same problem... same messages however the game will load but I cannot move and the camera doesn't move around like the game is frozen. I am waiting for a solution for this as well...
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    JohnMcClane reacted to anderssonyao in RagePluginHook Troubles, thankful for help :)   
    So i just re-installed my windows and cleaned it from everything, when im trying to play gta v (lspdfr) via rage it works fine until i reach the loading screen when its initializing the scripts and so, but at the second dot it says "Fatal Error" and after that it says "initializing game" or something like it and i spawn in as i would without using rage, no crash report is present unless i try to start rage when i am in-game.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to officerAMR in LCPDFR:2??   
    SO theres a lot of talk about GTA V getting Liberty city in a standalone DLC 
    If this is confirmed to be the truth would that mean LCPDFR would grace us with its presents again, only this time with Stability? 
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Yard1 in Yard's Models and Skins   
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    JohnMcClane reacted to R4TT94 in [REL]/[WIP] Secondary Callouts V   
    Sounds really interesting! I'm excited for the release! 
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Fiskey111 in [REL]/[WIP] Secondary Callouts V   
    Hi everyone!
    I'm happy to announce the continued development of my callout pack!
    Find V it here:
    UPDATE 2/29/16
    Hi everyone - I just wanted to update you on where I see this mod going.
    My biggest fixes in the newest version (V will be:

    1. The returning of disturbance, open carry, and restraining order
    2. The ability to customize the callout names
    3. MDT integration (hopefully- as long as everything goes as smoothly as it is currently) [see the status I made here - scroll down to see it if it doesn't show up right away]
    4. The ability for the callouts to detect what units to spawn based on your location (no more sheriff in city/city in sheriff).
    I most likely won't be working on any other callouts (except the woman being followed since I've basically finished coding that already, it just needs some bug fixing).
    Let me know if you have any suggestions!
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    JohnMcClane reacted to ineseri in LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update   
    This content is probably already in the game, as they did similar "patches" before. 
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    JohnMcClane reacted to tanu1215 in [WIP] Support Callouts   
    Welcome to the soon to be "Support Callouts!"

    - Support Callouts is a callout pack which offers different, unique, and fun callouts for LSPDFR players to enjoy and enhance their gameplay experience with -
    Please Note:
    Due to real life time constraints, progress will be going slow. However, I do plan to work on it as much as I can.
    Let's get into what this pack will offer
    In Progress:
    Missing Dog (May change to "Missing Animal") - "My precious doggo!" A citizen has seemed to have misplaced their key- umm, I mean dog! It was last seen in that direction (initiate amazing animation of pointing )! Attempt to locate that pupper and return them to their relieved owner!  Convoy Attack - The San Andreas Highway Patrol, or SAHP have had their convoy attacked by armed gunmen, and need immediate assistance! Rush to the scene, save your fellow officers, and fini.. Oh? There was a prisoner? He escaped? Well, guess we gotta find him!  Planned:
    Crowd Control  Shootout (May change to "Shots Fired") Noise Complaint Active Shooter Building Fire More callouts may follow, but these are what I plan to create primarily.
    Any questions? Ask down below or shoot me a PM.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to DeLuca in [WIP] Premium Callouts for V   
    With my return to GTA: V and the modding scene in general, I have been aiming for some new and improved additions to the recently improved LSPD:FR modification. Currently there is a wide variety of callout add-ons, however I feel that they are extremely repetitive and still only add a limited amount of depth to the near limitless possibilities that is LSPD:FR. With that said, I have been quietly and intently working on a surprise as my grand release to announce my return to the modding world of GTA. Premium Callouts will not only change your entire outlook on how you approach LSPD:FR, but also how you should expect to play the modification. With ultra realistic features and callouts you'll feel like you're in the shoes of a real-life law enforcement officer as he attempts to keep peace in the community. Now, please keep in mind this is still a heavy work in progress but an upcoming addition none-the-less. So without further delay, I give you a quick run through of the calls you can expect once Premium Callouts launches and a quick list of features which will go with it.

    - Callouts
    Domestic Dispute Store Alarm Response Illegal/Legal Carmeet Traffic Stop Assistance Required Home Invasion Local Bar Brawl Possible Prostitution in Progress Unit Requesting Pursuit Supervisor Possible Street Fight in Progress And many more as the mod progresses...

    - Features
    Complete config control (Spawns, outcomes, etc) Dynamic responses Tie in with LSPD:FR systems Advanced controls/menus per call Many more not being disclosed at this time...

    There currently is no release date for this modification. It may possibly be after an LSPD:FR 0.3 release to see what power we'll have to combine the systems together better. I will keep you all updated as progress is made and when beta testing will launch. So, for now I leave you with some media of the work in progress.

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    JohnMcClane reacted to Luigi4518 in [WIP][REL] High Priority Callouts   
    High Priority Callouts is the result of my first attempt at creating a callout mod.
    The goal of this mod is to bring about more action oriented events and eventually callouts that are more in the spirit of Grand Theft Auto.
    This is my official development thread where I'll post information about the state of my mod
    My mod opened with 5 calls ranging from pursuits with potentially armed suspects to shootouts with heavily armed subjects.
    Now onto the real meat, the next few hot fixes and the big update.
    So after what I would consider a successful release, I've been reading through the reviews/comments and collecting bug information and I'm happy to announce the more repeatable bugs have been squashed and a few new anomalies have emerged (good times). In other news, I've been hard at work cleaning up code, added a new set piece to jail break call and re-balanced the street shooter calls as I was finding the backup AI was arriving and cleaning up the call too quickly. 
    Along with that I've been starting to work on the next big update "A night at the movies: Part 1', which will host a set of calls based on famous action movie sequences. A few 'scenes' may be leaked with a hot fix or two...
    First hot-fix is live bringing the mod version up to 0.1.5. This hot-fix introduces randomizing of peds and weapons as well as fixing a oversight in the code which was responsible for the bug in the transport vehicle theft call where the passengers blip would be cleared when the driver died or was arrested even if the passenger was still active. A few new anomalies have appeared but they shouldn't interfere with people's patrols too much... 
    Well that just about does it.
    Love it? Hate it? Not working? Sick of getting one-shot by a sniper? Drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.
    Please don't redistribute my work.
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    JohnMcClane reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 - "Busted!"   
    This is the fourth part of our LSPDFR 0.3 preview series.  For more information about the background behind 0.3, check out the third installment in this series here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/55644-lspdfr-03-downtown-police-station/
    So, from the hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube, the near half-million million downloads of the mod itself and the the fact we keep on smashing records, like when we had 5,000 of you crazy folk online at once, we've got this really small, tiny suspicion - and I'm just going on a hunch here - but we think you guys quite like to arrest people?
    If there's actually some truth to this wild guess, I'm very happy to tell you that we've got quite the new feature set for when dispensing your own brand of justice is necessary.  Don't just take my word for it though, this is one of those occasions where a picture tells probably a lot more than a thousand words.

    As you can see, we've implemented a beautiful new gameplay mechanic for performing certain tasks which gives you real-time visual feedback in the form of a progress bar.  The cool bit is that it looks like exactly like the user interface found in the original game, too.
    Now, instead of simply pointing a gun and pressing a key to arrest a suspect, you have to actually keep aim in their general direction while holding down said control.  As you do this, the progress bar fills (and it does so really quickly).  Now, we know a lot of people wanted to see the ability to arrest suspects on the ground, so the end result of a successful gunpoint takedown is a suspect laying flat on the floor, ready to be cuffed up.  Oh yeah, we're just getting started...

    As you might be able to work out, the same new gameplay mechanic is then used for giving the gift of metal bracelets to your suspect, where you actually interactively apply the cuffs; progress meter filling in time with the animation.  Not only is this system really cool, but it is also truly immersive - you have complete control over the process meaning that a sudden change in heart can be realised by simply releasing the control.  This new system is pretty awesome, and we can't wait for everyone to be able to try it for themselves.
    Of course, all of this is a little bit mean so far.  We've got people getting guns shoved in their faces as they are forced down to the ground and what not; wouldn't it also be nice to be able to serve up some justice with a friendly smile?  We think it would be, so you can now arrest people without using any weapons at all through the way in which this new gameplay mechanic is now tied in with the Stop & Identify feature.  When stopping pedestrians on the street, everything works as it did before: pressing E will bring up the same menu with the same options.  One key difference, though, is that by merely looking at your target, then pressing and holding the same key, you can begin seamlessly cuffing them on the spot.  The results can be quite spectacular.

    You've probably sussed that we really like this new mechanic by now, and we hope that you like the sound of it as much as we do.  To seal the deal though, you can use the same process to release suspects from handcuffs now.  It's as simple as walking behind them and pressing and holding the same key used to set them down on the ground.